Grav Fire Button

Grav Fire Button


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  • Portable enclosed titanium E-Nail system
  • All silicone body is heat resistant
  • Fits 10, 14 and 19mm female joints
  • Comes with 3 heating elements (each good for up to 1500 hits)
  • 3-foot cord
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery (4.2v / 150w)
  • Mini USB connection
  • 6 hour charge time = 30-40 uses

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About the Grav Fire Button

the Grav Fire Button is the new and improved innovative way on how you would enjoy your dabs. With the new technology feature of a torch less nail, it gives you an advanced capability of not having burn accidents as you use it every day on a daily dab session. Together with its one-button technology, you can seamlessly and easily consume your waxy oils and wax concentrates with convenience and ease at no difficulty at all.

The Grav Fire Button comes with an internal gradual heat technology that does not burn but just vaporize your favorite waxy oils or concentrates eliminating any burnt and awful taste but just emitting some flavorful and aromatic pure tasting hits.

The Grav Fire Button is also perfect to be transported wherever you may wish to go as it is lightweight and is easy to be carried anywhere with a compact packaging and built that you can use with convenience. With its lightweight technology, it can also be packed in your bag as it does not consume much space unlike other water pipes in the market.

With no doubt at all, The Grav Fire Button is what all dab enthusiasts should put on the number one top selection of their “must have list”. Great Value with Great Quality being offered.


  • 1 x Grav Fire - Button Kit

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Ask a Question
  • For wax only?

    Hi, yes this unit is designed for wax concentrates only.

  • How many uses per charge?

    The Grav Fire Button yields and estimate of 30 to 40 uses per charge.

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