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Love this little gadget

I am a 75 yr old female and use marijuana for pain I was looking for something to make my smoking experience more enjoyable as some strains are harsh and cause excessive coughing this seems to alleviate the harshness making it smoother and actually taste what I am smoking (currently ice cream cake strain) I researched many burners and this one seemed to fit what I was looking for AND IT CAME IN PINK (says purple but looks pink to me) i am extremely satisfied with this purchase

Puffco plus chamber

It's good. I like them the best

Great product discreet holds charge well!

Awesome Rig

Best Compact pen around trust me!!!!!

Exxus Snap Vaporizer
Cynthia Severson

Exxus Snap Vaporizer

Yocan Evolve Plus XL Atomizer Base

Yocan Evolve Plus Battery
Rebecca Fletcher
Great value!

When I first got the battery I couldn’t get it to charge or function with the atomizers. I contacted customer service and they were very prompt in response. I kept messing with it and FINALLY the thing started to act like it was alive! I’m glad I didn’t have to go through the return process! YAY! All in all, very pleased with this company, fast shipping and great customer service. Will not hesitate to buy from them again!!!

Best Portable Device

50 year cannabis user.
Press my own for years.
Northern California resident.
Disabled Vet
Cannabis has enabled me to lead a semi normal life and always looking for a better device.
I totally found it in OG Four 2.0.
Only one suggestion, make the plastic chamber glass for clear vision of the “ lava lamp “ effect and easier cleaning.
Other than that “ ROCK ON “

Grandpa Puffinpot

Amazing device

My hubby bought me one of these. It is seriously the best vape ever. It is smooth till the end!

47 and feeling superfine with BTP’s coils

Test 1, test test oh hey there you are this thing and these coils are the shiznit I mean awesome. I have 3 new units unopened brands. I don’t need anything but this one pen and a replacement coil when well stuff happens. Best purchase in many years. Definitely cooler than dangit 💯 smoke on folks these tips are 🔥

Boundless Terp Pen
Davida Holt

Boundless Terp Pen

BLAZINNN ! Folks Definitely smokin hot product

The older I get the more advanced getting to be a part of so many things. DEFINITELY WE ALL NEED A BOUNDLESS TERP PEN! 1st and blown away at almost 50 WOWZERS THIS THING HERE IS JUST COOLER THAN DANGIT. Ty world just keep making stuff I’ll probably die with my Boundless Terp Pen. Seriously get 3 and coils.

Fun toy

Is to work and fun to play with!

Puffco Pro 2 Battery
Jessica Kingery
Fast shipping

Very quick shipping and got exactly what I paid for! Will shop with vapeactive again!

CCell Silo Battery 510 Cartridge Vaporizer
William Shepherd
Works great

It just works. Not much to say, it looks good and it feels solid and it works. No buttons, no settings, just a magnetic adapter for your cartridge and you're ready to use it (included)

This is my first extract vaporizer.

This is the first extract vaporizer that I have used/purchased and I think I made a good choice. It is well made, discrete, and functions well.

Great little vape

Nice draw. good screens.


Shipped quickly. Love these buckets, they retain heat much better than the quartz.. and you can taste terps much better. Good price. Highly recommended 👍

Yocan Falcon

The MVP of this vape is definitely the nectar collector. That alone makes it worth it by far... don't waste your time with the other coils tho especially not the dry herb or it gets stuck together

Puffco Peak Pro
Scott Holmquist
Fun device

The puffco peak pro is awesome! I've been using it for a couple weeks now and love it. I used to always use a vape pen. Which it super wasteful in my opinion. The chamber on the pro is 40% larger. It's expensive but at least theres a warranty. The other day I purchased the travel glass, travel backpack and the charging station. Which I feel like are worth it for the entire experience. I just have to find a sling that will work well for it. I don't like the travel case that it comes with. Might have to attach some velcro straps. Kinda expected better with how much we're spending. Oh well. Pretty solid product so far though.

Good Quality

Nice quality and good sz. Works great and the magnetic feature is convenient.

XMAX QOMO Atomizer
Steven kubb
Good buy

fast shipping. Exactly what I ordered. Would recommend

High Five Duo

Product is great, @vapeactive delivered product within days. Very easy to use especially for people that are just getting in to dabs. I have used both tanks titanium and glass, but love the glass one. I’m also interested in purchasing the AIN tank.

Had this product for 2weeks already, haven’t had any problems, just make sure to clean after every use.
Love that you have a great option when it comes to the temp control 350-600 and hit time control, up to 60 seconds.
The lights are cool and a luxury but to be honest this product was well thought out it’s a great size since I’ve taken it everywhere.
Can’t wait to try the herb adapter when available.

DaVinci IQ Accessory Kit
George Dobinski

DaVinci IQ Accessory Kit

Vapmod V-Mod 2 Vaporizer