WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

CCELL Battery


Designed and engineered to provide the market with vaporizers that are convenient as they are portable, CCELL Battery has been one of the leading brands of affordable portable vaporizers. VapeActive offers original and authentic CCELL Battery pod vaporizers and CCELL Battery cartridge vaporizers that are compatible with a wide range of 510-threaded cartridges on the market. Get your original and authentic CCELL Battery cartridge batteries and pod batteries only here from VapeActive.

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About CCELL Battery 

Backed with years of experience in e-cigarette manufacturing, CCELL Battery is now breaking boundaries and continues to progress in the vaporizer industry. Driven and powered by a fundamental belief – striving for perfection.  

CCELL Battery is backed by SMOORE, a company based in Shenzhen, China. Established in 2006, SMOORE and CCELL Battery earned significant know-how in manufacturing e-cigarette devices through their years in the industry making some of the best components on the market. While many manufacturers are content with achieving mediocre features, CCELL Battery aims to revolutionize and innovate the current technology the industry has. CCELL Battery is one of today’s top-rated vaporizer manufacturers in the business, their products are specifically designed and engineered to achieve utmost purity and clarity in vaping different kinds of materials especially concentrates, extracts, oils, and e-liquids.

CCELL Battery has achieved a superior state of production by eschewing traditionally designed heating elements. Wick-based heating elements have proven to cause irritation through the fibrous particles that end up getting mixed with the material and causing unwanted effects after it’s heated. By developing ceramic-based heating components they have been able to create a type of heating element that can produce clean and better-tasting vapors – the likes that do not have the burnt taste of wicks.  

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Here are some of the best traits that make CCELL Battery a company and a vaporizer manufacturer to look out for.  


Arguably one of CCELL Battery’s most compelling traits as an institution. Believing that they can always do better, that there’s always room for improvement, they have been constantly working to enhance their products and develop new technologies for the betterment of the industry. Focused on providing the industry with an innovative platform for innovation to replace ineffective and unsafe heating elements. Because of their drive to innovate, they are now one of the top brands trusted by oil manufacturers like OutCo, Sea Dub Extracts, and OGZ Holdings.  

Their quest for improvement led them to over 348 authorized patents for products used in vaping.  


Seen as one of the most disruptive brands in the industry they have been ceaselessly working towards disturbing the order of the market. CCELL Battery wants to change the order in which the market dictates the order of products and services. By disturbing the competition, they help consumers benefits from the competition of different brands instead of having to settle for what each company offers.  

CCELL Battery is disruptive not only with their products but also with how they approach manufacturing altogether. This belief system not only enriches the market and the competition but also the current state of the meta.  


With the goal of innovating their products, they, in turn, come to revolutionize the way we see vaping components and vaping in general. Their unwavering desire to improve upon what is the current norm. This is simply just one of the reasons why many companies, as well as consumers, are drawn to collaborating and buying products from CCELL Battery 

CCELL Battery’s Roots 

CCELL Battery is a subsidiary company of Shenzhen Smoore Technology Co., LTD. A company based in China that’s been in the business of manufacturing e-cigarette components since 2006. This institution has already gained a strong foothold in the market with worldwide presence especially in retails stores like Walmart, TESCO, 7-ELEVEN, and Sam’s Club. Their products have been used by many satisfied users who enjoy the benefits of using their technology. CCELL Battery branched out as a specialized department of the Smoore Company dedicated for the development and manufacturing of specially designed heating elements and vape batteries intended to replace traditional wicked devices allowing for the elimination of unwanted burnt taste and overall improved performance in terms of vapor production and heating element longevity.  

As a company CCELL Battery aims only to provide the market with high-quality vaporizers. They also want to break the norms, the meta in which the company follows both in terms of design, functionality, and price point. CCELL Battery wants to give the users the vaporizer they want – the vaporizer they deserve. It took Smoore over 8 years to develop their technology and now they have secured over 45,000 square meters of real estate to conduct business, manufacturing, and most especially product research and development. Their ability to procure high-quality materials coupled with a higher sense of manufacturing.  

CCELL Battery Through the Years 

CCELL Battery originated from SMOORE in December of 2006.  

