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About Atmos Parts  

Atmos is a company dedicated to providing world-class vaporizers to its customers. The quality of their devices is known in the industry and is one of the reasons why many consumers purchase products from the Atmos brand. They are of high-quality and they provide customers the bang for their buck, having been engineered with exceptional attention to detail and design with top-of-the-line product manufacturing standard. To put it simply, products from Atmos are of great quality while still maintaining an affordable price tag. The combination of a reasonably priced unit that’s of relatively good quality appeal to many types of consumers including both beginners and advanced vaporizer users. At the end of the day, we all want to save money and make the most out of the money we spend, and vaporizers from Atmos do just about that.   

Atmos is one of the leading vaporizer brands because of its versatility of being able to cater to all types of materials as well as all types of vaporizer users. It leads the industry with the most innovative vaporizers and with the sleekest and most compact units that you will surely love. Because they aim for providing the highest standards and highest quality of manufactured products available in the market, Atmos has become one of the most famously known creators and distributors of vaporizers domestically and overseas. They have been the top of the line manufacturers of portable vape pens since they began their journey. Their creativity and mind-blowing features allowed the vaporizers from its collection to emerge with the vaping industry making it stay on top even with new vaporizers to compete within the business. Currently, Atmos continues to grow and change, as innovation and technology do. They’ve been able to stay on top in such a big marketplace due to their commitment to delivering the perfect vaporization technology and quality product designs that their customers and the whole market demand. Having the opportunity and ability to connect well to their users, Atmos was able to protect the quality and innovative nature of their products over the years. Atmos has its own in-house team who is engineering the units with exceptional attention into detail to design and make the most high-quality products. Atmos Boss Vaporizer is an example of how great their products are. Also, it offers its customers the flexibility and the ability to be able to change and replace its spare parts with high grade units like Atmos Magna Replacement Cartridge which makes the Atmos Magna Vaporizer create the best vapor production.   

That said, the quality you get from Atmos devices is the best today’s market has to offer. The reliability and dependability of their vaporizers have extended to the actual replacement parts they produce. After all, the parts manufactured by Atmos and they sell as replacement components are the same components used in the devices you get when you buy them brand-new. This makes devices and replacement parts from Atmos a solid part in your arsenal especially when you are using an Atmos device. Maintaining your device by removing and replacing old and worn out pieces can easily make your Atmos vaporizers as good as the time you first pulled them out of the box. When looking for Atmos parts online, make sure to check VapeActive. We sell authentic and original Atmos replacement parts as well as Atmos upgrade parts for your Atmos dab pens and Atmos oil pens. We’re the home of affordable and high-quality Atmos parts for maintenance and upgrade. Get your Atmos parts from only the most recommended seller online, trust only VapeActive.   

Why Use Atmos Parts?   

Replacement parts are important. Whether you’re dealing with cars, homes, and even your trusty computer, having parts within your reach allows you to easily replace broken and worn-out parts that have been battered by wear and tear. This means that you don’t have to send your vaporizer back to the manufacturer just to replace some of the parts you can on your own. This means you won’t have to wait for weeks without your vaporizer, or worse, having to buy a new one just because a part of it wasn’t working.   

Atmos parts are intended to solve these problems and empower its customer base by providing the actual end users with the tools and the components they need to fix small issues themselves. Of course, this does not mean that Atmos encourages consumers to tinker and play around with their devices only to end up with a broken one. The purpose of these replacement parts is to provide a solution to small and inconsequential problems like broken mouthpieces, gunky atomizers, used-up heating elements, and other minor components that can easily be removed and replaced. You don’t need professional training to be able to use these replacement parts, you don’t need to watch online videos from vape vloggers or even read heaps of pages from an instruction manual just so you can change the parts. Everything Atmos parts are trying to achieve is centered around simplicity and straightforwardness. A means to change minor components without having to worry about breaking or damaging the device itself. Unlike other devices, Atmos designed and engineered their vaporizers and its parts to be attuned to the comfort and convenience of the user instead of causing worry and complication in the process of replacing the actual parts.   

