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About PHIX 

PHIX Vaporizers are a new player in the vaping industry in general, especially because the platform from which their vaporizers use is likewise fairly new. PHIX began sometime in the middle of 2016 where pod-based vaporizers have been introduced into the market and have slowly gained momentum as a viable consumption method especially when it comes to nicotine-based e-liquid use. The pod-based platform is home only to a few brands whom we can consider as premium vape devices which can offer premium vaping experience and PHIX is one of them.  

Phix Logo

PHIX Vaporizers see themselves as innovators, you go to give it to them because they know and they recognize that the pod-based platform was here before the company’s inception. Unlike other companies that claim they started a certain technology, PHIX Vaporizer only claims that they started a revolution; changing the way we see and use pod-based vaporizers altogether. Still, a lofty claim is you ask us but they can back it up with products that speak for themselves. PHIX Vaporizers have taken just the right time to research and develop a vaping device best suited for the delivery of e-juices and other e-liquid blends.  

Unlike how botanicals and extracts are vaporized, e-juices and e-liquids require a more delicate process. Much attention is given to flavor making it the ideal material for connoisseurs. Furthermore, unlike herbs or concentrates, e-liquids offer not only a slew but a wide spectrum of flavors; from fruity ones to minty ones to that of unique to tobacco – the possibilities are endless.   

PHIX Vaporizers create and manufacture pod vaporizers. What are pod vaporizers you may ask?  

Pod Vaporizers 

Throughout the years, pod-based vaporizers have caught many names like pod vapes, pod-based system, and mini vapes. They all refer to one type of vaporizer, these vaporizers are arguably the smallest and the most compact ones we know of to date. They’re thinner even when compared to vape pens, they have a lighter weight, plus they’re less complicated to use. Let’s look at the pod vaporizer’s anatomy to have a clear idea of how they’re different from the traditional vaporizer. 


Pod vaporizers are ideally composed of only fewer parts. Let’s take the PHIX Vaporizer as an example, it consists mainly of a PHIX a battery and a PHIX pod; add the PHIX charger if you want to but you really can’t consider the charger as an actual part. So, with only two parts to work with, pod-based vaporizers quickly took the market by storm, having been the most convenient means of vaping many of those who consume nicotine were immediately drawn to using pod vapes. They now see no reason to keep on dripping e-liquids on RDAs or to lug around large tanks like DRTAs. Pod vaporizers offered a lighter, sleeker, sexier, and more compact means of vaping.  

One of the most obvious characteristics of a pod vape is, of course, a pod. Instead of using a heating element or an atomizer made with rods, wicks, or coils, they use a specialized heating element that’s a scaled down version of our traditional vaporizer atomizers. While they are obviously smaller, they’re in no means lesser or inferior when it comes to performance. Nevertheless, they produce decent clouds of vapor with great flavor retention as these heating elements were designed to do so. The people who work for PHIX knows this so they began formulating pods that’s small on size but big on flavor and vapor. PHIX started their own line of flavored pods to go with PHIX devices. PHIX saw this as an opportunity because of the lack of viable flavored e-liquid on the market at that time. E-liquids were either too week or too strong for their liking. Like many other successful vaporizer manufacturers, PHIX Vaporizers also began because of a lack of standards in the platform. They wanted to give the consumers and the industry in general with a good quality e-liquid and to go with it, good-quality pods and batteries.  

Pod vaporizers were ideally created for smokers to give them an experience in taking in nicotine that’s very similar to that of a conventional cigarette. This is why pod vapes are designed in the form of a stick with a pod sitting on top of it. It looked more like a long flash drive than an actual cigarette but consumers rolled with it and soon came to love it. Because they’re lightweight, pod vaporizers can easily be carried with you wherever you go. Today you can see people vaping on their pod vapes on coffee shops, tea houses, even in restaurants, basically everywhere where smoking is permitted, you can see one rocking a pod vape and I bet you can find one of them vaping on a PHIX.  

How PHIX Changed the Game 

While vaping with pod-based vaporizers themselves are revolutionary, the earlier versions of pod vaporizers only offered a small amount of space for storing batteries and e-liquids. Many consumers who were using felt that it can still be improved and the folks behind PHIX felt the same way too. They designed their devices in a way that it could offer more storage space and battery life two of the most important features on pod-based vaporizers. To do that without having to alter the best things about a pod-based vaporizer (size and weight) was truly challenging.  


One of the main differences between PHIX Vaporizers is its shape. Many of the known brands that manufacture pod vapes have straight and linear builds. PHIX Vaporizers, on the other hand, built theirs in the shape of a rhombus. This way they have managed to increase the size of both the battery and the pod for better capacity. This meant that they can increase their device’s capacity while still preserving the most appropriate weight and size for a pod vaporizer and not going overboard with basically coming up with a large device.  

