Levo Oil Infuser

Brand: Levo

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  • Sleek And Discreet
  • Precise Time And Temperature Controls
  • Capacitive Touchscreen
  • Automatic Dispensing And Filtration
  • Magnetic Laboratory Stirring
  • Child Lock
  • Dishwasher Safe Components

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About Levo Oil Infuser

The Levo Oil Infuser allows you to extract the flavors and properties of your select dry herb strains and allow you to use them either to vape or infuse them with delectable edibles, all at the touch of a button. There’s no other product in the market quite like it.

The Levo Oil Infuser allows you to infuse oil and butter with the unique and flavorful essence of choice dry herbs, fruits and other ingredients through this one of a kind device. Enjoy the same distinctive flavors and potency of your choice materials with almost every recipe you could think of, the possibilities are incredibly endless.

This unique infuser will happily sit on your kitchen counter and will definitely pass as just another coffee maker in your shelf. Though under the guise of an everyday equipment, the Levo Oil Infuser is an indispensable tool for all bud enthusiasts. The Levo Oil Infuser is a revolutionary kitchen product that is considered a breakthrough in the natural wellness industry. It takes the consumption of herbs and other ingredients into a more mainstream section where more and more consumers can enjoy the benefits of infused products right at the comfort and convenience of their own home. It’s simple and easy, you’ll never find a more suitable tool like the Levo Oil Infuser.


Sleek And Discreet Design

This Oil Infuser device from Levo is designed to take the size of a one pot coffee maker, it easily blends in with your other kitchen appliances. It comes in four different colors to match your kitchen space: Charcoal, Rose Gold, Black and Avocado. The sophisticated color schemes might give the Levo Oil Infuser an elegant and a costly look, but in truth, the Levo Oil Infuser is an economical and inexpensive way to enjoy and infuse your materials to an endless variety of implementation. The Levo Oil Infuser will look great in  your kitchen, a revolutionary device that won't break the budget.

Because of its size, the Levo Oil Infuser will not crowd your countertop, storage is not an issue thanks to its superior design, the power cord has its own cord wrap at the back for a clutter free look after every use.

The Levo Oil Infuser uses only high quality materials that are kitchen grade stainless steel. It means that the components used in the Levo Oil Infuser is highly durable, easy to sanitize and is corrosion resistant to most acids found in meats, milk, fruits and vegetables. Thanks to these qualities that altogether set the high grade kitchen stainless steel apart from other materials, you’ll be sure no chemicals can migrate into your food and other produce prepared using the Levo Oil Infuser. It also features BPA free silicone and high quality plastic materials which eliminates health risk through prolonged use and exposure, plus, it’s dishwasher safe.

Overall, the design of the Levo Oil Infuser gives it a discreet yet handsome appearance with an impressive and exceptional feel that won’t break the budget.

Easy To Operate

Not all of us are good in the kitchen, but regardless of your skillset you’ll soon find that the Levo Oil Infuser is surprisingly easy to use. It’s completely operated through a touchpad interface on the front of the machine.

It makes an uber complicated process an easy and an enjoyable task. With the Levo Oil Infuser, you are sure of what exactly you put in and what you’re going to get at the end of the infusion process. With the Levo Oil Infuser you’ll have complete control over your recipes, it has no preset time settings which lets you decide how you’d like to cook your materials. To top it all off, this Oil Infuser features a stat of the art gentle infusion method that won’t aerate your ingredients, faithfully preserving its flavor and potency while increasing its shelf life. You can never go wrong with the Levo Oil Infuser.


What’s in the box:

  • 1 x Levo Oil Infuser
  • 1 x Stir Stick
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Magnetic Material Strainer

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