Pulsar Go Thick Oil Vaporizer

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  • 0.8ml Tank
  • Ceramic Coils
  • 650mAh Battery
  • Different Color Options
  • 0.2 Ohm Coil Resistance

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The Pulsar Go Thick Oil Vaporizer

It’s a unique approach to compact and portable oil concentrate consumption. The Pulsar Go Thick Oil Vaporizer hits all the right spots and is both appeasing to the eyes and to the senses, it’s a perfect balance of beauty and functionality, a perfect combination of aesthetics and ergonomics. By design, the Pulsar Go Thick Oil Vaporizer resembles the classic flip-top lighters making the Pulsar Go Thick Oil Vaporizer easily concealable right in the palm of your hands, it also goes well in your pocket, your bag, or your purse. Many other oil concentrate consumers loved the Pulsar Go Thick Oil Vaporizer for its vibe, contoured edges provide an easy grip and its 6 color schemes make carrying the Pulsar Go Thick Oil Vaporizer fun and exciting. Now there’s no wonder why the Pulsar Go Thick Oil Vaporizer is taking the oil concentrate vaporizer industry by storm.

The Pulsar Go Thick Oil Vaporizer is arguably one of the safest means of oil concentrate and e-juice consumption, it’s a healthy and beneficial in many ways than one. By using ceramic components in the construction of the Pulsar Go Thick Oil, the designers and engineers from Pulsar managed to provide users with an inactive and inert material that does not affect vaporization in any way. No other material can be as dormant as ceramic, no chemical reaction can be seen even if the ceramic components are exposed to prolonged heat, that’s why it’s the proper material choice in coil production especially with the Pulsar Go Thick Oil Vaporizer which uses liquid concentrates and e-juices. Apart from this unique feature, the Pulsar Go Thick Oil Vaporizer also boasts of innovative improvements upon the average oil concentrate vaporizer. A 650mAh battery is outfitted in this portable unit which is more than enough for you to take on casual sessions in small windows of time. An oil and e-juice reservoir capable of holding 0.8ml material is an established standard for most liquid based vaporizers, but probably one of Pulsar Go Thick Oil Vaporizer’s strongest suit is its low and slow burning coils made out of high-grade genuine ceramic.  

Easy to Use

Design is one major factor why most e-juice and oil concentrate consumers have been drawn into the Pulsar Go Thick Oil Vaporizer, no other vaporizer can come close to it’s ergonomic build which makes the Pulsar Go Thick Oil Vaporizer such a pleasure to hold this portable oil vaporizer is geared towards convenience and comfort and have done a well job without compromising performance and functionality. The Pulsar Go Thick Oil Vaporizer is designed and engineered for today’s oil consumer who likes to vape on-the-go.

The Pulsar Go Thick Oil Vaporizer is highly transportable, you can take it with you virtually almost anywhere you go. It’s perfect for quick and easy hits after office hours, ideal for lazy walks at the park and around town, or even a relaxing trip to your favorite coffee shop, the Pulsar Go Thick Oil Vaporizer makes for the best companion that surprisingly fits your style whichever it may be.

Balanced to Perfection

The Pulsar Go Thick Oil Vaporizer is considered as a sub-ohm, low resistance vaporizer. Sub-ohm vaporizers have been known to provide almost on demand heating and instantaneous results. Because of its immediate reaction to heat, it can generate larger clouds of vapor that are warmer and a bit rough on the throat. Quick heating coils can also be beneficial for oil concentrate consumers since the faster your coils heat up, the faster your material gets vaporized. In this respect, the essences and the distinct effects of your materials are released faster. Pulsar knows that this method of material consumption does not work for everyone, so to balance the fast heating low resistance coils by using inert ceramic rods. Ceramic has been known for its ability to hold off heat longer than any other material like quartz or titanium. By using ceramic rods you’re sure to get a perfect blend of slow burning and quick heating that’s best for e-juice and oil concentrate consumption and vaporization. Enjoy subtle wisps of vapor that’s easy to both the lungs and the throat, clouds that have a higher retention of the unique flavor profiles of your materials whether you’re using essential oils or e-juice.

What’s in the box:

  • 1 x Pulsar Go Thick Oil Vaporizer
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable

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