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7th Floor Vaporizers have been a staple name in the vaporizer industry being one of the first few companies in the business. Find the best 7th Floor desktop vaporizers and 7th Floor handheld vaporizers for herb and wax. We also have silver surfer vaporizer accessories and da buddha vaporizer parts. Enjoy affordable 7th Floor Vaporizer glass parts and 7th Floor Vaporizer batteries for your desktop vaporizers and portable vaporizers. Make sure to buy online, buy from VapeActive.

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About 7th Floor Vaporizers 

Regarded as one of the leaders and veterans in the desktop manufacturing industry, 7th Floor Vaporizers has led the way and paved the path for future desktop vaporizer manufacturers to follow suit. Many of the technology we enjoy today on desktop vaporizers were considered as firsts that came from 7th Floor Vaporizers. Like many successful vaporizer manufacturers, 7th Floor Vaporizers begun with a goal in mind. They’ve tested numerous desktop vaporizers and they have come to the conclusion that the industry called for improvement and modernization.

While there have been several premium brands at that time, the industry lacked a vaporizer that was outfitted with some of the best components the market had to offer and also sported a reasonable price tag. Many of the desktop vaporizers at that time were either too expensive that they would cost an arm and a leg or either too cheap that using them felt like they were going to break down any moment.  

The quality of the desktop vaporizer products at that time wasn’t exactly what you’d call optimal. 7Th Floor Vaporizers aimed to make desktop units that can set the golden standard in vaporization, and they saw an opportunity in using high-quality raw materials in manufacturing these desktop devices. Primarily, one of the main reasons why the average desktop vaporizer wasn’t performing very well is because of poor raw materials. The heating elements on the average desktop vaporizer kept giving away almost every few months and in places where the climate is dry and humid, even the case or the box of vaporizers seem to have kept falling apart.

7th Floor Vaporizers started with the essential part, instead of following industry standard design for heating elements, they used a ceramic-based heating material. To make things better, they gathered 9 ceramic-based heating elements from some of the best brands the industry had to offer, they then select only one from the nine which they deemed was the best. This gave birth to the new era of desktop vaporizers that had ceramic based heating elements which were later known not only for their durability but also for a slew of benefits they provide the consumers.  

While 7th Floor Vaporizers were known for delivering the best ceramic-based heating elements in designer and custom vaporizers, they also were known for being a company with a heart. Here are some of the core values that rule the company as a whole.  

Unwavering Integrity of 7th Floor Vaporizers

A no-brainer and value we’re all thankful for. The 7th Floor Vaporizer brand has always been known as an honest company. This is one of the main reasons why the institution itself has a certain allure amongst hopefuls because it looks and feels like a good company to work for. If Google was the place to be to tech-immersed individuals, vaporizer users, as well as wax and herb users, looked to 7th Floor Vaporizers as if it was Disneyland – the best place to work at.  

7th Floor Vaporizers' Superior Quality 

Of course! Any company looking to make it to the top must have some kind of product they offer that’s superior to what others would have. 7th Floor Vaporizers knew that the perfect recipe was to manufacture vaporizers that were built with the best raw materials from the ground up. This meant that by selecting premium-quality materials, the actual end product was sure to end up with similar quality.  

Products from 7th Floor Vaporizers were made to stand the test of time. This why many consumers, especially veterans and experienced users, find that 7th Floor Vaporizers were seen as good and sound investments 

World-Class Customer Service

A key ingredient to successful operations, world-class customer service not only makes customers buy your product but it keeps them loyal to the brand. 7th Floor Vaporizers strongly believes that they are their own customers. By treating others the way they want to be treated, 7th Floor Vaporizers was able to turn the golden rule to a golden value.  

Thirst for Innovation 

This reason alone was more than enough to put 7th Floor Vaporizers on the map of some of the best brands in the industry.  

Innovation and the desire to improve the current meta the industry believed was the best was what made the 7th Floor Vaporizers brand what they are today. You can be sure that 7th Floor Vaporizers are always a step ahead of the competition. They have proven time and time again that their thirst of innovation was the driving force that kept the ball rolling for 7th Floor Vaporizers. 

