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Airistech vaporizers have made a name for themselves by manufacturing compact and multi-functional vaporizers that can either be used with waxes, herbs, and oils. They are responsible for some of the most popular names like Airistech Herbva, Airistech Headbanger, Airistech Tick, and Airistech Mystica II. Here at VapeActive, we’ve got more than the vaporizers, we have Airistech vape parts from Airistech battery, Airistech pods, Airistech tanks, and Airistech glass bubblers. Get cheap Airistech vaporizer products under $50.00 only here at VapeActive.

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Get the most innovative vaporizers from the most innovative brand on the market. Buy Airistech vaporizers online from VapeActive for less than $50.00 and find the perfect dry herb vape, wax vape, or oil vape that fits your budget. Buy Airistech vaporizers now and find out why they’re considered an up-and-coming brand worth your investment.

About Airistech  

Headquartered in Shenzhen China, the birthplace of the modern-day vaporizer, Airistech is seated in the location where they can distribute high-quality vaporizer products worldwide. They have been known for products like the Airistech Herbva 5G Dry Herb Vaporizer and the Airistech Herbva X VaporizerAiristech has secured their place in the dry herb consumption industry. They also released several vaporizers for e-liquid and thick oil use like the Airistech Mystica II VaporizerAiristech Diamond, and the Airistech Turboo; and now Airistech plans to invade pod-based territory with their all-new Airistech Airis J 

Clearly, the Airistech brand plans to saturate the market and provide consumers their very own version of vaporizers in every platform. However, Airistech is more than just small-time players wanting a piece of the vaporizer market. In fact, many consumers see them as innovators instead of imitators. The vaporizers they come up with aren't dupes and knock-offs. They’re improved and enhanced models of what the market has to offer making them vaporizers on a league of their own.  

Airistech can be considered as a new player in the industry with its roots beginning just a few years back in 2014. They pride themselves in being backed by a large in-house research team. Their research and development facility houses some of the best of the best in Shenzhen. They employ highly capable individuals to develop and engineer today’s best portable vaporizers the market has ever been graced with. Airistech takes their business seriously, that’s with on only a span of five years, they’ve grown to be one of the largest distributors and manufacturer of high-quality portable vaporizers used to consume wax concentrates, thick oils, dry herb strains, as well as cartridge vaporizers used for e-liquids. 

Airistech’s goal as a company is to provide the market with the best quality vaporizers sold at highly competitive prices. They’ve noticed that the market is flooded with overpriced vaporizers that are basically the same in terms of performance. They see themselves as a company that will provide the masses with a highly viable alternative to these overpriced devices. They will ensure that the market will receive high-quality devices that go at a very reasonable cost. Airistech slowly sees the realization of their dreams as they become one of the top manufacturers in today’s vaporizer industry.  

Why Airistech?  

It may be true that there are a lot of companies and manufacturers in today’s industry and the surge of products from these companies can cause confusion especially in the eyes of a rookie. You’ll see a sea of products with various price ranges and price points with features that make each vaporizer different. However, in the midst of it all, some consumers find it hard to decide which kind of vaporizer to buy.  

Airistech is here to give you the best vaporizer at the most ideal price point.  

Airtistech vaporizers easily break the negative stigma of vaporizers made and manufactured from their side of the globe, their products boast superior quality while maintaining a humble price point. Their products have the same features as its expensive and exorbitant counterparts while still performing at the same level. This is because Airistech ensures that they are never left behind in terms of raw material procurement and in cutting-edge design and engineering.  

Their products are made to pass some of the strictest standards in manufacturing. As a company, they’ve earned international compliance certifications like FCC, IQC, FQC, IPQC, CE, and RoHs. These certifications take time and aren’t at all easy to obtain. The FCC certification alone might take somewhere around 8 – 12 weeks. The process, the time, and the costs of applying for an FCC certification is no joke. Another example is the CE certification that can cost from $64 to $64,000. This shows Airistech’s dedication to being one of the best in the industry as they achieve all these in just 5 years. Not only do they show what kind of a company they are but also what level of dedication they have to realize their mission.