They’ve started their own R&D team on March of the following year. Their strong drive to produce and put together some of the best devices the industry has seen so far. SMOORE Inc. has been one of the fastest growing companies and has shown to achieve such feats.  

As an example, in June of the same year, 2007, SMOORE Inc. quickly received its first patent. It’s rare for a company to immediately gain such accomplishment in only a span of months. But, because SMOORE Inc. was a company and an institution dedicated and devoted to their cause, they quickly rose to the occasion and proved themselves to be a true competitor.  

The year after, in 2008, SMOORE Inc. began to enter the international market and showed the world what SMOORE Inc. was truly capable of. With their ability to produce uniquely designed pieces as well as good quality products, SMOORE Inc. gave the public consumer with exceptional devices at a reasonable cost.  

In 2009, SMOORE Inc. established their first dust-free workshop which gave SMOORE Inc. the edge in providing world-class manufacturing quality. They follow strict guidelines from raw material procurement to assembly. In May of the same year, they also received a patent from the Price Control Committee for their electronic cigarette. The month after, the same electronic cigarette they patented started production.  

2010 marked an important event in SMOORE Inc.’s growth and development as a manufacturer. They expanded their production to 80,000 square feet where electronic cigarettes and components, as well as attachments, are produced and manufactured. This meant that they now have the power to mass produce their products to better serve and cater to the masses. In addition to production areas, they also set up laboratories for further research and development.  

The next year, SMOORE Inc. launched a new product that was based on a design that featured an atomizer without cotton or any absorbent fibrous wicks. At that time, it was uncommon to find and use cotton-less heating elements and SMOORE Inc. introduced a new means of enjoying your select materials for a healthier means of consumption.   

From May to July of the same year, 2011, they received ISO 9001 and GMP certification proving they have what it takes to be a world-class vaporizer and e-cigarette manufacturer. This opened up new opportunities and gave them the confidence to brave new horizons in the vaporizer industry.  

SMOORE Inc. also started to implement an Enterprise Resource Planning System in managing their production. The ERP management system became a standardized rule the SMOORE Inc. institution follows.  

In 2012, SMOORE Inc. received its domestic design patent for a box mod they developed. This box mod was designed and engineered to be used as an e-cigarette portable box. With great success, SMOORE Inc. improved and increased its foothold in the vape market. This led to the construction of a new facility located in the Dongcai Industrial Park to cater to additional production of products sold on the market. Having built another production facility not only gave SMOORE Inc. an opportunity to compete with some of the biggest names in the industry but also to provide jobs to those who need it. They believe that expansions are always a win-win situation as not only the company but also the people and the community profits from it.  

The year after, SMOORE Inc. had received another patent for a new product. This time it was a mouthpiece, an attachment and not an electronic cigarette battery. This invention patent meant that they passed and qualified for the authentication of WCA or the Workplace Conditions Assessment. While it made official that SMOORE Inc. did, in fact, provide its employees a healthy and a harmonious work environment, the people inside the SMOORE Inc. know themselves that this has been so since day one. Aside from having obtained an invention patent, SMOORE Inc. also obtained a patent for utility models for a plug-type connecting atomizer – a proof that this company continues to improve and stand by its maxim. Later in the year of 2013, SMOORE Inc. passed the strict Global Security Verification or GSV. Responsible for ensuring a globally competitive management system, they provide certification to some of the largest companies in the world, including SMOORE Inc.  

2013 proved to be a fruitful year for SMOORE Inc. as they launched a new facility in Dongguan. Founded in the Guangdong region, the Dongguan facility showed the world SMOORE Inc.’s ability to expand and grow as a stable and secure company. In the same year, SMOORE Inc. received a much-deserved international design patent allowing them to design and develop a portable e-cigarette box mod in the United States.  

In 2014, many things have changed for SMOORE Inc. internally. EVE had just acquired a large portion (51%) of the SMOORE Inc. and became its holding company. EVE seemed to have directed SMOORE Inc. to greater heights after acquiring the majority of SMOORE Inc.’s stock equity. In the same year, the Shenzhen SMOORE Brother Technology Limited was founded.  

