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About AirVape 

Not just your run off the mill vaporizer manufacturer, AirVape assures you an out of this world experience as their vaporizers allow the extraction of the most potent active ingredients from your select dry herb strains, wax concentrates, and e-liquids.

Designed and engineered to unlock the full potential of your materials, AirVape vaporizers allow for efficient and effective vaporization of your select herbs and extracts making them one of, if not the best, portable dry herb vaporizers, wax vaporizers, and e-liquid vaporizers on the market today. While they manufacture vaping devices for different kinds of materials, AirVape is known to many enthusiasts as the premier vaporizer manufacturer for portable dry herb vaporizers.  


Starting its own trend and possibly driving its own approach to the vaping lifestyle, AirVape started what can be called as AirVaping. Aimed to be a cool, fun, classy, sexy, calmed, and relaxed means of enjoying the benefits of consuming botanicals, AirVaping is one of the newest fads many consumers are drawn into when it comes to vaporizing loose-leaf materials. 

AirVape claims that what separates AirVaping from the actual act of vaporizing your select materials is because of the culture associated with it – a culture AirVape wants you to experience. AirVaping isn’t just another way of consuming the vapors you get out of heating your dry herb strains, it’s also isn’t just the act of partaking with your friends in a group session. AirVaping means taking your consumption to a whole new level.  

AirVape is all about sophistication, class, elegance, and finesse. These attributes aren’t only reflected in the lifestyle that comes with their vaporizers but also from the vaporizers themselves. Their devices are made using only the finest raw materials this industry can offer. They build their dry herb vaporizers from the ground up with the best components you can ever think of giving their dry herb vapes superior quality over its competitors. Not only do their products boast better quality but they also excel in design and in aesthetics.

Each AirVape vaporizer not only looks but feels premium overall. Their portable dry herbs are small, compact, and use the best technology to vaporize your herbs. They believe that they can wield technology in favor of consumers. This is why AirVape dry herb vaporizers are regarded to always be in the cutting-edge of vaping technology. They’ve created what could only be considered as the perfect marriage between technology and high-quality raw materials creating the perfect environment for vaporization and facilitating the most convenient setting for consumers to simply relax and enjoy their favorite herbs and other loose-leaf materials.  

Why Choose AirVape?  

AirVape considers vaping not only as a healthy alternative but also as an elevated form and means of consuming herbs. This is why they ensure that each product they manufacture emanates the very idea of AirVaping; a sensible and responsible way of consuming herbs. AirVape products turn beginners into classy connoisseurs and sophisticated enthusiasts. Choosing AirVape vaporizers means that you are choosing the high road, a step away from the average vaping experience. 


AirVape vaporizers are known to give amazing sessions by allowing consumers to enjoy the experience of using a state-of-the-art vaporizer without having to worry about how complicated their sessions can get. The developers and engineers at AirVape worked hard in making such a complex process seem simple and straightforward that even beginners and new vape users can easily pick up an AirVape vaporizer and use it without having to spend too much time reading the manual. They allow consumers to enjoy a seamless experience by keeping their controls and the layout of their devices simple and easy to understand. Even those without prior experience using vaporizers will find using AirVape dry herb vaporizers less intimidating than other vaporizers in its category. 

AirVape makes vaping fun, something many of today’s vaporizer manufacturers forget as they cram more and more features into their products. While it can all be well and good, it sometimes creates a daunting image which makes today’s technology a little less appealing, especially to beginners. This leads to many of our future vape users and herb consumers revert to portable dry herb vaporizers that use more rudimentary technology and use lesser quality components. This creates a huge setback for the industry itself because many of today’s consumers end up patronizing portable vaporizers that are lesser in quality overall. In this regard, AirVape allows many of today’s new vape users and dry herb consumers to experience what it feels like to use a better vaporizer and in most cases, these consumers never look back. This is also one of the reasons why many of today’s vape users enjoy the true and definitive vaping experience.  