For those who are wary and are cautious about the safety of their vaporizers (and they have very good reason to do so) will find that Airtech vaporizers are one of the safest in the business. All these certifications mean something and they all pertain to the safety and the quality of the products sold by the company. With all these feathers in Airistech’s cap, you can be sure of how well their products are made and how much effort they put into making them. Their vaporizers and their accessories are made a hundred percent safe and secure.  

Another reason why Airistech is a great company to be invested with that this company is simply competitive and cutting-edge. Since the company’s inception, they have always been seen in major international trade shows which shows us just how much Airistech wants to compete with the big boys in the industry and at such an early stage. Remember, they’ve started their company in 2014.  

Airistech is the ideal vaporizer brand for individuals that are similarly passionate about what they do, about vaping. Airstech vaporizers are for those who are not afraid to take risks. Those who are not afraid to compete, who are always on the cutting-edge.  

Airistech: Poised for Success 

Airistech has always been poised for success. Not only are situated in the booming center of China’s industrial zone, but they are also surrounded by some of the best researchers and developers in the industry. Being backed by some of the best engineers and developers, creating technologically advanced portable vaporizers won’t come as hard as starting from scratch.  

Airistech showed the industry that they are a company that’s quick to pick up. They used the experience they earned in the last five years and used it with today’s most advanced systems and engineering to come up with devices that are simple, easy to use, but boast better features that emphasize convenience and better user experience. That’s because Airistech vaporizers are made by people who use the very materials we do. They are seen worldwide as a professional company that integrates all the facets of production and product development making it seamless for the people who work there and create the ideal atmosphere for creativity.

The man behind Airistech, their visionary CEO William, knows that quality must start from within. You don’t get to build a company and an empire overnight with just mere luck. The folks behind Airistech knows what makes a company tick, what makes it work, and how to please its customers. They know they have to begin with themselves, their people. This is one of Airistech’s key element to success, empowering themselves empowers the very products they produce, they create, they manufacture.  

This is one of the reasons why they continue to implement strict supply chain management, support for their brand ambassadors and product distributors, and ensuring that their products remain high-quality without ever sacrificing affordability. They are keen on sharing not only the profit but their vision, their policy, and their overall belief. They also affect the people they work with and also gear them up for success making it the perfect time for resellers as well as end-users to be a part of the Airistech family.  

Their attendance in tradeshows and in other competitive events make their influence and maxim known more around communities. They get to show off their specialty vaporizers that accommodate cartridges, extracts, flowers, oils and concentrates.  

The size of the company continues to grow and is slated to be at around 200 – 500 individuals in 2018, numbers that mean strength and manufacturing capabilities. They see themselves as manufacturers of consumer electronics that support and aid a healthier lifestyle and a good one at it.  

So, if you want to be with a company that’s poised for success, make sure to stick with Airistech 

And while Airistech is known for all these things, there are some other several traits that separate them as a company and the very products they produce.  

Airistech's Advanced Technology 

Airistech’s beliefs are driven by innovation.  

They know that their very existence is proof that vaporizer companies can elevate, succeed, and strive for the better. They not only rely on the ingenious minds of their engineers and developers but also from actual feedback from end-users.  

They don’t spend their time on conventions and in tradeshows just flaunting what they have. Airistech also sees it as an opportunity to talk to their customers and try to know them better – an efficient means of spending time outside of the lab and off the office. One of the common booth arrangements and setups on tradeshow events is that manufacturers will layout sets of products for attendees to try. It’s a way for companies to unveil new products and develop prototypes. They’ll allow willing testers to try out certain products and get feedback from them on how a certain product can be enhanced and improved. In the same way manufacturers and vaporizer companies like Airistech get to accumulate valuable feedback on how to adjust and arrange certain products that will fit the requirements of the masses and also consumers that have more stringent demands.  

They also put their own twist on various device designs by packing it with technologically advanced features.  

