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Kanger Toptank Nano
KangerTech Toptank Nano
Regular price $39.99
Kanger Toptank Mini
KangerTech Toptank Mini
Regular price $49.99
Kanger SSOCC Coils with Box
KangerTech SSOCC Coils
Regular price $19.50
Kanger OCC Subtank Coils with Box
KangerTech OCC Subtank Coils
Regular price $19.50
Kanger Protank 2 Atomizers
KangerTech Protank 2 Atomizers
Regular price $11.99
Kanger Dual Coil Atomizers
KangerTech Dual Coil Atomizers
Regular price $17.99
Kanger Mini Protank 3
KangerTech Mini Protank 3
Regular price $14.99



The Kangertech Vaporizer Parts

Kangertech has been one of the more favored labels in e-juice and e-liquid consumption. They are most famous for their innovative mods that are equipped with state of the are technology and are designed with unique, contemporary style. Kangertech vapes are synonymous to top tier performance, nothing less could be expected from a company with industry standard qualifications. Based in Shenzhen, China, the Kangertech team aims to improve the overall experience of e-cig aficionados and be the foremost option in e-juice and e-liquid consumption.

Releasing units that are extremely functional as well as powerful, Kangertech seems to have mastered the art of customization when it comes to box mods especially with these units. Kangertech knows that in order to maintain the distinctive attributes of their vaporizers one has to be able to replace them with equally unique parts. VapeActive carries a wide array of parts and accessories from Kangertech like the Kangertech Toptank Mini, an upgraded version of their original Subtank Mini and features a new top fill component while still keeping the 510 threaded end. The replacement units from Kangertech are designed to increase the lifespan an improve the overall performance of their vaporizers.


Transcending Boundaries

Kangertech ensures the production of their replacement units are supervised and are maintained with the utmost care. They strive for the perfect end result which is why they use high-quality materials like highly sanitary food-grade substances in the production of their replacement pieces, an effort to promote healthy e-juice consumption and ensure the overall quality of replaceable parts. They even go beyond the point of actual parts replacement by offering upgradable firmware support to their box mod customers.