The PHIX stands only at about over 4 inches tall, only 0.3 inches taller than the average pod-based vaporizer. Here’s the huge pay-off; pod size is 1.5 ml, over twice the loading capacity of some of the biggest names in the platform. This means you can carry twice the amount of e-liquid for longer vaping sessions and fewer instances where you have to reload or buy another pod. To top that off, as a complimentary adjustment to having larger capacity pods, the PHIX Vaporizer sports a 320mAh battery giving you longer battery life so you can vape for days. Other pod vaporizers only offer 200mAh of battery life so you basically get more with PHIX.  

PHIX, as well as many other consumers, soon discovered that in pod-based vaporizers, adding a little size can actually mean more for both the consumers and the manufacturers. Ine perfect example is the increased battery life and increased pod capacity. For one, having a larger pod capacity means that you’re getting the value of two pods if you’re used to using a .7 ml pod. Think of it this way, a .7 ml pod will be consumed easily. Once finished, you will have to purchase another pod to put into your vaporizer. If you have a pod twice the capacity, you’re able to use twice the amount of e-liquid and only pay for the cost of one pod shell. In batteries, having a battery with a larger capacity will also be beneficial since you wouldn’t have to recharge your batteries every so often. Batteries tend to weaken when you overcharge it, because you’re always on-the-go and wouldn’t have enough time to track the progress of how your batteries are getting charged, you run the risks of overcharging your device. A battery with a longer battery life will allow you to take enough time to charge your device in longer intervals. Let’s see. A battery with 200mAh capacity will charge in about 20 minutes while PHIX batteries will charge in about 40 minutes, this leaves you enough time to set the battery for charging and prepare for when you need to remove it. You don’t want to charge your device and get caught needing to unplug it but you can’t cause you’re in the middle of doing something. Having longer charging times may turn out to be advantageous at all and 40 minutes is just the right amount of time to charge a device while doing something else like reading, laundry, or cooking.  

The Start of the PHIX Revolution 

PHIX is a brand that cares about the industry itself. They focus their efforts on creating devices that maintain the lifestyle of people who now switch to using a vaporizer and forgoing conventional smoke. Many of today’s vape users are previous smokers who have had to quit because of physical health conditions or social situations. They’ve found solace in using vaporizers because vaporizers like the products sold by PHIX offers nicotine administration without its negative effects. One of the most common and most lethal effects of smoking are lung-related issues. This is because cigarette smoke carries thousands of chemicals and toxic by-products some of which are known to cause cancer.  

To give these individuals with better vaping devices, PHIX worked closely with professionals, enthusiasts, and almost anyone in the industry that wanted to improve the closed system and create a better world for those wanting to try the pod-based platform.  

With the help of these individuals, PHIX had the necessary information it needed to create the best pod-based vaporizer. PHIX wanted to incorporate the elements of sensation, flavor, convenience, and form factor. A practical innovation to give the consumers a reliable vaporizer at an affordable price. Imagine having a pod-based vaporizer that can offer twice as much as other devices can but comes at half of their price. Their vaporizer products can achieve as much as vaporizers twice its price can and take you to places they can too at half the price. You’d think that vaporizers that cost cheaper are less adequate, but PHIX proves it is wrong. They use the best technology to ensure that the materials are properly heated and are uniformly vaporized. They do this not only to remain at the forefront of the industry but also to provide the industry with a choice instead of only going by what the market dictates.  

What’s good about PHIX is that they themselves know that because of how convenient pod-based vaping is, they can easily be picked up by minors who may use pod-based vaporizers as s gateway to smoking. To prevent this from happening, PHIX constantly works with organizations to prevent underage smoking. Their products are targeted towards more mature smokers, those who are trying to quit and are trying to find a healthier alternative to what they were accustomed to.  

As PHIX says, their mission is to change the world – one smoker at a time. Let’s take a look at what separated PHIX Vaporizers from the rest of the competition.  

Build Quality 

In any other equipment, build quality is important. The same goes for vaporizers. How strong and how durable the vaporizer is will be as important to how convenient and how practical it is. A vaporizer made with poor quality materials will easily break; however, a vaporizer made using high-quality components will stand the test of time proving itself to be a sound investment. PHIX wants to prove that the latter can be achieved even when the overall costs of the product are deemed affordable.  


For those who are conscious about the device’s build quality, you can rest assured since PHIX Vaporizers are designed and are engineered in Los Angeles, United States, under the strict supervision of their research and design team. Unlike other pod-based vaporizers designed by individuals who don’t know about how we vape and are from skeptical locations, PHIX Vaporizers feature the brilliant engineering from minds based in American soil. The innovative flow of how these devices are crafted are obvious expressions of our culture making PHIX the perfect for the modern-day American gentleman.  