One good example is the Airistech Airis J. The Airistech Airis J is a vaporizer running on the pod-based platform that’s universally compatible with most pods. This meant that today's consumers can use almost any pod available on the market and not have to use a battery specifically designed by a particular brand. Let’s face it, many of today’s pod vaporizer companies partner up with brewing companies to produce some of the best e-liquids the industry has ever seen. And, if they can’t they just brew e-liquids themselves. In most cases, the quality of these e-liquids causes many consumers to stay and stick with a brand.  

The Airistech Airis J allows them to break free from the constraints of having to stick with just one vaporizer brand and use only the e-liquids that that brand brews. Why not have the liberty to try all of them? With Airistech’s revolutionary design and engineering, they were able to build a pod vaporizer that can cater to almost all pod designs. Now, pods do vary in terms of size, shape, and overall build. This is one of the reasons why no two vaporizers are designed to use the same pod, but the Airistech Airis J combats this meta and redefined pod vaping using today’s cutting-edge design and technology.  

The Airistech Airis J uses a universally designed chamber that can accept pods of various designs and shapes, even those from your favorite pod brewers. This means that you now have a wide range of pods to choose from by using just one small and simple device. The Airistech Airis J stands only at around over an inch tall (without the pod, of course), over half an inch wide, and just over 57 mm thick making it extremely lightweight and portable – surprisingly small for a technologically advanced pod vape.  

The Airistech Airis J is powered by a 420mAh variable voltage battery and has auto draw features so you won’t have to keep on tapping that button. The battery itself is outfitted with a smart sensor that automatically triggers the heating element as you pull from your pod mouthpiece. Used mainly for oils, the Airistech Airis J is capable of letting out 6.8 watts of power for that ideal e-liquid burn. It’s also outfitted with an LED light that discreetly indicates battery life to tell you how much power you have on your device without having to blow off your cover.  

All this and more are crammed inside a small unit made by the geniuses at Airistech 

Portable and Discreet 

Airistech has a lot of portable and discreet vaporizers in their lineup. However, the Airistech Airis Tick is by far the best in this regard.  

The Airistech Airis Tick is an ultra-discreet and an ultra-portable oil vaporizer that accepts cartridges. Much like the J that runs on the pod-based platform, the Airistech Airis Tick allows you to use a wide range of cartridges brewed by different companies, you can even consume essential oils you brew yourself. But enough about that, we’re here for discreetness and portability. One thing makes a vaporizer portable, however, to be both discreet and portable is another story. Small size may be enough to make a vaporizer portable but Airistech went above and beyond in making sure that their customers not only get to experience portability but also the convenience and discreet vaping sessions.  

The Airistech Airis Tick stands less than 3 and a half inches tall, less than an inch and a half wide and only 17.6 mm thick. While it’s small and compact, its real advantage lies in its design. The Airistech Airis Tick is outfitted with discreet mouthpiece cap. What it does is it protects the chamber from dust and dirt – one of the common issues many consumers face when carrying a portable vaporizer. Of course, when you have a small and compact unit, it will most likely end up getting thrown into your pockets. The common problem is that your pocket may contain dust and dirt that can get inside the vaporizer and may either block or obstruct the connections between the battery and the cartridge. With the lid in place, you can easily block the chamber and prevent this issue altogether making it the ideal portable vaporizer. Furthermore, the sealable cap adds to its level of discreetness. The cap makes the Airistech Airis Tick look like an average vaporizer so you can easily take it anywhere you go and no one will actually think that what you’re carrying with you is an actual vaporizer until you flip the cap open and insert the cartridges. The lid also ensures that whatever odor the materials inside the cartridge produces stays locked inside so that suspecting individuals won’t easily smell the aroma of your cartridges. It works both to lock in and preserve the aroma of your materials.  

It easily hides the mouthpiece and the cartridge making it relatively easy for you to brave the outside world with the Airistech Airis Tick in your pocket. It also ensures that the mouthpiece remains clean no matter what the situation is, that’s what a true portable vaporizer should be. Instead of having to use vaporizers that need to be used with extra caution, the Airistech Airis Tick can be used without paying too much attention to care, You’d still want to make sure it’s properly packed and stashed in your pockets but it won’t affect you and your activities to the point that it starts to become an obstruction. The Airistech Airis Tick owes it to its design making it the ideal portable vaporizer to carry around especially for people who are always active and who are always on-the-go.  