Respect for Others 

It’s true that respect begets respect. When you respect the competition, the competition respects you back. This maxim made 7th Floor Vaporizers a company that was able to play with the big boys of the industry. Likewise, they are respected by the community because of their achievements and ultimately because of how they treat their customers, their business partners, and their competitors.  

These values not only separate 7th Floor as a company from others but it also separates their products from the average desktop vaporizer. Here are some features 7th Floor Vaporizers’ products are known for.  


One of the key components, why many consumers purchase 7th Floor products, is because of their durability. When a desktop vaporizer is durable; it only means that it’s dependable, reliable. In an age where the consumption of herbs and wax concentrates are beginning to become mainstream, people begin to rely on vaporizers as a viable means of administering botanicals and extracts as a means to manage or even cure different kinds of medical conditions.  

It may be true that many consumers see portable vaporizers as a practical option but no one can deny that desktop vaporizers are still superior in terms of vapor production and overall vapor quality. Desktop vaporizers are the leading devices especially when it comes to the consumption of waxes and herbs for medical use. While many look to desktop vaporizers for medical consumption, others use it for the superior experience even for casual and recreational use. The quality of 7th Floor Vaporizers’ desktop devices makes it so that regardless of how and what for it’s being used, it can provide top-notch quality that won’t disappoint.  

Ease of Use 

Many of 7th Floor Vaporizers’ products are easy and straightforward to use. They have perfected the art of crafting analog vaporizers. These varieties of desktop vaporizers allow easy and straightforward operation while still maintaining and not sacrificing overall customer experience. This feature ensures that even beginners and those that are new to vaping and using desktop vaporizers, in general, can easily pick up one of 7th Floor Vaporizers’ desktop devices and use it without having to feel intimidated of operating a desktop rig.  

Many consumers have reverted to using portable vaporizers because they see desktop vaporizers either as an expensive means of consumption or more of a daunting task. Products coming from 7th Floor Vaporizers’ production line are easy to operate giving many consumers the definitive vaping experience without having to cost them or having them put too much effort into consuming their select materials.  

Custom-Built Vaporizers 

Another reason why many consumers have been drawn into purchasing vaporizers from 7th Floor Vaporizers is that they can be built to your liking and preference. 7th Floor Vaporizers partners with the best glass blowers to make custom knobs and other glass pieces to give you a more personalized vaping session both aesthetically and cerebrally. 

Why 7th Floor Vaporizers?  

7th Floor Vaporizers have always been a seal of promise for consumers ensuring them that they are getting the best products in the desktop vaporizer platform. Apart from having been a company known for their efforts in making some of the best desktop and tabletop vaporizers, 7th Floor Vaporizers offer a slew of vaporizer devices giving them a wide collection of products fit for consumers with different needs. Desktop vaporizers don't always have to be for medicating patients only, people who partake in large group sessions can also enjoy using 7th Floor Vaporizers' desktop units since they’re not only simple and easy to use but they can also provide consumers with a reliable and affordable desktop vaporizer.  

Furthermore, consumers who like to keep and make their vaporizers their own can take advantage of the level of personalization 7th Floor Vaporizers’ in-house glass blowers offer. Arguably no other vaporizer manufacturer can offer such personalization. Their devices allow you to customize not only the desktop vaporizer’s appearance but also the quality of how the actual vaporizer performed giving you individuality both inside and out.  

7th Floor Vaporizers also use top-of-the-line raw materials into crafting their vaporizers to ensure quality, durability, and improved user experience. It has always been their belief that they should make vaporizers they themselves would be happy using. After all, they’re doing it because they wanted the industry to have a solid selection of noteworthy desktop vaporizers.  

So, if you’re in the fence for a desktop vaporizer, make sure to check out 7th Floor Vaporizers here at VapeActive 

Speaking of which... 

7th Floor Vaporizer Products 

VapeActive is proud to carry some of the best products from the 7th Floor lineup. To have an idea of what we have in our collection here are 7th Floor Vaporizer’s top-sellers.  

The 7th Floor Silver Surfer Desktop Vaporizer 

In an industry where almost all desktop vaporizers look almost exactly alike, the 7th Floor Silver Surfer Desktop Vaporizer shows it's from a different pedigree and that it doesn’t exactly share the same DNA as other average desktop vaporizers on the market.  