To get the best ideas, AirVape constantly communicates with the community. One of their most successful ongoing campaigns is the “Are you an AirVape ninja?” campaign. This program allows them to get the feedback of consumers via an online form where willing participants answer questions about what they think of AirVape products and what they want to see in future AirVape releases.

In the form, participants are asked their full name along with an email address where AirVape can possibly contact them in the future. They are also asked to gauge how healthy they are and their age bracket giving the AirVape team a clear picture of their audience and their customers in general. Consumers are asked whether they prefer the consumption of herbs, wax, or e-liquids. They are also asked about the important things they think a vaporizer must have. They are also asked certain questions about AirVape’s other programs. Their input and feedback earn them perks from AirVape.

All these efforts to understand their customers better so that they can give them better quality products that perform beyond customers' expectations. They use this data and work with their pool of talented designers and futurist engineers to create portable vaporizers that the customers want and need.  

Amidst all the sophistication that AirVape products are bedaubed with, their products remain reasonably priced. The people behind AirVape founded the company with the goal of manufacturing high-end vaporizers that won’t cost customers a leg and an arm. They know that they are in an industry where top-shelf vaporizers are often overpriced. They saw an industry where the only way to get top-tier experience is to pay a top-tier price. This is why AirVape dry herb vaporizers are surprisingly affordable. The quality they bring to the table simply outweighs the number of their products. Their vaporizers offer a one-all-be-all solution to all your needs. So, if you’re in the market for reasonably priced high-quality dry herb vaporizers, make sure to keep it here at VapeActive and enjoy great deals on AirVape dry herb vapes.   

AirVape vaporizers are known for a lot of things but here are some of the most common features consumers love about the AirVape brand.  

AirVape's Portability 

In manufacturing today’s vaporizers, portability is the key. AirVape knows this from their extensive efforts in communicating with the vaping community, this is one of the reasons why AirVape vaporizers are considered as one of the most portable dry herb vaporizers in the industry. The founders of AirVape teamed up with a group of designers and engineers who were passionate and motivated to take portable vaping to a whole new level. Their goal was to create vaporizers that can deliver outstanding performance while maintaining a pocket-friendly fit.  


AirVape dry herb vaporizers are compact and lightweight, the efforts of the people behind AirVape paid off and gave them a slew of devices that fits in the palm of one’s hand and yet delivers vaporization and customization only larger and bulkier devices can. They’ve combined what a desktop vaporizer and a portable vaporizer can do by taking the best elements of each platform and creating a whole new device out of it.

Consumers can take AirVape products with them almost anywhere they go through these devices, vape users and dry herb consumers can enjoy true portable vaping and consume their select herbs and botanicals while they’re on-the-go. AirVape products allow loose-leaf consumers to be free of the tethers that keep them isolated in their homes because of stationary vaporizers.

With AirVape vaporizers, they can now enjoy vaping sessions with friends when they’re out and about. They can take a drag of their herbs when they’re hanging out with their buds at their favorite coffee shop, or maybe when getting some work done remotely in a shared office space. Nothing stops them from enjoying the benefits that their ground materials can offer.  

AirVape has created the true portable vaporizers that deliver.  

Rapid Heat Time


It’s not enough that portable vaporizers are just small, thin, and lightweight. They have to heat up fast and not keep consumers and vape users waiting for their materials to vaporize. By considering this in making their vaporizers, AirVape allowed their portable dry herb vaporizers to have fast heat-up times giving consumers an almost on-demand result. They’ve outfitted their products with high-quality heating elements to ensure that the herbs are heated immediately but not abruptly and will vaporize and not burn. This means that you still get fast results but do not risk having to inhale smoke from burnt and charred botanical plant matter which could just well defeat the purpose of vaporization.  