Atmos parts are great for both beginners and advanced consumers that want a means to replace the parts of their vaporizers without any hassle. This is great if you are particular in the effects of your material and the quality of vapor your vaporizer produces. Atmos parts are best suited for connoisseurs and daily consumers who want the best experience from brand-new parts as well as a practical option when maintaining their devices. Atmos parts allow you to keep your Atmos vaporizers from falling into decay. Because their parts (like the devices they sell) are relatively cheap, having to stock up on them is no bother at all. They're cheap and affordable which is a great option when you want to improve the quality of your device. Atmos parts are also innovative and are made with ingenious designs allowing you to enjoy both tried and tested technology paired with a new and novel design. This makes owning an Atmos vaporizer and Atmos replacement parts beneficial because it means that you can always stay up to date with the trends without having to buy a new vaporizer at all. This is not to say that the Atmos parts make Atmos vaporizers foolproof devices. This only means that owning an Atmos vaporizer coupled with a few Atmos parts will make your experience worthwhile without feeling that you’re a little left behind.   

This makes Atmos parts valuable pieces of the Atmos puzzle. Every small component adds up the grand design that is simple and straightforward in nature but is practical and economical down its core. If you’re a vaporizer user and a consumer who wants vale in every dollar you spend, then Atmos replacement parts are right for you. Furthermore, when looking for an online shop where you can put your investments on, make sure to go to VapeActive, the number one online vape shop that sells Atmos parts on the cheap!   

Innovative Vaporizer Parts  

Atmos vaporizers are innovative by design which can be traced back to the very components that give it its innovative features. As they say, you are only as good as the people you work with. That same maxim applies to Atmos parts. The device or the vaporizer itself is only as good as the parts in it. No matter how well the design is both in and out of the device if the manufacturer uses third-class materials, the vaporizer itself can’t help but fall down into pieces. That's why apart from using high-quality raw materials, Atmos also uses innovative design on their replacement components. Here are a few.   

Atmos Jump Mouthpiece  

The Atmos Jump Mouthpiece is the perfect example showing one can be innovative by tweaking an age-old design and applying it to modern machinations.   

The Atmos Jump Mouthpiece features a conical shape with a flat tip at the end. The design elements of this mouthpiece were not only geared to make drawing and pulling vapors using this flat-tip mouthpiece an easy and a comfortable task, but the conical shape of the mouthpiece also allows vapor to be trapped and funneled into a small airway allowing you to enjoy all of the flavors of the vapor. See, vapors contain moisture and moisture can stick into the walls of the mouthpiece. Having a mouthpiece with a wide bore leaves a larger surface area where the vapor and the moisture can stick into during vapor production. The flavor of the vapor can be reduced since you are not getting all of the products of the vapor itself. You are not maximizing your sessions and the device itself does not work in its optimum condition.   

That said, the simple conical design of the body of the mouthpiece and the flat tip that sit on top of the unit allows you to funnel the vapor effectively and lets you suck it and inhale it through a flat tip that’s designed to allow you to comfortably press your lips against it and maximize your breathing. While other manufacturers try their best to outfit their vaporizers with large mouthpieces with big and wide holes, this only allows the flavor and the aroma of the vapors to escape.   