A year later, the Chinese government granted SMOORE Inc. the prestigious title of “National High-Tech Enterprise.” Another feather on SMOORE Inc.’s cap and another well-deserved recognition. As if that’s not enough, SMOORE Inc. was later listed in the Chinese National Equities Exchange and Quotations Co., Ltd or NEEQ. Considered as China’s newest stock market, the Chinese National Equities Exchange and Quotations Co., Ltd uses a greater in-depth analysis of the Chinese market to provide better financing options of Chinese businesses. Companies listed in NEEQ are poised for great success in the future which brings the SMOORE Inc. greater honor. 

With all its success, SMOORE Inc. has then instituted CCELL. A brand founded from SMOORE Inc.’s best from their most successful research and development personnel to develop a vaporizer brand aimed to become the be-all-end-all solution for consumers of extracts and concentrates.  

2016 was a special year for CCELL Battery as it was the year that they launched one of the most successful devices in the history of vaporizers. The M1 was CCELL’s first product and consequently put them on the map of some of the best vaporizers on the market. The same year, CCELL Battery also introduced their take on ceramic-based cartridges. It became the talk of the town and immediately caught the attention of consumers in such a short amount of time. SMOORE sent additional support for CCELL Battery as they started the T28 Project which began the process of industrialization for CCELL Battery. As soon as the T28 factory began its operation, the CCELL Battery brand got its fair share of its own world-class facilities.  

At a turn of the tide, SMOORE Inc. regained control of the company from EVE and continued support for the CCELL Battery specialized unit. To show their maintained assistance, SMOORE Inc. and CCELL Battery launched the CCELL Palm Battery. This was the first of many other small and compact portable vaporizers and electronic cigarettes from CCELL Battery. In December of the same year, SMOORE and CCELL launched a new factory located in Xin 'an 

Today, CCELL is seen as one of the most successful and stable manufacturers that’s backed by another high-profile company.  

The Future of CCELL 

Having achieved great feats in such a small amount of time and with a titan of a company backing them up CCELL Battery only has good things in store for them in the future. They will use their belief as a driving force to push them and to bring them to success into future ventures. This places not only the company but also the consumers who continue to patronize CCELL in a good spot in the future since CCELL Battery will be sure to come up with better and improved products on the market. In addition, there will be more support for CCELL products in terms of improved and enhanced accessories and attachments  

And speaking of products... 

CCELL Battery Products 

CCELL Battery has already gathered a solid lineup of devices made for extract consumption. Here are a few.  

CCELL UNO Battery Pod Vape 

The CCELL UNO Battery Pod Vape was designed to be a revolutionary pod-based system aimed at outshining the competition. The researchers at CCELL have made the UNO Battery a unique piece of technology giving the consumers new technology that’s geared towards stealthy and discreet consumption of their favorite extracts.  

To begin with, the CCELL UNO Battery uses a high-quality rechargeable battery with 350mAh capacity. Longevity is still subjective as it depends on how often and how heavy the batteries are being used although they still last the average consumer longer battery life than what the run-of-the-mill pod-based vaporizer can offer. This means you get to enjoy vaping your concentrates longer and spend lesser and fewer times about actually worrying when and how you should charge your vaporizer. The actual battery is housed in a lightweight and durable aluminum alloy body that protects the battery from minor bumps and falls ensuring that you’re going to actually enjoy your investment for a long time. You will also see fewer manifestations of wear and tear as the coating of the aluminum alloy helps protect the CCELL UNO Battery from dirt, smudges, and smears from daily use and frequent carrying activity.  

The CCELL UNO Battery also sports an invisible breathing LED light indicator which means that you’ll no longer have to bear with the annoying lights that get in your face when you vape. This is one of the common complaints of pod-based vaporizer users that the LED lights often are counterproductive especially when you try to be discreet and stealthy. The bright LED lights tend to give you away instead of hiding you and covering you from your sessions. The Invisible LED lights now are subtle enough you won’t even notice them but just barely visible that they still remind you of the status of the battery.  

Truly a revolutionary marvel, here are some features to watch out for on the CCELL UNO Battery Vape Pod. 

  • Aluminum Alloy Body 
  • High-Quality Circuit Board 
  • Micro-USB Charging 
  • 350mAh Battery 
  • Draw Activated 
  • Invisible Breathing LED Indicator 

CCELL Silo Battery Vaporizer 

If you think the CCELL UNO Battery was good you’re going to love the CCELL Silo Battery Vaporizer. The Silo is a beefier battery made for 510-threaded cartridges. Each CCELL Silo Battery was made under the supervision of CCELL Battery’s top-tier research and development teams to ensure utmost design and engineering. There are many cartridge batteries on the market today but none of them is as good as the CCELL Silo Battery in terms of power and performance. It also has that unique form factor we all learned to love in CCELL Battery products.  

