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Cannabis consumption has gone beyond smoking and even vaping dry herb strains. Today's trend takes us to the consumption of wax concentrates, a strong byproduct of the plant matter that offers more potent hits and lung ripping hits. With it comes a slew of products used to aid consumers in consuming wax concentrates. The market is ripe with such commodities including vaporizer attachments, water filtration devices, dab tools, and most recently, dab mats.

What is a Dab Mat?

Dab what? Dab mat, yes, dab mat. A dab mat is an accessory that serves as a means to protect the surface where you put your dab rig as well as the dab rig itself. They are fairly simple and straightforward accessories but offer practical benefits for wax concentrate consumers. That’s why the industry has seen a surge of dab mats in the market because they allow consumers to basically maintain the surface they’re dabbing on as well as keep the rigs and the vaporizers they use out of harm's way. There are a lot of companies on the market that produce dab mats as the demand increases together with the number of consumers drawn into the allure of consuming wax concentrates. We, at VapeActive, aim to provide our customers with only the best products in the market be it vaporizers or dab mats. Our team of vaporizer connoisseurs has scoured the industry for dab mats that we ourselves will be proud of using. After all, we want to provide our followers with products that can help them improve their experience and dab mats are simply one way of easily improving the quality of your sessions without having to go through too many complications.

That said, we looked at the best dab mats on the market and added them to our collection. But before you check out our dab mats, let’s first look at how beneficial using a dab mat can be to a daily consumer.

Why Use a Dab Mat?

As we’ve briefly covered above, dab mats are used to protect the surface underneath and the device you’re using to consume your extracts, regardless if it’s a traditional dab rig, a modern eRig, a dab pen, or a nectar collector (conventional or electrical).

First, let’s talk about how dab mats protect the surface you’re dabbing on and why it’s important. See, when you consume wax concentrates, you’re dealing with a type of material that’s in a solid-state. However, when exposed to heat wax concentrates will melt and turn into sticky, waxy, and oily substances that drip off the tool you’re using to scoop it up, from the nail you’re using when dabbing, or simply off of the caps you use to cover the chamber where the wax concentrate is vaporized. You'd have to keep in mind that melted wax is often hot as wax needs to be in a warm state to melt and will solidify when cooled down. When handling heated wax, they can easily drip and ruin the surface from which you’re dabbing. Heated wax might burn vinyl tables and floors, it can even damage wooden tables especially if the wood used on the table is bare and untreated. Basically, the wax that falls off from the rig or the vaporizer you’re using can damage the surface or ruin the aesthetic value of your furniture. Especially if you invest in expensive home fittings, having wax drip all over your home when you’re halfway baked won't look good when the dust settles.

Furthermore, some dab mats are designed in a way that you can scoop up the melted wax as it falls on the mat. That way you can reuse it instead of it ultimately going to waste. Dab mats that have specialized surfaces prevent the melted wax from sticking onto the mat and faithfully preserves whatever properties the melted wax has. By allowing the wax concentrate to retain said properties, you can simply just let it cool down and use your dab tool to scoop it up later to be reheated.

Next, dab mats do protect the dab rigs and eRigs you use to consume your favorite extracts. Most dab mats are equipped with a non-slip surface so your eRigs and dab rigs won’t just slide off the surface you’re dabbing on and shatter as it hits the ground. This is important as conventional dab rigs as well as modern eRigs are often outfitted with a glass attachment used for water filtration. And oh, dab rigs and eRigs aren’t actually cheap so it only makes sense to protect it in any way you can to help maintain your investment. That said, you don’t want to see your $200 rig break into 200 pieces. Sure, you’re doing your best to keep the rigs in a safe and stable platform when you’re dabbing by yourself but what if you’re on a group session. There’s nothing wrong with sharing the fun with some close friends but there will always be that one dude who is never careful with stuff he doesn’t own. Especially when you and your friends partaking in the session have all reached your limits. Having that thin layer of protection can go a long way. Plus, it helps that there’s a visual representation where everyone will have to lay down the rig after taking a few drags. Instead of having to place the rig anywhere just above the table, knowing that there’s a dedicated place to set the expensive rig reminds everyone partaking in the session where exactly to put it and that they should be mindful of handling your rig.

See, dab mats, though small and insignificant they may be, offers a slew of advantages for wax concentrate consumers. Here are a few other benefits of having a dab mat in your arsenal.