The Atmos Jump is a valuable replacement mouthpiece especially if you’re using the Atmos Jump Vaporizer. And because Atmos is a company that puts the safety of the customers above all else, the Atmos Jump Mouthpiece was made especially for those who are keen on the raw materials used in the parts of the vaporizer they use. For the health buff, the Atmos Jump Mouthpiece is made with food-grade plastic that does not bleed nor does it react directly and chemically to heat. This means that no matter how warm the vapors are and no matter how often you use the Atmos Jump Mouthpiece, you can still expect the same vapor quality and result from your dry herb strains. And yes, the Atmos Jump Vaporizer is a portable dry herb vaporizer that’s why you will see that the mouthpiece itself contains screens made from high-grade stainless steel that works not only to block the small particles that may make its way out of the herb chamber irritating your throat and lungs causing you to cough vehemently but also helps in slightly filtering the vapors to make sure that the end result is as silky and velvety as it can be. Like the food-grade silicone plastic used in the manufacturing of the body of the Atmos Jump Mouthpiece, the high-quality stainless-steel screens also provide the Atmos Jump Mouthpiece with high tensile strength and resistance to both high and low temperatures making it an ideal replacement mouthpiece for both occasional consumers and those who use their Atmos vaporizers as daily drivers.   

Atmos Kiln Attachment  

It's safe to say that the Kiln series of vaporizers and the Kiln series of attachments is what placed Atmos on the map.   

The first in the Kiln lineup is the original Kiln vaporizer. It’s outfitted with Atmos’ 100% all-ceramic housing that made it such an effective atomizer for use with wax concentrates. As you all know the wax is a material that easily melts. Its consistency makes it difficult to handle and is comparably different from how dry herb botanicals are vaporized. The Atmos Kiln Attachment was designed and engineered for optimum wax concentrate vaporization. Like the Atmos Jump Mouthpiece, the Atmos Kiln Attachment offered tried and tested technology paired with relatively novel and innovative design. Instead of going for a traditional atomizer build that uses steel or glass as the body of the atomizer, the Atmos Kiln Attachment offered an all-ceramic build. The folks that developed the Atmos Kiln Attachment was bent on harnessing the benefits of using ceramic in vaporizing wax concentrates. If you’ve been on the vape scene for quite some time now, you would know that ceramic is a material that’s inert and pure. This means that ceramic, like all high-quality materials used in vaporizers, does not bleed and does not react chemically to heat. What’s even more surprising is that ceramic is not the best material to use when you want to transfer heat to an object, say wax concentrates. Ceramic will take time before it heats up and builds the energy to turn you wax concentrates and other extracts into vapor.   

However, it’s because of this very reason that ceramic has been the top choice of the engineers working at Atmos the time when the Atmos Kiln Attachment was designed and developed. Because ceramic facilitates low and slow heating, it ensures that the wax concentrates are vaporized without getting to the point of combustion. The Atmos Kiln Attachment is paired with Atmos’ very own advanced ceramic disc heating technology which makes for an effective and efficient means of vaporizing your wax concentrates. The duo of the all-ceramic walls of the atomizer and the all-ceramic build of the heating element work hand in hand in faithfully preserving the qualities of your select wax concentrates. This way, the flavors of the vapors produced when using the Atmos Kiln Attachment is flavorful and smooth. In many cases, the taste of the vapor produced when vaping with poorly designed heating elements is masked by the taste of burnt material leaving the actual vapors to be irritating on the throat and causing you to cough constantly making your supposedly enjoyable session uncomfortable. By using an all-ceramic attachment, you can now experience the best your wax concentrates can offer. Those who want to enjoy the aesthetic value of their wax material without the heavy body buzz can do so with the Atmos Kiln Attachment.   

What’s more, the Atmos Kiln Attachment not only works with the actual battery that it comes with but also works with other compatible batteries and box mods. If you’re looking for an attachment to give you the best bank for your buck, then the Atmos Kiln Attachment is the best one for you!   

Atmos Kiln RA Attachments  

The Atmos Kiln RA Attachments are made up of several components available in our store. For the uninitiated, RA stands for “Rebuildable Atomizer” and the Atmos Kiln RA Attachments were designed and engineered to make removal, replacement, and maintenance of your Atmos Kiln RA Vaporizers simple, straightforward, and cost-effective.   

