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  • Elegant and Discreet
  • Magnetized Cartridges
  • Refillable Tank
  • Ceramic Coil
  • Simple Operation
  • USB Charging

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About the VapeDynamics Cora Vaporizer

The Cora Vaporizer from VapeDynamics gives an emphasis on how portability really is. May it be a wax vaporizer, a dry herb vaporizer or an e-juice vaporizer, most of all vaporizer users, would always put the portability on top of their list as the most asset in a state of the art vaporizers to look for. With the all new Cora Vaporizer, the stealth design makes it sure that you can bring it anywhere you want with the convenience of having it hand held wherever you go. As what VapeDynamics is known for, letting their customers experience comfort in vaping, they also made sure that the Cora vaporizer is not just portable but also easy to use that is best for new users of vapes. It also comes with an easy access on the filled pod tanks they use as it has a magnetized cartridge that enables you to refill your pods as easy as 1, 2, and 3! The VapeDynamics Cora Vaporizer illustrates that not only does capability is important but also the design and how your vape looks like. With three wonderful colors as its body, you can choose from matte black, chrome and matte silver that you can flaunt while doing your usual vape session.


Elegant Design

For Style – seeking vape users, The VapeDynamics Cora Vaporizer would be the best choice they have. It comes with three colors to choose from which you can boast in public as you use it with confidence. It offers a matte black, chrome and matte silver body that works best with elegance exemplifying a stylish body that adds to how wonderful VapeDynamics creates their vaporizers.



The VapeDynamics Cora Vaporizer demonstrates how portability should be with its slim body structure that is very easy to hold and also easy to store when not in use. Vaping your favorite juice in public is now a breeze as you can conceal your Cora Vaporizer with just the palm of your hand while discreetly enjoying your pre – filled pods’ aroma and flavor without drawing much attention in public. You can use this while on a hike, on a stroll, on a quick travel or on a quick coffee break at work just by slipping it inside your pocket without being seen. This is also perfect for people on – the – go and with a busy schedule which prefers a grab and go device that they can operate anywhere and anytime.


Best for Newbies

Since it is very easy to use, The VapeDynamics Cora Vaporizer is best for new vapers in the industry who would just want to try how vaping works. With its fun flavored juices you can use, from apple, strawberry, bubblegum or even mocha, depending on your mood, you can use it to add spice on how you enjoy your vaping session with each draws. As it also is equipped with a single button technology, the user will never have any difficulty in operating the Cora Vaporizer. It just goes as press, inhale and puff.


  • 1 x VapeDynamics Cora Vaporizer
  • 1 x Cora Pod Liquid Cartridges
  • 2 x Silicone Liquid Dropper Joint
  • 1 x 500mAh Battery
  • 1 x Magnetized USB Charger Cable
  • 1 x Instruction Manual

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Ask a Question
  • Can I use oil on this one?

    Kristina, this vaporizer is designed specifically for e-juice. Thanks for asking.

  • Whats the battery capacity?

    The Cora Vaporizer has a battery capacity of 500mAh.

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