Stylish and Functional 

Other portable vaporizers may be stylish, others may be utilitarian, but it takes a special vaporizer to be best in both.  

Airistech vaporizers are both stylish and functional, as represented by one of their most famous models to date, the Airistech Turboo. The Airistech Turboo is a cartridge vaporizer that’s like no other. It resembles a futuristic-looking car key FOB but at the same time, it functions as a vaporizer. It’s got a lot going making it a practical option for many consumers looking for a vaporizer that’s flashy and discreet at the same time.

The Airistech Turboo is as small and as light as your usual car key FOB but is outfitted with a switchblade functionality that allows it to let a cartridge pop out from the side of the unit. The cartridges connect to the battery via 510-threaded connections and can be discreetly hidden inside the chamber by just flipping it close. Like the Airistech Airis Tick, this design allows the Airistech Turboo to hide and protect the cartridge from the elements like dust, dirt, and even microorganisms that can attack and latch itself on to the mouthpiece and into the materials inside the cartridge. This can make vaping unsafe as it can develop into all kinds of viruses that’s why making a cartridge vaporizer that allows you to flip it close ensures that no other elements can get inside and affect the materials in the cartridge. It’s also a great way to make your vaping sessions discreet and low-key. You no longer have to keep the cartridges exposed just to let someone see that you’re vaping off a cartridge. In some cases, this will earn you looks of disapproval and disgust from bystanders who don’t know why you chose this healthy option.  

Another element that adds to the Airistech Turboo’s functionality is its variable voltage control. For a vaporizer that's this small, to sport variable voltage setting is simply a marvel. It has 3 variable voltage level at 3.4 volts on low, 3.7 volts on medium, and at 4.2 volts on high respectively. We all know that materials in cartridges like extracts and distillates do react to the slightest change in temperature. Having said, low-temperature profiles will induce a fragrant and a flavorful vapor production that’s perfect and suitable for those looking for a mild and subtle high. Higher temperature profiles, on the other hand, facilitates warmer vapor production with denser bodies and more potent results. They still retain a decent amount of flavor but vapors produced at this temperature level has more pronounced psychoactive and euphoric effects. Having a portable cartridge vaporizer of allowing you to elicit different effects from your cartridges is extremely practical. You can easily change and personalize your sessions with the help of the variable voltage settings, from getting flavorful vapors to getting potent rips, the functional and practical Airistech Turboo has got you covered.  

In the areas of style, the Airistech Turboo also has the edge. It boasts a sleek black finish with several accents that make this small and compact vaporizer look good and perform good. It’s got a single button that can be used both to power the Airistech Turboo up and activate the heating element. The power button is outfitted with an LED light that lights up as you use it. It also comes with a matching lanyard so you can flaunt your Airstech Turboo in style.  

The Airstech Turboo is a solid option for people who want a vaporizer that’s both stylish and functional.  

Airistech Vaporizers 

Here at VapeActive, we’re glad to come by and carry some of the best-selling products from Airistech’s line up. We’ve got a huge collection of vaporizers and accessories that are authentic and original from Airistech themselves. Take a look at what we have in store for you.  

The Airistech Mystica II 

The Airistech Mystica II is a cartridge vaporizer that uses a magnetic connection to bridge the gap between the cartridges and the battery. What it does is uses the force of the magnet to make a secure connection between the end of the cartridge and of the battery. Compared to cartridge batteries with traditional 510-threaded design, the Airistech Mystica II boasts easier and more convenient operations making it ideal for on-the-go use. Here are some of its features:  

  • 450mAh Battery Capacity   
  • Variable Voltage Battery  
  • Magnetic Connections  
  • USB Charging   
  • Small and Compact  
  • Pre-Heat Function  
  • Oil Tank Not Included 