As we’ve mentioned earlier, Atmos’ line of Kiln devices is what put them on the map. They redefined wax concentrate vaping and allowed many consumers access to a wide range of advanced technology with premium engineering that’s affordable and easily accessible. You don’t need to wait for months because the materials and the vaporizers you’ve ordered are coming from the other end of the world. Vaporizers made and manufactured by Atmos are available locally and can easily be procured. The Kiln RA Kits are made up of the following; the Atmos Kiln RA Connector Base, the Atmos Kiln RA Cartridge, the Atmos Kiln RA Atomizer, and the Atmos Kiln RA Ceramic Housing. All these components work hand in hand to provide you with top-notch vapor production and stellar results both in terms of potency and flavor. This makes the Atmos Kiln RA Attachments perfect for both connoisseurs, recreational consumers, and medical patients – all of whom have different requirements and reasons as to why they are consuming wax concentrates.   

First, like the original Atmos Kiln Attachment, you can see that the Atmos Kiln RA Attachment set is made up of mostly ceramic components. Again, they harness the ability of ceramic to improve the flavor of the vapors from the wax concentrates you use. Extracts like wax concentrate, shatter, crumble, and other varieties of the wax extract go through a process of extraction that strips the material off of the natural flavonoids and the terpenes that are found on the pollen of the plant matter. Because wax concentrates are purified and have to go through several filtration processes just to arrive at its final form, the pollen that gives the herb its natural flavor and aroma is lost. That said, many consumers find the flavor of the concentrates an important part of the equation when consuming wax. So, every little bit of flavor they can squeeze in is preserved.   

Moreover, the quality of the vapors produced by the ceramic build of these attachments makes it so that the vapors are pure and clean. Fit for those using wax concentrates because of their medical condition. Many of these patients use wax concentrates as a means of curing or managing their conditions because wax concentrates and especially botanical plant matter like buds, flowers, and leaves are a natural, non-synthetic, free from chemical approach to helping them with their conditions. These kinds of consumers cannot afford to have the toxic byproducts of combustion affect their daily lives and therefore affect the quality of their sessions. We’re talking about patients who suffer from emotional trauma and deal with stress and anxiety on the daily. You also have your patients who suffer from constant pain from physical conditions like rheumatism and arthritis. Other patients who suffer from inflammation can rely on these materials for relief and comfort. New studies even suggest that a large number of athletes have adopted the use of wax concentrates, thick oils, and even the actual plant matter in helping them deal with pain and muscle strain during and after workouts in exchange of using chemical-laden medicines and pain killers that chip their livers and kidneys away. These athletes have found a great way of ay of relief and have discovered that vaporizer attachments like the Atmos Kiln RA Attachments can make a significant difference in their consumption methods.   

The Atmos Kiln RA Attachment set allows you to change, upgrade, or replace its parts down to the smallest detail so you can maintain and customize your sessions. And, it doesn’t stop there. Like its predecessor the Atmos Kiln Attachment, the components of the Atmos Kiln RA also have 510-threaded connections allowing you to use it with a slew of compatible box mods and batteries for you enjoy further versatility when vaping.   

There are just some of the Atmos parts that helped put Atmos’ name in the map and helped pave and shape the future of vaping as we know it. When looking for original and authentic Atmos parts for replacement and upgrades, make sure to keep it here at VapeActive, the home of Atmos vaporizers and Atmos parts.   

Atmos Taking the Lead  

As you might have noticed, Atmos is a company that chooses to take the lead and dictate the trends in the vaping industry instead of being a company that follows it.   

That said, you can always expect products from Atmos to be at the forefront of innovation. Having spent decades in the industry, Atmos knows that the trends in the business are ever-shifting. What may be a hit today may no longer be the case weeks later. That's why they are always on the lookout and are always developing new ways of improving your vaping experience with them. They have proven their worth as a company and as a manufacturer by securing over thirty-five patents and fourteen trademarks. Showing just how valuable knowledge and strategy is in this business, Atmos showed many companies and consumers that they know these shifts in trends and technologies like the back of their hands. Because of that, they are often approached by industry experts and other manufacturers interested to get an idea of what the latest technology and trends in the vaporizer are. Many consumers looked up to Atmos knowing that they will always have the best vaporizers just by purchasing a vaporizer with Atmos’ logo slapped on it.   

