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About KandyPens

With its versatility, KandyPens Vaporizers presented all of you with vaporizers that are compatible to all. You can enjoy your KandyPens in full satisfaction as it offers wax vaporizers, dry herb vaporizers and e – juice vaporizers that is perfect for different market and users that they cater. It also comes with a sleek and compact built as it promotes the fantastic delivery of how portability benefits its users. A portable vaporizer is what all users are looking for, thus, letting KandyPens to be one of the top in the pedestal of the most searched for within the vape market industry. At this point, you will totally regret not having at least one of their most popular products like KandyPens Galaxy,  KandyPens Gravity or their latest release, KandyPens RUBI.

Coming from its name, almost all the pen vaporizer that are included in the KandyPens collection and series are all available in cute and enticing colors that would definitely fix your mood and would be perfect to match you depending on your personality. That is what KandyPens Vaporizers are known and famous for. You can even collect all of the colors which you can also interchange in using for a more elegant and stylish bring when you vape. These kinds of vaporizers are the best to flaunt with friends or even people in public places which primarily attracts with a kick all of the style – chasers vape users that also gives importance to style and design.


User Friendly Technology

KandyPens Vaporizers creators knows perfectly how to treat their customers with comfort and convenience. With almost all the vaporizers that is from its collection and series, it has been a trend to have a one button technology to operate these awesome vaporizer pens. With just a single button, you can already toggle through the system selection as you enjoy your vaporizer in just a few clicks. All of its features are just a click away eliminating the need of more buttons to select just to get your desired experience. This is perfect for newbies that are just starting out vaping.



You may have noticed that most of the collection that KandyPens made available are all in a pen style type of vaporizers. That is because KandyPens Vaporizers wants to make sure that as easy as 1.. 2.. 3! You can have a grab and go pen vape that works perfect for an on – the – go user. Anywhere and anytime, you can now enjoy your vaping session as it comes with the ability of enjoying your session even when you are far away or on a busy day schedule. Not only that, even when you bring your vape in a public crowd, people won’t even notice you too much as your KandyPen portable vaporizer can be easily concealed in one hand and can also be easily kept inside your pocket for a more transportable element.



KandyPens Vaporizer comes with a stylish and fun persuade as it comes with a durable and strong body built but with a light and colorful variations of colors that you can choose from.