The CCELL Silo Battery boasts a solid 500mAh battery capacity, enough to fire up your cartridges and satisfy your palates. The battery makes for a reliable tool for vaporizing different kinds of extracts from thick oils to solid concentrates that would fit your select 510-threaded cartridges. Like the CCELL UNO Battery, the CCELL Silo Battery is also housed in a durable but lightweight aluminum alloy body that will protect it from wear and tear of daily use. The CCELL Silo Battery is an example of the fruits of going after the pursuit of perfection. The CCELL Silo Battery is outfitted with some of the best components both CCELL Battery and SMOORE Inc.’s money can buy. This not only makes the CCELL Silo Battery of higher quality than most 510-threaded cartridge vaporizers in its class but it also ensures that the CCELL Silo Battery will be a worthy investment for both beginners and seasoned veterans alike.  

The CCELL Silo Battery also comes with the invisible breathing LED system to ensure a low-key vaping experience when you want to hit on your select materials.  

Take your vaping sessions to the next level with the CCELL Silo Battery 510-threaded cartridge vaporizer.  

Here are a few unique features from the CCELL Silo Battery.  

  • Large Battery Capacity 
  • 510-threaded Magnetic Adapters  
  • Easy and Convenient to Use 
  • 500mAh Battery 
  • Micro USB Charging 

CCELL Palm Battery Vaporizer 

The CCELL Palm Battery is one of CCELL’s latest offerings for portable but powerful 510-cartridge vaporizers. The CCELL Palm Battery I a versatile unit that can be used with most extracts as long as your cartridge can handle your material. The CCELL Palm Battery is dubbed as the only device you’ll ever need – right at the palm of your hands.  

Like all of the CCELL Batteries VapeActive carries, the CCELL Palm Battery is draw activated and does not have any physical buttons or knobs on the battery making travel and carrying a breeze. Many vape users do find that a physical switch can sometimes be the cause of misfires and unwanted vape explosions. Especially in larger and more powerful box mods, keeping your vaporizer in your pocket or in your bag can lead other objects pressing against it and eventually causing it to be pressed longer than it should be. It can be one cause of battery overheating and may cause other objects in your bag or in your pockets to catch fire. Carrying a button-less vaporizer can help you gain that peace of mind as CCELL Batteries like the CCELL Palm Battery is only activated and triggered as you pull from it. Furthermore, without a cartridge attached to it, the battery won’t function at all. No cartridge means no mouthpiece and without a mouthpiece to take a drag on the battery will not put you in danger of explosion, misfire, or any kind of harm.  

The CCELL Palm Battery also shares the same DNA as its other brethren, the CCELL UNO Battery and the CCELL Silo Battery. They all carry an advanced circuit board that ensures the highest quality in performance and durability. The microchip in these batteries ensures delivery and activation of the heating element as soon as you draw from the vaporizer. They also are designed to provide high discharge rates to produce large clouds of vapor that maintain flavor and density. The temperature level it operates on is at the optimum level so you won’t have to burn your coils while you vape. The advanced circuitry makes the CCELL Palm Battery a user-friendly device perfect for newcomers and vape veterans alike.  

Here are other CCELL Palm Battery features designed to make your vaping sessions better. 

  • 550mAh Battery Capacity 
  • Magnetic 510-Threaded Connections 
  • Button-Less Operation 
  • Convenient and Travel-Friendly 
  • Made with High-Quality Components 

Why CCELL Battery 

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CCELL Batteries are made to comply with the strictest qualifications and the most advanced specifications. Each of these CCELL Batteries is made from the best raw materials the industry can offer. Furthermore, CCELL Battery is backed by SMOORE Inc., one of the most reliable vaporizer manufacturer brands which are a solid statement to its consumers that they will always be supported by a company with experience and know-how in the vaping industry.  

So, if you’re in the fence for a brand-new vaporizer, make sure to check out CCELL Batteries, only here at VapeActive!