From the outside, the 7th Floor Silver Surfer Desktop Vaporizer comes in on a slanted and sleek body made from high-quality materials which ensure that the heating element and the technology that powers the 7th Floor Silver Surfer Desktop Vaporizer is kept safe at all times. It also boasts a fully customizable appearance via a slew of accessories as well as custom glassware which ensures that no two 7th Floor Silver Surfer Desktop Vaporizer units are the same. The desktop unit itself comes in an array of different colors which also ensures top-level personalization allowing you to select a 7th Floor Silver Surfer Desktop Vaporizer of your liking making it truly your own vaporizer. While the physical looks of this desktop vaporizer itself can be configured to your fancy, its overall structure is nonetheless striking. Unlike other desktop vaporizers, the 7th Floor Silver Surfer Desktop Vaporizer has a unique slanted design. Most common desktop vaporizers usually feature an upright design or anything that represents a solid base to a conical shape at the most. However, the 7th Floor Silver Surfer Desktop Vaporizer uses a slanted build which isn’t only for aesthetic purposes but also has helped you achieve better results which we’ll get to in a few.  

Under the hood, the 7th Floor Silver Surfer Desktop Vaporizer uses a high-quality ceramic heating element. This desktop vaporizer was the first to utilize a ceramic-based heating material as well as a pure glass-on-glass build making it a desktop vaporizer designed and engineered for optimum flavor and superior flavor – two major elements sought after by medical consumers and connoisseurs alike. The Ceramic heating element ensures that the materials you put in the chamber are vaporized evenly since ceramic is known for its low and slow heating properties. This means that the materials you place inside the 7th Floor Silver Surfer Desktop Vaporizer will be heated slowly and evenly, never getting to the point of combustion but hot enough to extract not only the potent active ingredients on you select dry herb materials but also its unique flavors and aroma. The carefully crafted hating element ensures that all that makes your choice materials so great are locked in and are released at the most opportune moment so that you and only you can reap its benefits. Apart from faithfully preserving the distinct properties native to your botanical plant matter, the ceramic heating elements ensure that you’re far from the dangers of inhaling toxic by-products of heating and vaporizing your materials. Unlike metal or steel heating elements, the ceramic layer minimizes and prevents oxidation. When metal oxidizes it is very likely to corrode, it will then cause rust to form weakening the actual structure. You don’t want to inhale vaporized rust. These ceramic heating elements ensure that you do not experience this making the healthy option when vaping your favorite materials. 7th Floor Vaporizer’s ceramic heating elements are tested to have more than 10 years of life span making each and every product from 7th Floor Vaporizers that use these iconic ceramic-based heating elements a sound investment.  

Further inside, the 7th Floor Silver Surfer Desktop Vaporizer offers a glass-on-glass connection using the works of their in-house glass blowers. Because glass is another inert material, you’re sure that the vapors you inhale will not bear any weird taste or smell, just the distinct qualities of what your favorite herbs are known for. Unlike steel chambers or plastic-based vaporizer components, the glass will not give off a negative reaction to heat – both physically and chemically which ensures that you won’t be inhaling any of both steel and plastic’s chemical and toxic by-products. Using glass materials also make cleaning and maintenance easier. They won’t get stuck nor will they be hard to clean when the inevitable residue and leftover material builds up. All you need to do is to soak the glassware into a solution of warm water and isopropyl alcohol and you’ll be good to go. 7th Floor Vaporizers’ glassware and glass chambers also offer 33% larger compartments allowing you to pack more for longer and more demanding vaping sessions altogether.  

Remember that slanted angle we talked about earlier, here’s where this ingenious design actually comes in handy, they keep both the glass wand and the actual botanical plant matter where they should be. This means that unlike other vaporizers that cause the materials and the connections to get lose or to wobble from time to time, this slanted design ensures that your materials and your glass wand stay where they should be. It also reduces the stress on the glassware prolonging the actual lifespan of each glass component. The best part about this uncommon design is that it keeps the herbs from falling to where it shouldn’t be. This maximizes ergonomic comfort and maintains ease of use. And, speaking of ease of use, 7th Floor Vaporizers have been known for their devices that have analog controls. Unlike devices that have complicated controls, desktop vaporizers like the 7th Floor Silver Surfer Desktop Vaporizer can easily be operated by even by beginners making the 7th Floor Silver Surfer Desktop Vaporizer a convenient and powerful desktop vaporizer designed for consumers of all levels.  