PHIX vaporizers use the best raw materials today’s industries can offer. To complement the class of raw materials used in manufacturing, PHIX follows strict standards in assembly and overall facility management. As a result, all their products have achieved and are branded safe for use by some of the industry’s established organizations. They have received certification from RoHS and EMC and continue to subject their products to rigorous inspection and testing.  

Premium E-Liquid 

phix podsPHIX Vaporizers not only pride themselves in creating some of the best pod-based vaporizers in the industry but also in brewing the best e-liquids on the market today. They’ve partnered up with Brewell, one of the biggest names in the e-liquid industry, to craft and brew their proprietary e-liquids.  

PHIX uses a closed loop system which means that their pods come pre-filled with their own formulation of e-liquid. For the true connoisseur, using pre-filled pods means that they’re getting the best quality e-liquids especially when compared to refilling your own pods with an e-liquid you purchased somewhere online. Having to buy products from a well-known company specializing in crafting nicotine-based e-liquids. All the flavored e-liquids made by Brewell are specifically crafted for PHIX pods. Brewell makes sure that the consistency and the viscosity of the e-liquids fit the specification of how PHIX pods are made. PHIX uses a temperature-controlled algorithm which ensures that the pods can deliver maximum output at any given time. This means that the e-liquids have to keep up with the configuration of the pods and its ability to yield maximum results on every pull. The key is the porous ceramic coils used by PHIX in their pods to deliver vapors that retain the flavors of the e-liquids. Brewell, with its experience in crafting e-liquids, has all the know-how to brew the correct e-liquid that will match PHIX’s closed loop pod system.  

All PHIX pods have approximately 5% of nicotine by weight in each 1.5 ml pod. This means that each pod can be likened to 2 packs of cigarettes that are rated to yield 400 puffs per pod. PHIX and Brewell take advantages of the closed-loop system as it ensures that each PHIX pod maximizes its ability to retain and preserve flavor and nicotine potency. PHIX acknowledges some of the factors that play around storage and its ability to affect the overall quality of the e-liquid inside the pods. PHIX suggests that consumers keep their pods in a dry environment at room temperature. This is because even the pods do not have an expiration date, some consumers may experience a natural decrease in flavor after a year of not having to use or open the pods. The fact that this can happen to pods running on a closed loop system means that people using refillable pods may have higher chances of having a decrease of quality when left unused for a certain amount of time. The thing with closed-loop systems is that they’re not refillable. This means that the e-liquids inside the pods are sealed and will have very little to no chance of getting exposed to the elements let alone to other microorganisms that may affect the overall quality of the e-liquid. When you’re using a refillable pod system, you have to open the pods with your own e-liquids, either you purchase an e-liquid or you brew your own, you may run the risk of having to expose the materials and the pod itself to substances that will make its way inside the pod resulting to spoilage which will then make the pod and the e-liquids a waste of your time, effort, and money.  

Because PHIX pods use ceramic-based heating elements, the e-liquids tend to be more flavorful than other pods on the market that use fibrous wicked-based heating elements. When you use fibrous wicks, they may absorb the e-liquids but they’re also susceptible to having to run into the trouble of getting burned should they get heated over time. This will affect the flavor of your e-liquids and you may have to replace the e-liquid or the pod altogether because the vapors the pods produce will no longer be fit for inhalation. Using ceramic as a heating element has gained wide popularity in wax concentrate consumption platforms because of its ability to facilitate low and slow heating. This means that the materials, in this case, the e-liquids, will be heated slowly causing more of the flavors to be extracted instead of just having to produce large amounts of vapor and have a significant decrease in flavor. Furthermore, because of the inert properties of ceramic, it will less likely run into the trouble of burning making it a solid choice for heating elements, especially in pods. They produce smooth vapors that have high retention in flavor.  

PHIX Products 

VapeActive is proud to carry PHIX products, we love how PHIX delivers high-quality pod-based vaporizers at such an affordable price point which is something we know customers want based on our extensive experience as an online vape store. PHIX emanates the value we seek to accomplish allowing many of today’s vape users to achieve superior quality vaping experience at an affordable price.  

Here are some PHIX products you’ll find our collection.  

PHIX Vaporizer 

PHIX Vaporizers are a complete system which includes all the essentials you’ll need to get yourself going. VapeActive carries both the Starter Kit and the Basic Kit version. The PHIX Basic Kit consists of the actual PHIX vaporizer (the battery) and PHIX charger while the Starter Kit includes a pack of PHIX pods apart from the PHIX Vaporizer and the PHIX charger. The PHIX Basic Kit is a package aimed towards consumers who want to try different flavored e-liquids mainly because it allows you to purchase the PHIX pods separately. The PHIX Basic Kit allows you to explore with the PHIX pods and try out all the flavors either because you don’t want to develop vaper’s tongue or until you find a flavor that suits you best. The PHIX Basic Kit is best for more advanced users who like to switch things up and try different flavors. On the other hand, the PHIX Starter Kit is aimed for individuals who are just getting into pod vaping. This is best for beginners and vape newcomers because the PHIX Starter Kit gives them an inclusive PHIX pod for them to try out.  