Atmos has built a reputation in manufacturing medical-grade vaporizers. They once took up the name AtmosRx because of how well they manufacture devices with high-quality materials like the attachments and atomizers we’ve motioned above. However, the company has been commonly called Atmos by its consumers.   

One of the groundbreaking products they have released as a replacement part and an upgrade component for many of their devices is the Atmos Greedy Heating Attachment.  

The Atmos Greedy Heating Attachment is a versatile heating attachment allowing you to use both waxes concentrates and dry herb strains in a simple and easy to use the heating attachment. Some of the features the Atmos Greedy Heating Attachment boasts are adjustable airflows, splash guards to prevent spit backs from wax concentrates, a large chamber to cater to more material, and 510-threaded connections making it compatible with most powerful bod mods and capable vape batteries. Atmos knew that the time has come for multi-purpose devices to make a strong impact in the vaporizer industry. So, before all these two for one and other multi-functional devices hit the top ten list of vape blogs and vape videos online, Atmos was already making attachments that are capable of vaporizing both waxes concentrates and dry herb strains. The Atmos Greedy Heating Attachment is a set of heating elements made from some of the best materials the industry has to offer. You’ll find a stainless-steel coil wrapped around a quartz rod, a stainless-steel mouthpiece and a stainless-steel body that houses the entirety of the heating element. The base of the Atmos Greedy Heating Attachment is made from relatively high-quality materials and offers further customization and personalization by way of the adjustable airflow mechanism attached to the base. You'll find no other heating attachment that’s way ahead of its time than the Atmos Greedy Heating Attachment.   

For Atmos fanboys who want the ultimate Atmos experience, the Atmos Greedy Heating Attachment can be used in conjunction with other Atmos devices for the ultimate vaping experience. You can use the Atmos Greedy Heating Attachment with Atmos’ Studio Rig, some of their original Greedy heating chambers, and many other heating element options through the use of Atmos’ adapter.   

Another of these revolutionary parts include the Atmos Micro Pal Heating Chamber.   

The Atmos Micro Pal Heating Chamber is outfitted with Atmos’ quartz heating element packed in a small and compact chamber to allow you to consume wax concentrates on-the-go. The Atmos Micro Pal Heating Chamber is made compatible with many other devices made by Atmos which makes the Atmos Micro Pal Heating Chamber an indispensable accessory for those using Atmos’ devices that accepts heating element as small and as compact as the Atmos Micro Pal Heating Chamber. This minuscule heating element connects to your batteries via a magnetic link allowing seamless and straightforward use that’s best suited for consumers who are always out and about and require to consume their wax concentrates either for recreation or for medication.   

Imagine having to use a heating element on your batteries without having to twist and turn the chamber. This allows you to quickly manage and maintain a discreet session. Speaking of quick things, the quartz heating element in the Atmos Micro Pal Heating Chamber allows for quick heating so you need not wait on your vaporizer to reap the benefits your wax concentrates have to offer.   

Atmos has always been at the top of the food chain when it comes to vaporizers. They have proven themselves to be a competent manufacturer that’s why they are always sought after by many consumers and likewise, other vaporizer manufacturers. So, if you’re planning to buy an Atmos vaporizer and Atmos parts online, now is the right time. Atmos has released many vaporizer products and parts that accommodate them. And when looking for Atmos parts online, make sure to buy from the most recommended vaporizer shop in the web, make sure to buy vaporizer parts from VapeActive, home of original and authentic Atmos parts! Get your original Atmos parts now and stock up on some of the most essential parts and accessories for your device.