7th Floor Da Buddha Desktop Vaporizer 

The 7th Floor Da Buddha Desktop Vaporizer is one of the most affordable desktop vaporizers on the market today. For such a reasonable price, you’re getting a highly dependable vaporizer with some of the best components today’s industry has to offer. The 7th Floor Da Buddha Desktop Vaporizer shares several similarities with its slanted brother but it also has a few features that make it a stand out.  

To begin with, the 7th Floor Da Buddha Desktop Vaporizer was built with an upright position boasting several advantages of its own one of which is ease of use. For some, using a slanted and slightly angled desktop vaporizer can be a little intimidating. It may look complex and complicated enough that some consumers shy away from using this device. The 7th Floor Da Buddha Desktop Vaporizer was built to be a little more straightforward than the Silver Surfer. Having said, the 7th Floor Da Buddha Desktop Vaporizer provides consumers with a desktop vaporizer that ensures ease of use while still maintaining some key features that fans loved about 7th Floor Vaporizers products. One, the 7th Floor Da Buddha Desktop Vaporizer - like all 7th Floor Vaporizers products – are made in American soil and feature American quality and craftsmanship. Unlike other desktop vaporizers manufactured from God knows where you’re sure that 7th Floor Da Buddha Desktop Vaporizers and its other brethren are made to fit world-class standards. Each item is assembled and tested in Colorado Springs using the best machinery today’s technology can provide. Under the trained eyes and hands of professionals, these products go through rigorous and painstaking testing phases to ensure that each unit is to conform to 7th Floor Vaporizer’s manufacturing standards. As a proof, the exterior of the 7th Floor Da Buddha Desktop Vaporizer is made from high-quality aircraft aluminum. Having used materials often found in aircraft mean only that 7th Floor Vaporizers are serious about building their desktop devices. We all know that aircraft building is one of the most demanding and exhaustive industries to date. The time and attention it takes to select the materials used in building aircraft is no joke. The 7th Floor Da Buddha Desktop Vaporizer has an exterior made from a quarter inch thick aerospace-grade aluminum material. Its body promises durability and reliability that it will never scratch or fade. This aluminum body makes the 7th Floor Da Buddha Desktop Vaporizer a durable and lightweight desktop vaporizer. But its weight is no indication of its capability we one would soon find out.  

From the inside, the 7th Floor Da Buddha Desktop Vaporizer uses the same ceramic heating element as the Silver Surfer. The ceramic heating element is tested to last for more than 10 years and offers surprisingly fast heat up time for a heating element that’s based on the ceramic mineral. This means that while the actual low and slow process of heating takes place, you’re about to get fast results from 7th Floor Vaporizers’ proprietary heating elements. Complementing this ceramic heating element, the 7th Floor Da Buddha Desktop Vaporizer uses a heater cover and a customizable knob made from high-grade borosilicate glassware. Borosilicate glass has seen wide use in medical laboratories because of its special properties. Unlike other varieties of glass, borosilicate boasts high resistance to thermal shock and a low coefficient to thermal expansion. This only means that even if the glass parts of the 7th Floor Da Buddha Desktop Vaporizer is exposed to extreme heat it will still have fewer chances of breaking or shattering. This means that borosilicate glass is extremely durable making it ideal for use as a laboratory tool and of course, for vaporizers. Aimed to provide a reliable desktop vaporizer for cost-conscious consumers, the 7th Floor Da Buddha Desktop Vaporizer keeps with the analog design which not only makes using and operating it a breeze but also allows them to cut the costs of building this vaporizer without actually having to cut down on quality. The analog knob makes use of 7th Floor Da Buddha Desktop Vaporizer convection-style heating. While some low-cost vaporizers use conduction heating to vaporize your materials, the 7th Floor Da Buddha Desktop Vaporizer uses convection heating to provide better results. The way convection ovens work is by making use of hot air which has been proven to produce even and more precise results. By using air, you can effectively and efficiently permeate ground materials without having to burn them. Air travels loosely into each nook and cranny of your botanical plant matter giving you uniform results whereas a conduction heater will use the heated surface to vaporize your materials. Heating using a conductive surface is pretty similar to frying eggs or chickens. You basically have to heat it for a good amount of time to make sure that the inner part of the material is heated. In some cases, the materials closest to the heated surface burns which defeat the purpose of using a vaporizer since you now get to inhale smoke instead of vapor. In conjunction with the analog controls, you easily get to find your sweet spot and have an easy visualization of what level you are vaping on.  

