Phoenician Grinder For Sale

About Phoenician

Grinding with precision, power and style is what Phoenician focuses to achieve. With its high grade steel body and its unique design, it would perfectly be one of the best grinders that ever existed. The great thing about the grinders from the Phoenician collection is that these are heavy and well-built grinders that definitely performs well as you use it with your herbs and flowers making it as finely as possible. It is also equipped with a good grip body that is easily handheld as you do the twist and turns maneuver with every herbs and flowers you use it to. To know how great the grinder is, it should surely give you a result of a super fine and well ground material which Phoenician produces with its top of the line grinder selection. As it gives you a powerful performance and an impressive design, it also has different fun colors to choose from which would also fit best to the mood and personality of the user. You can also have it interchanged with different colors to arrive with a much more playful feel. Phoenician wants to make sure that it caters all their customers’ needs by giving them different varieties of sizes and kinds of grinder to choose from.

Phoenician breaks all stereotypes of what usually a grinder looks and performs like with its unique and highly efficient grinding body that is far different from other grinders in the market with the same class. What’s more amazing with the grinders that Phoenician manufactures are the large ones having a paper rolling holder on the top of the lid that could also work as an ashtray as you make your own herb cigarette. Phoenician not only caters vaporizers or bongs in that matter but also cannabis cigarettes that are also enjoyable especially for herbalists in the market. The Phoenician Grinder with Paper Holder is the best example that you can use.

As Phoenician started in the market, it didn’t stay long to be a stranger to users in the market as it made its name popularly known very quickly with its awesome features that users will surely love.


Plus one

Not all grinders in the market has a 4 piece part body built that lets you screen your finely ground herbs and flowers slowly and that also works to have a chamber for its storage. The Phoenician Grinder – 4 piece carries that ability. With this feature, Phoenician has its plus one point to being the best as it is considered to deliver the best experience there is since it does not only screen and filter your herbs but it also can be used as a portable storage for your ground herbs. It works perfectly for people who usually travel and wants to go vaping on the go as these grinders are small and compact that just needs enough space as you travel with it.


No thread for easy access

Another added asset and feature of the grinders from Phoenician is its magnetic lid that makes the lid and the body attached well for better hold and better grinding outcome. The lower part of the body and the chamber also uses no thread to lock it up eliminating having the thread loose with several uses making the grinder not usable anymore.