Dab Mats Can Be Used to Press Rosin

Apart from protecting the surface, you’re dabbing on and the rigs you’re using to dab, having a dab mat can also be used for other purposes. One of which is the use of dab mats for rosin pressing.

For the uninitiated, rosin pressing is the process of extracting concentrates from raw botanical plant matter. It’s actually the fastest and the cheapest way you can make wax concentrates on your own. Rosin pressing can also extract wax concentrates from your collected pollen if you use a grinder with a pollen catcher. If you want to try something different other than using your collected pollen to sprinkle the dry herbs you consume with added goodness, then rosin pressing can turn your collected pollen into a potent extract.

So, where do dab mats come in to play? Just when you thought dab mats are only used as accessories where you put your rigs on, they’ll surprise you with features that will blow your mind. Some dab rigs are made from high-grade silicone materials. This allows them to resist heat and handle the temperature required to carry out the extraction process. Some dab mats are actually made to this specification so that they can withstand the temperature needed to extract the active ingredients from the plant matter and retain its structural integrity even after the extraction process.

If you like playing around with your weed, you can experiment and make a decent amount of wax concentrates by pressing it with the dab mat. There are various means of pressing; others use sophisticated equipment while others simply use common household appliances.

Dab Mats Can Improve Aesthetics

This one’s kind of a giveaway. Like the regular mats you use at home, dab mats have some kind of decorative value. In fact, there are a lot of dab mats that serve as decorative coasters where you can set your rigs as well as other tools you use to dab.

Because these kinds of dab mats need to have some sort of artistic touch, they are commonly made from various kinds of opaque materials like rubber or silicone and come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, designs, and dimensions. Pretty much how a large mousepad improves the looks of your desk setup while offering some functional advantages, so does dab mats.

If you’re the type of consumer who likes to keep your dab area clean and aesthetically pleasing, then getting a decorative dab mat is a good choice. A good dab mat can give your dab area a cohesive design. Here’s how. Say you’re using a dab rig with Rasta-colored glass. You can get a dab mat that shares the same colorway as your dab rig to give your set up a matching design. On the other hand, you can use a colorful dab mat to make your setup stand out. This is true especially if you’re using a plain dab rig that’s inconspicuous and discreet in design. Instead of bombing your rig with stickers of painting it on your own (which could ruin it), all you need to do is to get a dab mat that has loud or striking colors to make your rig stand out.

If you’re brand loyal, there are actually vaporizer manufacturers, custom glassblowers, and eRig makers that offer branded dab mats so you can represent your love for the brand using an official dab mat made by the brand you follow. There are also commemorative dab mats used as souvenirs for significant events like festivals and conventions. If you’re a fan of going to these conventions, you can express your love and interest in these kinds of events by using commemorative dab mats. And just like anything on the market, there are companies that customize these kinds of products. That said, you can have your own custom design printed on your dab mat to represent a brand you’re building or simply just so you can customize your own dab mat.

You Can Cut Large Concentrates on a Dab Mat

Because they’re basically non-stick placemats for your dabs, you can lay your select wax concentrates on them should you be dosing your sessions for the week or maybe just planning to go on a trip and want to make sure you carry the right amount of extracts when you leave. A dab mat will serve as a safe place for you to lay your wax concentrates on.

Because of their non-stick property, you can be sure that whatever amount of wax concentrate you out in will be the same amount of wax concentrate you put out. The wax won’t stick on the mat which means that there will be no room for wastage. Also, for as long as you make sure that the dab mat is clean before you put your materials on top of it, the wax will remain clean and free of unwanted microorganisms and harmful pathogens that can compromise the quality of your extracts.

You can also dab straight from a dab mat if you have a nectar collector. For those not familiar with the term, nectar collectors as vaporizers or dabbers that allow you to dip the collector straight to your wax container or in this case, dab mat. You literally can dab straight from the dab mat if you’re using a silicone mat. Most silicone mats can withstand temperatures required to vaporize your wax concentrates and can handle these temperatures very well without melting or emitting any toxic effect in the vapor.

Dab Mats are Easy to Maintain Accessories

The fact that one of the purposes that dab mats serve is to catch melted wax that could potentially forever be stuck in your table leaving a mark of your session, it’s important for a dab mat to be easily serviced or maintained. You don’t want to invest in something you’d have to throw out the moment it gets dirty. As much as possible, you’d want a product that you can have for a long time, especially if you’re using it as a part of your setup with personalized branding on it. You wouldn’t want to just throw it out. On that note, it’s quite important for a dab mat to be easily maintained.