Having a small and compact vaporizer that fits right in your pocket and at the same time heats fast means that you can enjoy more time vaping that actually waiting for your devices to reach vaporization temperature. This is ideal for the on-the-go consumer since they can get fast results from their herbs regardless of how and why they consume them. People who use their vaporizers for recreational purposes will enjoy fast results as they try to take quick hits out of their devices when they want to get high in a fly. Those who use their vaporizer to deal with pain can experience fast-acting results and enjoy on-demand relief from ailments like rheumatism and chronic pain. You simply can’t get any better results than a fast-acting remedy from natural and non-synthetic material like your herbs.

Also, people who have to manage their anxiety can rely on AirVape for immediate comfort and calm during attacks allowing them to remain functional and perform their daily tasks without having to endure depression or anxiety.   

The rapid heat time of AirVape devices makes them reliable and dependable options for everyday use.  

Atomizer and Coils 

In conjunction with the rapid heat times of AirVape vaporizers, they used high-quality atomizers and coils for their portable dry herb vaporizers. This ensures that the materials you use are evenly heated – a feature most necessary for vaporizing herbs. Because the herbs have a more solid body, they need superior heating elements. This is why AirVape has invested in its products having hybrid heating elements that highlight the benefits of different heating styles. In this way, AirVape dry herb vaporizers ensure even and uniform heating leaving no bit of material burnt or charred. Herbs need to permeated thoroughly that’s why they are more sensitive compared to wax concentrates and other extracts that easily adapt to the space of the chamber making it a flexible material to work with. With dry herbs, either you constantly stir the contents of the heating chamber or you use a specialized heating element that can evenly distribute heat to the ground materials.  

Airvape accessories

One of the most popular heating elements when it comes to vaping is ceramic. AirVape makes good use of this mineral and its inert properties. They’ve used ceramic-based heating elements to facilitate fast but steady and progressive heating which allows the herbs to come into vaporization gradually and unhurriedly. This means that the materials you put in your AirVape vaporizer follow a timely manner in terms of heating and vaporization giving you quick results without that unwanted taste.  

These atomizers and coils faithfully preserve the qualities of your herbs including the flavor, the aroma, and of course, the potency. So, if you want a vaporizer that can heat up your materials quickly and yet maintain the qualities you love about your herbs, look into our collection of AirVape vaporizers and find the best device that suits your needs.  

Critically Acclaimed  

Since its inception, AirVape has been one of the most highly regarded vaporizers and vape brand in general by many consumers. In fact, they have been one of the most sought-after vaporizer brands by dry herb consumers especially those that want to experience premium vaporization of their herbs. Some consumers use AirVape vaporizers on a daily basis while some use them only on special occasions. Whatever and whenever you might feel like using your AirVape vaporizer, you’re sure that it’s a brand known for the kind of quality it delivers AirVape devices have been mentioned in interviews and write-up by some of the most iconic and well-respected personalities and institutions in the vaping industry.  

Tech reviewers like Endgadget have recommended AirVape devices. These folks know what they’re talking about, with roughly 46 vaporizers considered, 19 of them tested, the folks at Endgadget can be seen as an authority at what they do. To make them more credible in what they say, it’s good to know that they’ve interviewed numerous personalities who are expert in reviewing vaporizers, they’ve fug through many vaporizer discussions boards as well as vaporizer online forums and the fact that they’re recommending an AirVape product says a lot about how far the AirVape brand has come.  

Another icon in the vape industry is Damian from TheVape.Guide (TVG). The man himself noticed how AirVape products how sleek and sexy AirVapes are and that the particular vape model he reviewed had all the best qualities you’d expect from a premium device made by a premium vaporizer manufacturer. While products from AirVape had what top-shelf vaporizers had to offer, it certainly didn’t have the top-shelf price. He also mentioned that the model he reviewed had high-quality components like haptic feedback, superior temperature controls, and ceramic components which ensures top-tier quality.  

Whatever the vape guide found in AirVape products surely impressed him. And, if it’s good enough for Damian, we’re sure it’s good enough for you.  

