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Carta Bubble Cap

Generally good

Purchase was great, as expected. The only complaint is the battery takes long time to charge and only lasts about 20 minutes during use.

Airistech Dabble Glass Mouthpiece

Great quality fast delivery

Yocan Evolve-D Vaporizer


A visually beautiful and very well made product. Works very well and I would definitely order again!

My review

I love this! easy to use and clean! it was quick to get here and the price was good.

Great Experience

First purchase thru VapeActive with no complaint. Product was as described.

Great product

The website description is accuracy and it does work exactly as stated
Great product for the price
Highly recommend

Evolve plus xl

Nice vape

Great pen

All that I hoped it would be.

Yocan one atomizers

Top quality long lasting



I love it! I have an ooze vape pen also and I absolutely love my OOZE

Nice battery

This battery works well with 510 threaded cartridges. I use the lowest voltage and get big vape clouds. I switch to the highest setting once the cart is almost out to get the rest of the oil. I gave it 4/5 stars only because it has three voltage settings while some batteries have four... a minor complaint. For the price a solid battery. I would buy it again or for friends and family.

Puffco PEAK Bowl - 3 Pack

Titanium bucket is a must have.

Hi, I have a Carta Focus V. It comes with glass and metal buckets, the metal one's are ok but nothing like the Titanium one's. VapeActive had them in stock and shipped them right a way. Thanks.


Great product same as original and quick shipping thanks

The best eRig on the market

Now, I’d like to start by saying I don’t usually write reviews on products that I purchase but man does this device live up to its name as the best eRig on the market. I’ve had my hands on several eRigs since the Peak was released. I’ve used the Carta, the Switch, and even the Wuukah but the High Five Duo just hits differently. This blows them out of the water.

I use the Lemon OG Wax with the quartz bowl and it just brings out the fruity and skunky features of the Lemon OG. I’ve been dabbing at temperature levels around 410 to 420, but I still get big clouds of vapor with all the flavor. The other temperature levels are also great with the low settings ideal for rest, relaxation, and deep sleep while the highest settings can definitely melt your face. The battery on this thing is amazing as well.

Definitely glad I got the High Five Duo and have bought it from this store. Shipping is fast and ordering was easy. I’ve used them to order replacement parts before and I’m sure going to buy from them again in the future.

Product was available and delivered quickly

Leaf Buddi Wuukah Atomizer Base

Leaf Buddi Wuukah Replacement Glass Attachment

Yocan Evolve Battery