As we’ve briefly mentioned above, dab mats are often made from materials that are easy to clean like silicone and rubber (recycled eco-friendly rubber, cushioned rubber), which means that they’re non-stick and that they can easily be rinsed off of any kind of residue. You wouldn't find yourself scaping the dab mat of wax concentrates because you can easily remove hardened extracts off your mat. Also, because they are made from non-reactive materials, you can use just about any household cleanser there is to clean your dab mat.

This means that you don’t have to be an experienced consumer just so you can clean and maintain your dab mat. This means that even if you’re just a beginner or a new consumer, you can still clean and maintain your dab mat or dab pad like a pro. Depending on the type of material used on your dab mat, they can even be easier to clean than the rig you're using.

Now that you have an idea of what dab mats are and what benefits they offer to you. Let’s look at what you should be looking out for when wanting to buy a dab mat.

What to Look for in a Dab Mat

When buying a dab mat online, it’s best to have your own personal matrix of what you need to make sure that you get the best out of your online shopping experience. Here are some of the things that you should have in mind when shopping for your first or next dab mat online. And when you do, make sure to buy only from the home of the best vaporizers and dab mats – VapeActive.

Let’s get to it.

1. Look for Silicone Pads

As we’ve mentioned above, dab mats come in various shapes, sizes, and are made from different kinds of materials. If you’re given the chance to select from dab mats made with silicone or not, make sure to choose silicone ones. They offer a more durable build and silicone dab mats will often have high resistance to heat which means that you can use it to dab straight right from it if you are using a nectar collector.

If you’re not yet convinced, here are some facts about silicone and why they’re your best choice if you want a dab mat that you can use if you want to place your materials on it. Basically, silicone is known for these properties.

  • Thermal Stability
  • Low Chemical Reactivity
  • Low Thermal Conductivity
  • Low Toxicity

These properties make using a silicone dab mat ideal for handling wax concentrates. Because of its low thermal conductivity, silicone dab mats will not activate the cannabinoids in your wax concentrates and will not damage the quality of the extracts. Furthermore, silicone dab mats are less toxic and are less reactive to heat which means that your wax concentrates will remain pure and clean even if you place them on the mat or if you’re planning to use the mat for rosin press.

Compared to dab mats or dab pads made from other types of materials, using one made from high-quality silicone can make for a truly rewarding experience. Non-stick silicone dab mats offer a safe means of separating, segregating, and dosing with your select wax concentrates. It’s a great way of having to

There are also those that are made from high-grade platinum-cured silicone. Platinum-cured silicone often is branded as skin-safe or food-safe materials that offer better longevity and safer experience.

2. Look for a Non-Stick Dab Mat

Aside from looking for one made from silicone, it’s also good to look for one that is non-stick. As we’ve covered above, a non-stick dab mat allows you to easily take out the melted wax once it cools down. It helps eliminate putting your wax concentrates to waste and makes for a dab mat that’s simple and easy to clean. Something we didn’t cover is the need to keep dab mats clean, especially if you like putting your wax concentrates on them. If you keep your dab mats dirty, they can harbor unwanted microorganisms and harmful pathogens that can stick to, develop, and proliferate in the mat. That said, it’s best to keep your dab mat clean unless you want to get sick from dabbing dirty extracts.

One of the benefits of using a non-stick dab mat is easy cleaning. All you need to do is to wipe the mat clean with a disinfecting wipe and you’re pretty much good to go. Give it a few passes to rub off stubborn extracts that won’t come off in the first pass and you’re with a mat that’s as clean as when you first pulled it out of the box.

A clean mat will also give you a clean space to put your extracts as well as your tools so they too will stay safe and clean. Especially today, that different kinds of viruses are rampant, maintaining a clean and safe place to keep your dabbing paraphernalia is imperative. Not only do you want to keep away from these viruses but you do not want to help spread these viruses so it’s best to use a dab mat that can easily be cleaned.

3. Look for a Decent-Sized Dab Mat

As we’ve mentioned above, the purpose of dab mats is to have space where you can place your dab rig and possibly cover the area where the melted wax might drip. That said, a good-sized dab mat is imperative. Don’t buy dab mats that only cover the dimensions of your rig, while they can help prevent the dab rig or the eRig from slipping, they cannot save the surface from which you are dabbing. Make sure that the dab mat can cover the immediate area surrounding your rig. You don’t need to take your rig with you when you go dab mat shopping. Just make sure you get a good estimate of the size of the base of your rig and find a mat or a pad that can cover the extremities of the dimension of your rig.