If you’ve been around the dry herb vaporizer community for a while then you might have heard of Herb. Herb is the go-to place for people who want to share their thoughts, opinions, and stories to others who share the same passion; in short, Herb is one of the biggest and immersive platforms for those who like to consume herbs. It started as a place where people can look at and share recipes for food infused with then botanical plant matter and later it grew to what it is today.

Given their background, these folks certainly are serious about using herb vaporizers and to hear them say good things about AirVape products says a lot about its quality. Dan Ophaug of Herb talks about how good AirVape products are in reducing if not eliminating the odor of vaporized herbs. Having had more than enough experience with herb under his belt, Dan knows what he’s talking about and it’s true that for others, the smell of heated herbs can be a problem. The clever design and engineering of AirVape products provide many consumers with that much-needed peace of mind as AirVape products tend to hide the smell.  

AirVape products were able to impress some of the most experienced people in the industry and this is only one of the reasons why many consumers continue to switch from their devices to AirVape products.  

AirVape Vaporizers 

VapeActive is proud to carry some of the best products the AirVape brand can offer. AirVape has been known for its superior devices made for consuming dry herbs. This is why VapeActive is glad to be able to offer AirVape portable dry herb vaporizers to its beloved customers. Here are the devices we have on our collection.  

AirVape XS Vaporizer  

Airvape Xs

The AirVape XS Vaporizer is one of the industry’s thinnest and most compact vaporizer. This means that you can take it anywhere you go and hit it anytime you want. However, apart from its compact form factor, this little vaporizer has a lot to offer.  

From the outside, the AirVape XS Vaporizer looks and feels minimalistic. Donning only the icon of the AirVaoe brand indented on the top part of the device. It serves both branding and ventilation where air passes through when you suck in air as you draw from your portable dry herb vaporizer. In the middle of the AirVape XS Vaporizer is a crisp digital display of the readout of the actual vaporizer unit. This digital display gives you information like battery level, temperature level, and time. Some of the most helpful information you need to know while you vape. The layout of the digital readout is simple and straightforward so as not to overcrowd the display and confuse the user by complicating the details. Below the digital screen are the haptic buttons you use to operate the AirVape XS Vaporizer. Like how the screen is arranged, the layout of the control is also made to be user-friendly giving the AirVape XS Vaporizer the ability to give its users full control and visualization of what’s happening while making all the details and processes simple and easy.  

The reason why the AirVape XS Vaporizer had to pack on a generously sized display is because of its precise temperature setting. While others are contented with having preset temperature profiles installed and outfitted in their portable dry herb vaporizers, the AirVape XS Vaporizer makes it so that your experience is not at all compromised. By allowing you to key in specific temperature levels you can get vapors that are good enough even for connoisseurs. The precise temperature setting gives you what you want exactly how you want it. Ideally, the lower the temperature profile is the more flavorful the vapors are. This is because the vapors produced by slowly heating your herbs allow the flavonoids to be extracted fully. This way the vapors that are produced by the AirVape XS Vaporizer is smooth and is not at all harsh. By selecting the higher temperature settings, you are subjecting your herbs to higher temperature levels and eventually extracting the most potent effects from your materials. This may make the AirVape XS Vaporizer give off a warmer and even harsher vapor yield but will ensure a knock-of-your-socks-experience. This feature is not common for vaporizers This size and weight. Furthermore, what’s uncommon for vaporizers in its class is its hybrid heating style.

Many of today’s devices especially for compact devices only use heating elements that can transfer heat through conduction. The process of conductive heating involves the use of conductive heating elements that makes use of a heated surface to transfer heat to vaporize your herbs. Conduction heating is an efficient way to vaporize other materials but not so much for ground herbs. While it may vaporize herbs in small amounts, it may not be too good of a method for use when vaporizing herbs in large quantities. This is because when unregulated, the heat from the surface can burn the herbs instead of vaporizing them. The heat from the surface of the heating element may not reach the center of the chamber from which the ground herbs are placed. This is why many vaporizers that use conduction heating often require its users to constantly stir the herbs inside every now and then to make sure that the materials won’t burn and combust.

