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Vapor Cup Glass Straws (With Case)
VaporCup Glass Straws (With Case)
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VaporCup Glass Straw
VaporCup Glass Straw
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The VaporCup Vaporizer Parts

Vaporizers come in different shapes and sizes, the VaporCup Vaporizer is one of those who feature an innovative design and are geared towards redefining the way you vape. The iconic VaporCup Vaporizer features a discreet design that resembles the inconspicuous stainless steel travel mug. Vaping stealthy and discreetly has never been easier with the VaporCup Vaporizer.

In the forefront of innovation, the VaporCup Vaporizer has crisp LED displays and features replaceable and rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries that can last you two hours of vaping perfection. It’s designed specifically for superior, discreet dry herb consumption and vapor is drawn from its glass straw and just in case you break it, VaporCup makes replacement pieces of the VaporCup Glass Straw, these replacement pieces are the perfect choice in maintaining your VaporCup Vaporizer, they’re durable and sturdy and are 100% pure glass. You’d be sure to experience smooth and clean tasting vapors from this handy replacement piece.


VaporCup Accessories

To ensure that your VaporCup replacement pieces are stowed carefully, VaporCup has created an accompanying carrying case for your Vapo Cup Glass Straw. The convenient carrying case is included in a packaged bundle of four pure glass straws and eight straw caps. The case is built and made from nylon so your replacement parts comfortably sit together. The VaporCup Glass Straws (With Case) makes for an easy means of keeping your VaporCup essentials and are perfect for when you travel or if you’d just like to keep your things neatly packed. The nylon case also features pockets where you can keep packed dry herb materials and other essentials.