AtmosRx Jr Vaporizer

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  • Compact Design
  • Junior Version
  • Ceramic Heating Chamber
  • Instant Heat-Up
  • Lightweight
  • One-Button Activation
  • Easy to Use

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About the AtmosRx Jr Vaporizer

The AtmosRx Jr. is the more compact and smaller version of the initial AtmosRx Vaporizer. It works as good but the advantage of being smaller is to be able to use it within just the palm of your hand. With its palm-sized feature, it makes it even easier to vaporize while on the go. It is very compact but yet sleek and give a stylish design which you will definitely love. This operates well without setting a high temperature and only uses required heat to burn tobacco through a process called vaporization. It ensures enough heat through the ceramic chamber that gives your dry herbs the controlled heat and air discharge to avoid burning the plant substance and just to vaporize it. The AtmosRx Jr gently heats just enough to release the essence of your favorite herbs. There's no combustion which makes it smoke-less. The AtmosRx Jr Vaporizer is perfect for on the go users which they can vape discreetly anywhere and anytime.


The smaller the better

The AtmosRx Jr Vaporizer uses a smaller mouthpiece, heating chamber and battery. This Junior Version is hand-held but with the same controlled consistent-temperature heating system to turn your favorite herbs into vapor. This is ideal for anyone that wants to play volleyball on the beach, ski down a mountain or just relax and spend a lazy day at home. No need to prepare a lot of paraphernalia around for butane, lighters, papers or to wait around for your vape to heat up. This Jr. Kit comes ready with just minimal assembly required and is handy to use within seconds – even straight from its box. Vaping in style with the AtmosRx Jr Vaporizer is as easy as 1-2-3...just fill, press the power button and inhale!


The technology behind the vaporizer

AtmosRx Jr uses a process of vaporization that releases the necessary active elements of a substance without burning. It uses a cutting-edge convection technology that releases just enough temperature of heat and air to let go the vital elements; but not enough heat and air for it to be combusted. The AtmosRx has an advanced microchip technology to ensure a precise temperature to avoid any overheating that may happen to the plant substance. This eradicates many of the harmful byproducts of combustion. The vaporization process does not produce any smoke, makes little to no tar, and no toxic elements. Unlike combustion, it doesn’t induce substantial denaturing of the substance. Denatured substance is when chemical make-up changes. An example would be, when circulated within fire, new compounds are created that were not originally within the plant itself. One of the immense features of AtmosRx Jr Vaporizer technology is that the vaporization does not extensively change the compounds being vaporized and does not create any elements that are different from the source material.


Beginner's Luck

When Atmos made this amazing vaporizer, they have the newbies in mind. This is one of the most affordable pen-style vaporizer within its class and with just the fraction of the price compared to other similar vape, you don’t need to choose from quality and quantity. For newbies that do not want anything that is quite complicated and just wanted to start learning, using the AtmosRx Jr Vaporizer is the best choice there is. As simple as it should be, the AtmosRx Jr vaporizer uses the one - button technology and is easy to use as it can be operated with just one click to have the heating chamber start its magic by vaporizing you favorite herb and giving you the intense experience that all vape smokers prefer. No need for anything extra, all you have to do is to load your choice of herbs, after one click, the chamber will heat up and you can now enjoy every hits and dab.


What’s In The Box:

  • 1 x AtmosRx Jr Vaporizer
  • 1 x AtmosRx Jr Battery
  • 1 x Packing Tool
  • 1 x Heating Chamber
  • 1 x USB Charger
  • 1 x User's Manual

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Ask a Question
  • How to clean the metal screen?

    Hi Miguel, the AtmosRx Jr metal screen can be cleaned gently with isopropyl alcohol.

  • Can this be used for wax? Thanks!

    Hello Miles, this vaporizer is optimized for use with dry herb. Thank you for asking.

  • Does it have a locking mechanism?

    Hi Jaime, yes, the AtmosRx Jr has a locking mechanism. Simply press 5 times to lock and unlock.

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