A decent-sized dab mat can also accommodate most dabbing activities and not just those that involve your dab rig or eRig. This is true especially if you like changing up your sessions and use a variety of methods like nectar collectors and vape pens. Having more than enough real estate to put our things around allows you to make better use of your dab mat. You're already investing in something that might as well make the most out of it.

3. Buy a Decent-Priced Mat

Like vaporizers and other products in this industry, there are a lot of dab mats that are cheap but are made from sub-standard materials. In most cases, dab mats that are sold dirt-cheap are often the ones made from weaker materials and are assembled or manufactured with loose and lenient standards which makes them less than capable of handling the hot melted wax they are supposed to protect your tables from. Because they're made with sub-standard raw materials, they may not provide the same traction and adhesion as intended. As a result, dab rigs and eRigs might slip and slide the mat and end up falling to the ground broken into pieces.

These types of dab mats serve only decorative purposes and cannot be used for pressing, let alone for handling hot tools and wax concentrates. One indication of a dab mat’s quality is its price. Usually, if the dab mat is priced reasonably and not sold at a giveaway price, it means that it’s of better quality because high-quality raw materials and the production of stringent manufacturing always come at a price.

Here, at VapeActive, we carry dab mats that check all the right boxes. From dab mats made from high-quality platinum-cured silicone to non-stick mats, you can be sure that you’re getting authentic and original products when you shop for dab mats online with us. Our team of professional wax connoisseurs do their best to select the best the industry has to offer. We carry affordable dab mats that are made with the best raw materials and are manufactured using the highest standards in dab mat production. This means that the products we carry are of top-notch and professional quality that we ourselves are proud to use and carry. When shopping for dab mats, make sure to keep it here at VapeActive.

Dab Mats we Carry

We, at VapeActive, are committed to giving our customers only the best products whether it’s vaporizers or dab mats. That said we do our best to scour the internet to search for the best products we can get to make them readily available for you. We've partnered with the best brands to give you the best dab mats on the market today. Here are some of the products we carry.

Oil Slick Dab Mats

VapeActive carries Oil Slick Dab Mats not only because they have made a name for themselves for high-quality dab mats but also because they have established their brand as the go-to dab mats for consumers with demanding needs. We carry their best-selling products and provide our customers with a multi-purpose mat that will last longer than any dab mat in the competition.

1. Oil Slick Pad

The base pad from Oil Slick. The Oil Slick Pad is a non-stick dab mat that’s made from some of the best raw materials on the market today. It's a great addition to your arsenal if you want a dab mat that can keep up with your consumption needs. The Oil Slick Pad is made with platinum-cured silicone which means that it can handle heat very well and boasts a non-stick surface that allows you to clean it with ease. Sure, it’s not as artistic and as decorative as other dab mats on the market but that’s not what the Oil Slick Pad was made for. The Oil Slick Pad was designed and engineered to provide wax concentrate consumers with a dab mat that can withstand the heat of their nails and nectar collectors as well as serve as a place to break down their favorite wax concentrates when they are trying to get the right dosage.

That’s why the Oil Slick Pad has made a name for itself and has earned a reputation for being a reliable and dependable mat or pad that can provide professional consumers exactly what they need. It’s a discreet, simple, and straightforward with a professional appeal to it.

2. Oil Slick Pad Duo

A smaller version of the original Oil Slick Pad and comes in a package of two so you can have a spare or so you can help out a friend when the need arises. Like the original Oil Slick Pad, the Duo also boasts of the same high-quality materials that give it the properties you will find only on top-shelf dab mats. It’s simple to use, portable, and easy to clean – the three important things that are important when carrying a dab mat on-the-go. You can place your materials in the Oil Slick Pad Duo and carry them around when you need to. It’s a solid replacement for parchment paper that offers the same results but provides you with the added benefit of reusability.

So, if you like protecting mother nature and like to use reusable materials, the Oil Slick Pad Duo may just as well be the portable dab mat you’re looking for. You can carry it with you and have a reusable mat that can serve many purposes.

Our dab mats are just some of the best the industry has to offer. We’re the home of the best vaporizers and we want to be the same when it comes to dab mats. We have dab mats that are as functional as they are affordable. With VapeActive, you can shop high-quality products that do not break the bank. We’re your one-stop-shop for everything that can help improve your experience with dabbing, we are VapeActive.