Snoop Dogg Pounds Spaceship Water Pipe

Brand: Snoop Dogg

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  • Designed by Snoop Dogg
  • Borosilicate Glass
  • Superb Construction Quality
  • Extremely Stable Base
  • Includes Quartz Nail & Bucket
  • Custom Glass Dabber

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About the Snoop Pounds Spaceship Water Pipe

The Snoop Pounds Spaceship Water Pipe emphasizes how small but terrible glass bong really is most especially on your bong session. Made by the known herbalist and Hollywood celebrity rapper is Snoop Dogg’s intergalactic themed glass water pipes that will surely take you to outer space with its “out of this world” glass pipe experience.


High Quality Glass

With its Superb Construction Quality, it is made of the premium and state of the art borosilicate glass that is very durable specifically with high heat temperature when you are cooking your chosen dry herbs and waxy oils every time. As you extract the most out of your favorite dabs or flowers, you would never need to worry about how your bowl or bucket can withstand the heat as the borosilicate glass is exclusively made for absorbing high heat temperature.


Two is better than one

Even if the Snoop Pounds Spaceship water pipe is the smallest of the series, thinking it cannot give out its maximum potential would be something that should not enter into an idea. The Spaceship Water Pipe by Snoop Dogg carries the ability off catering both waxy oils concentrate and your chosen finely ground herbs and flowers for a much versatile punch for the market. It is already packed with a nail, a dome and a bucket that you can use and interchange depending on how you want to use you glass bong or your bong pipe for your deep and cool sesh.


Easy to use

Just fill the glass water pipe enough water to just past the diffusion disc inside the bubbler. Apply wax concentrate to the glass dabber then heat the quartz nail or honeybucket. Apply the dome if you are using the nail, then apply concentrate to nail head or inside honeybucket as you inhale.



  • 1 x Snoop Pounds Spaceship Oil Rig
  • 1 x Quartz Domed Nail
  • 1 x Quartz Honeybucket
  • 1 x Storage Case
  • 1 x Glass Dabber

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