Cloud Pen Chloris Vaporizer

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  • Quick Heat Up Time
  • Slim And Portable Design
  • Digital OLED Display
  • 2200mAh Li-Polymer Battery
  • 350-430°F Temperature Range
  • Memory Function
  • 5 Minute Safety Shutoff

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About The Cloud Pen Chloris Vaporizer

Arguably one of the most compact and advanced dry herb vaporizers on the market today, the Cloud Pen Chloris Vaporizer is here to change the way you vape your select dry herb strains. Dubbed as the world's smallest true vaporizer, the Cloud Pen Chloris delivers undeniable power for such a small dry herb vaporizer.

It features a state of the art heating technology that ensures that your select materials are vaporized to perfection in about 60 seconds. This supremely constructed portable dry herb pen vaporizer is outfitted with a crisp digital OLED display that allows you to see all the information you need all at once. It is equipped with the revolutionary memory function and is powered by a powerful 2200mAh battery.

The Cloud Pen Chloris Vaporizer is a vape goddess in the guise of a slim and portable unit. You can never go wrong with the Chloris.


Sleek And Portable Design

The Cloud Pen Chloris features a sleek and portable design which allows you to vape stealthily and discreetly, this means you get to enjoy the most flavorful and most intense clouds of vapor that are tasty and robust at the same time.

Having its name taken from the goddess of flowers, Chloris looks like a true deity. It’s more than just your usual portable dry herb pen vaporizer. The exterior of the Cloud Pen Chloris sports a matte black finish that does not only look sleek and sophisticated it also provides extra comfort while taking the Chloris in the palm of your hands. Aesthetically, the Chloris is the epitome of perfection, the buttons are laid out perfectly well that your fingers comfortably fits right in. Using the Cloud Pen Chloris is the perfect definition of precise ergonomic engineering, this portable pen type dry herb vaporizer triangular shape gives your hands the snuggest fit, preventing unnecessary slips.

Its small construction allows the Cloud Pen Chloris to be easily stashed away in your pocket, purse or bag, extremely perfect for vaping on the go. The Cloud Pen Chloris is simply captivating, a befitting name for a portable pen type dry herb vaporizer whose beauty can only be matched by that of a goddess. The Cloud Pen Chloris is simply irresistible.


Top Notch Performance

The Cloud Pen Chloris can produce clouds of vapor that can suit your taste, it offers a variety of means for you to vape and enjoy your dry herb strains. The Chloris has a temperature range of 350-430°F, giving you the freedom to choose the right temperature setting for your delicate taste depending on your vaping needs.

If you want bigger, chunky clouds of vapor then switch to a higher temperature setting. It ensures the production of stronger and more vigorous hits. The lower temperature settings on the other hand gives out a more subtle yet smoother vapors that preserves the flavor quality of your select dry herb strains.

Its masterfully tuned heat settings is perfectly complemented by Chloris’ high performance ceramic heating chamber. Instead of using combustion method like most portable pen type dry herb vaporizers, the Cloud Pen Chloris uses a high grade heating chamber to ensure your dry herbs are evenly vaporized through convection. This results to the best tasting clouds of vapor with the purest clouds without the dirty taste of burnt herb.

The Cloud Pen Chloris is simply divine.


What’s in the box:

  • 1 x Cloud Pen Chloris Vaporizer
  • 3 x Mouth Guard
  • 1 x Scooping Tool
  • 1 x Cleaning Brush Tools
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x AC Adapter
  • 1 x Micro USB Retractable Wire

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Ask a Question
  • What is the temperature range on the Chloris?

    Matthew, this vaporizer has a temperature range of 350F-430F. Thank you for asking.

  • Is this vaporizer also for wax pens?

    Louis, the Cloud Pen Chloris Vaporizer is specifically designed for dry herbs. Thanks for asking.

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