One of the main features that highlight the advanced technological design of the Airistech Mystica II is its pre-heat function. What it does is it gives the Airistech Mystica II with a burst of continuous heat which ensures that the oils in the cartridge are melted and are in the ideal vaping density. One of the most common issues consumers encounter when using cartridges is that the oils and the distillates inside the cartridge can harden. Not only does hardened materials take longer to vaporize but they also cause clogging and poor airflow. The pre-heat function of the Airistech Mystica II ensures that you can have better airflow and that your cartridges will easily be vaporized saving you time and of course, battery life. Of course, the variable voltage setting is always helpful ensuring that you have full control over your sessions. Low-temperature profiles induce flavorful and fragrant vapors while the higher temperature levels will facilitate a knock off your socks experience.  

The Airistech Herbva X Vaporizer 

Airistech has a slew of cartridge and pod vaporizers but the gem in their collection is the hard-hitting dry 3-in-1 vaporizer, the Airistech Herbva X Vaporizer.  

The Airistech Herbva X Vaporizer is a superior dry herb portable vaporizer and a likewise capable wax concentrate vaporizer. Its dual functionality allows you to get the best of both worlds, this is one of the reasons why many connoisseurs find that the Airistech Herbva X Vaporizer is a good option for those who like to consume both wax concentrates and dry herb strains. What's more is that it uses three different kinds of attachments which means that all your materials are preserved and that wax, herbs, and even oils won’t get mixed with one another allowing you to enjoy the unique attributes of your materials. Herbs are known for their flavorful and aromatic vapor because of how much flavonoids and terpenes are on the leaves and on the buds themselves, wax concentrates are known for how potent they are because they are the active ingredients found in the plant matter in pure and concentrated form, lastly, oils are known for how balanced they are in giving you a functional and subtler buzz. Whichever type of material you consume, the Airistech Herbva X Vaporizer is your ideal choice.  

Here are some of its best features:  

  • 1000mAh Battery Capacity  
  • 5 Temperature Settings  
  • Full Ceramic Heating Chamber  
  • 20-Second Heat Up Time  
  • Micro USB Charging  
  • 3-in-1 Vaporizer  
  • Single-Button Control 

It has 5 temperature settings allowing you to get the most out of your materials. It's also backed by a hefty 1000mAh battery capacity which means that it will have more than enough power to keep you vaping through large group sessions and will leave you with enough battery life for use when you arrive home. It’s the perfect personal vaporizer especially for people who consume heavily for both recreation and medical purposes.  

Airistech Attachments and Accessories 

One thing to love about Airistech as a company is their unwavering support for their products, unlike other vaporizer manufacturers who just leave their vaporizers as is, Airistech ensures that all their vaporizers will have ample amount of support products to keep them working at their top shape.  

Here at VapeActive, we also make sure that they’re always available for our customers who use Airistech products. Here are some of the most sought-after accessories and attachments from Airistech.  

Airistech Headbanger Dip Coil 5 Pack  

Airistech Headbanger Dab Coil 5 Pack 

Airistech Quaser Coil  

Airistech Q-Cell 1.0 ml Tank 

Airistech Magnetic Ring 

Airistech CCELL 1.0 ml Tank 

Airistech Airis 8 Dip Coil Pack  

Airistech Airis 8 Dab Coil Pack 

All these are made original and authentic from Airistech themselves. We make sure to get only the best of the best so you can enjoy the quality and the reliability you can find on Airistech products.  

Keeping your Airistech vaporizers in good working condition has never been easier. It’s actually one of the main reasons why many consumers choose Airistech products over the more expensive vaporizer devices. Because you know that you can easily replace broken or worn out parts and that these parts are easily available, you have that peace of mind that there’s no stopping you from enjoying vaping sessions. Instead of having to wait for days – even weeks – for a delivery to arrive, these components are made readily available so you can always continue vaping your favorite herbs, wax concentrates, and essential oils.  

So, the next time you’re out looking for a new vaporizer, make sure to check out Airistech vaporizers only here at VapeActive