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Grenco Science

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About the G Slim Ground Material Vaporizer

There has never been anything like the G Slim Ground Material Vaporizer that was ever made from the market. An easy and very affordable way to experience your favorite ground herbs anywhere and anytime. Grenco Science is well known to deliver the best of the best and top of the line portable vaporizers within its class. This Pen Vaporizer is perfect for new users or as we call them, the newbies and also perfect for people that would also want to switch from smoking cigarettes to a less harsh vaporizers as it is very easy to use and operate. It is also very affordable with its quality as it also is very competitive enough when comparing with other wax vaporizers, e-juice vaporizers and other dry herb vaporizers same as this. Combining a compact technology with the sleek design, The G Slim Ground Material Vaporizer provides the most out of your amazing vaping experience. To get started, just open up the chamber of the dry herb vaporizer and load your favorite fine ground herbs and you are now good to go. This is a perfect companion especially when you are on – the – go for concerts, camping, ski trips or just running errands around town. If you are looking for an easy to operate and affordable vape pen that is perfect for you, the G Slim Ground Material Vaporizer should be your best for grabs choice.


Powerful yet Handheld

Despite its very simple appearance and built, the G Slim portable dry herb vaporizer presents a ceramic heating chamber which vaporizes your herbs or ground material with amazing heat temperature control efficiency. Ceramic is used for most vaporizers so that it won’t add any flavors to your dry herb. It also gives out enough heat and air discharge avoiding any burnt taste when dry herbs are burnt through the atomizers it is built with. All you’ll savor in is the pure flavor extracted from your favorite ground dry herbs material. The G slim dry herb pen uses concise and perfect vaporization to bring out the essential flavors and aromas from your herbal materials, Conduction vaporization is a form of vaporization in which the herbs are directly heated by a heating coil, allowing for quick heat up times.


Great potential with this pen

While wax vaporizers are easier to find, looking for the dry herb vaporizer that is a good fit for your needs may sometimes be challenging and more difficult. The usual issue of using a dry herb vaporizer is when your chosen herbs are being heated in a little space, it is likely to combust making a negative effect and awful taste on each draws and hits you puff each time.

With its rapid heat technology, you can enjoy and get intensified experience that is ready in no time. With just as quick as 5 seconds, you can already have your dab session started anytime and anywhere. Using a one – button technology using it is now very easy, as easy as 1, 2, 3!



  • 1 x G Slim Ground Material Vaporizer
  • 1 x G Slim Herb Chamber
  • 1 x G Slim Battery
  • 1 x G Slim Tool
  • 1 x Wireless USB Charger

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