The folks that designed the 7th Floor Da Buddha Desktop Vaporizer know that different individuals inhale vapors at different speeds. Advanced vape users and consumers might be used to faster inhalation while beginners might take their time. The knob easily allows you to change the heat setting to match your inhalation speed. No more looking at complex readouts, no more having to go through complicated settings to key in your desired temperature. The adjustable analog knob gives you a more natural feel and visualization of temperature control – just move the knob sideways, twist it clockwise or counterclockwise, it’s a simple and intuitive approach to temperature control. And, speaking of which, an easily operated desktop device ensures that you can get all the benefits your dry herb strains has to offer. By keeping the temperature low, you can get thin cloud production with improved flavor while cranking up the knob high gives you a denser yield with elevated potencies. Anything in between lets you find the balance you’re looking for. The 7th Floor Da Buddha Desktop Vaporizer is the ultimate budget-friendly desktop vaporizer for recreational users as well as medical consumers and medicating professionals.  

In addition to the high-quality components you’d find for such an affordable vaporizer, included is a food-grade vinyl whip for all your vaping needs.  

Also, both the 7th Floor Silver Surfer Desktop Vaporizer and the 7th Floor Da Buddha Desktop Vaporizer comes with a carrying case made out of recycled polyester and, of course, hemp. The carrying case makes traveling with any 7th Floor Vaporizer easier and more convenient.  

Why Customers Continue to Use 7th Floor Vaporizers 

7th Floor Vaporizer has amassed a huge number of followers and loyal customers. These individuals have found what they’ve been searching for in 7th Floor Vaporizer products. Having been the first in the industry to offer ceramic heating for desktop vaporizers, 7th Floor Vaporizers is a true leader in the vape industry. Consumers find that with 7th Floor Vaporizers, they get real value for their money. Like both the Silver Surfer and the Da Buddha, consumers not only get to personalize the exterior of their desktop vaporizers but also how they function. One of the biggest advantages of using 7th Floor Vaporizer devices is the number of aftermarket components 7th Floor Vaporizers offers. Not only do these parts and accessories offer a huge window for customization, but they also are great for keeping your vaporizer in good working condition. Maintaining a vaporizer, let alone a desktop vaporizer, is not easy. Some of the parts of these desktop units aren’t just hard to come by but are also hard to procure. This means that you have to stop using your vaporizer in the event that the unit you have and the parts that you have ordered have not yet arrived either because of scarcity or because of a delay from the courier service. This is simply unacceptable especially for people who use their desktop vaporizers for medical purposes, those who simply can’t afford to miss their medication. The number of the products 7th Floor Vaporizers offer ensures that you will always have a spare part you can get to keep your sessions going no matter the circumstances. What’s even great about it is that it ensures you will get a different experience each time you replace different parts on your desktop vaporizer.  

It’s also uncommon for desktop vaporizers to feature this much parts and accessories that are geared towards product upgrade and customization. Because they have their own in-house glass blowers, they have been able to produce some unique parts and components to use with their desktop devices. From rig essentials to water coolers, to glass components, they’ve got it. And the fact that they're manufactured from within 7Th Floor Vaporizers’ umbrella means that they’re cheaper than most accessories and desktop glass components because 7th Floor Vaporizers does not need to import them which oftentimes inflates the price of parts because they have to be shipped and sourced elsewhere. Like the vaporizers themselves, these glass components are made in Americal soil using American raw material and engineering.