All PHIX Vaporizers are made using the best materials today’s industry can offer. It’s outfitted with a 320mAh battery rated to yield 220 puffs in a single charge. This larger battery capacity allows you to enjoy longer vaping sessions without having to recharge your battery every now and then. This is great for smokers and those trying to quit because one of the most common issues for relapse is having to fight your cravings when your vaporizer is out of battery. This leads many smokers who use vaporizers as an alternative to reach out for a pack of cigarettes because the very devices they rely on for safe nicotine delivery does not hold enough battery. You either wait for your battery to charge or if there’s no means to charge your device, you just sit there without any means to satisfy your cravings so you reach out for a pack of cigarette or just bum cigarettes from your friends or co-workers. This is why having a pod-based vaporizer with a larger battery capacity is beneficial for many consumers. Another benefit of using the PHIX Vaporizer is its ability to provide regulated temperature for each of your draws. A high-quality chipset is used on each PHIX Vaporizer to provide consumers with regulated temperature each time they pull from the pod. This only means that the battery will ensure you never get to burn or damage your pods and most importantly that you get the same exact result every time you take a drag from your vaporizer. With this technology, the PHIX Vaporizer provides consistent results every time.  

PHIX Vaporizers are draw activated devices. This means that they have no physical buttons whatsoever and that the heating element is activated only when you take a pull from the mouthpiece. This is one of the main reasons why consumers have switched to not only to pod-based vaporizers but to PHIX Vaporizers as well. Having no buttons on your vaporizer not only makes vaping, in general, more convenient but safer especially when you always keep your vaporizer in your pocket. Many vape users state that the common problem they encountered when using their vaporizers are accidental misfires especially if they forgot to turn their devices off when keeping them in their pockets should they go out and about. The buttons on a portable vaporizer can get pressed to other objects when you keep it in your pockets or in your bag, this is why using a vaporizer with no buttons will ensure you never run into this problem again. Furthermore, you can save battery life with a draw activated vaporizers because they simply remain idle when not in use and therefore consume very little battery in this state.  

PHIX Pods 

In conjunction with PHIX batteries, PHIX developed a closed loop proprietary pod system. The PHIX pods are sold in packs of four and come in various flavors. All e-liquids in the pods are brewed and crafted by Brewell. They use a proprietary formulation specifically designed and engineered for the PHIX pods.  

All PHIX pods contain 1.5 ml of e-liquid, arguably twice the capacity of pods offered by some of today’s largest pod-based vaporizer brands. By offering twice the size of the average pod, PHIX pods allow consumers who use the closed-loop system to save money making the overall experience of using PHIX pods and vaporizers an efficient means of nicotine delivery lasting twice as much as other pods on the market today. Moreover, these pods work together with the actual device battery in monitoring the temperature of the actual pod. This means that the heat that the pods produce is regulated to the optimal level so the amount of flavor and the amount of vapor it produces is consistent and stable. Those who use vaporizers know well enough that temperature plays a huge role in vapor production. Temperature basically affects how much vapor is produced and essentially how much flavor is retained in the vapor. While it’s true that the heating element acts as the catalyst for heat and also plays a major role in vaporization, the level of heat can determine if you will have visible clouds of vapor or if you have thin wisps of vapor. Because of the intelligent optimization of the temperature in the battery, it can sense when the wick is dry and it will reduce the power to keep the vapor smooth and cool for a truly satisfying experience. PHIX knows that each individual will have a different type of style when they vape, others will prefer to take their inhalation slow and subtle while others like pulling from their vaporizers hard and fast. When you take low and slow drags you allow the coils to heat up slowly with increasing temperature levels the longer your draw. This creates a similar smooth vapor production because of how steady the materials are heated. Those who suck on the mouthpiece hard and fast creates a pace that dries out the wick. While other pods will easily burn out their wicks, the ceramic heating element not only stays inert but is helped by the temperature calibration the PHIX battery offers. This ensures you don’t get a dry hit that will irritate the lungs and the throat.  

Each pod offers a good amount of resistance to make sure that every pull is as comfortable and as natural as having to take a drag from an actual cigarette. Consumers can select from a wide variety of flavored e-liquids that are all satisfying. PHIX pods come in flavors of Butterscotch, Hard Strawberry, Ice Tobacco, Original Tobacco, and Spearmint. PHIX pods provide all types of consumers with a flavor they can get on board with giving them the experience they won’t get anywhere else.