While this can be seen as an act and a labor of love, many consumers believe that the process of vaporization can still be improved – especially for portable dry herb vaporizers. This is why the AirVape XS Vaporizer uses a hybrid heating system that combines the elements of conductive heating as well as convection heating.  

The heating used in the AirVape XS uses the best both heating systems has to offer. The AirVape XS Vaporizer uses a chamber with conductive heating surfaces. This allows the herbs to be heated from within the chamber while dedicated air vents allow air to further permeate the herbs creating a double-action heating system which ensures that the herbs are heated from the inside out. This heating style allows the herbs to undergo holistic heating which results in an even burn where there are no hot spots or charred fragmentation of the materials.

By doing so, the AirVape XS Vaporizer keeps with the principle of giving you clean vapors to inhale as smoke from combusted plant matter will often carry toxic by-products that will harm you. By facilitation the production of vapors instead of smoke, you can easily and freely consume herbs without the fear of someday catching lung-related health problems. This hybrid heating system takes place in a ceramic oven that ensures that the temperature inside the chamber does not exceed and reach the point of combustion. For those who have been vaping for a while now, they might have heard the word ceramic used from time to time. This is because ceramic is widely used in the construction of vaporizers because this mineral is known for its inert properties. Ceramic does not heat up fast. Instead, it heats up slowly but steadily. This property allows the ceramic oven of the AirVape XS Vaporizer to slowly and steadily achieve vaporization temperature. Moreover, ceramic burns cleaner than other heating elements so you won’t get any unwanted taste, flavor, or aroma inside the chamber. This is because ceramic does not easily reach chemically to heat making a good heating element.  

Speaking of inert components, the AirVape XS Vaporizer uses glass mouthpieces to provide you with a component that does not affect the overall quality of the vapors. Like ceramic, glass is also inert and does not rub off on the vapors. Unlike other materials like rubber, steel, and plastic, you won’t taste glass on the vapor even when subjected to extreme heat. By using high-quality components, the AirVape XS Vaporizer faithfully preserves the unique characteristics of your ground herbs and allows you to reap the benefits that your select strains have to offer.  

AirVape XS Vaporizer Special Edition

Airvape Xs Limited

The AirVape XS Vaporizer – Special Edition are exactly what dreams are made of. This limited-edition rendition of the AirVape XS Vaporizer uses the best of the best in both technology and raw materials. For one, the AirVape XS Vaporizer – Special Edition is encased and housed in a matte black body instead of a housing with a glossy finish. This is because matte black finishes have a stealthier appearance plus several additional benefits. As an example, the matte finish does not reflect light which means that it will not blow your cover should you be vaping in let’s say a bar with flashing neon lights or out in public where you will most likely have to brave the sunlight. You can stay covert while enjoying your favorite herbs especially when you’re out and about which is something the AirVape XS Vaporizer – Special Edition was made for. This means you can take your AirVape XS Vaporizer – Special Edition anywhere with you.

Because its small and lightweight, you can easily take advantage of your herbs even while you’re on-the-go. To make things even better, the AirVape XS Vaporizer – Special Edition comes with a shell casing which protects the AirVape XS Vaporizer – Special Edition from both the outside elements as well as keeps the odor from the AirVape XS Vaporizer – Special Edition from making its way out. It’s true that for others, the odor of vaporized herbs can be too much to handle, which is why to keep your covert sessions as stealthy as possible, the AirVape XS Vaporizer – Special Edition includes a protective shell so you can keep things low key.  

While most of the components included in the AirVape XS Vaporizer – Special Edition was made to keep your sessions discreet, there’s nothing discreet about the 24-karat gold accents found in the AirVape XS Vaporizer – Special Edition. If you’re a high roller wanting to keep it low, the AirVape XS Vaporizer – Special Edition is the perfect vaporizer for you.