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About JUUL

JUUL, or JUUL Labs, is an e-cigarette brand that manufactures vape products of the same name. Although JUUL was a product of PAX Labs, another vaporizer manufacturer famous for their portable devices, JUUL have managed to emerge from its parent company and made a name for its own through the world’s iconic e-cigarette, the JUUL.


JUULs are an instant hit and went on to sell hundreds, if not thousands, of units in its release. Advertised as THE smoking alternative, JUULs were made not in the likeness and shape of a traditional cigarette (using nicotine-based e-liquids) as all conventional e-cigs are, but are fashioned in a way that it would look trendier and more modern than older e-cigarette versions. JUUL introduced what could be the very first rendition of a pod system.



JUUL e-cigs are housed in a small and compact body made out of lightweight and durable aluminum. The whole pod system, when assembled, measures at around 9.48 centimeters or a little less than 4 inches. This made the JUUL pod system to be the ultimate portable e-cigarette allowing consumers to easily stash a JUUL in their pocket.


The JUUL e-cig has a sophisticated look, the kind that speaks to a customer’s senses and tells it its worth. It has the look of a premium unit which is why it’s considered by many as the iPhone of e-cigarettes.


The JUUL e-cig vaporizer was made to be an easy and straightforward means of consuming nicotine. It’s an all-inclusive system that does not require any kind of preparation. The pods come in pre-filled, the battery has no buttons, the heating element is draw activated. Everything that the JUUL e-cigarette has to offer it offers in an uncomplicated and rudimentary manner.

JUULWe can all say that they did it right because, to this day, JUUL vaporizers are still a relevant component of nicotine delivery and a lot of vape manufacturers have followed suit in terms of design and engineering since JUULs have had utter success because of its ability to perform and function amidst its small and compact form factor. It was so much of a sellout that the word JUULING became Oxford Dictionaries’ “weekly word watch” on March 30, 2018. It became such a trend that all over social medial sites, the hashtag #JUULING became popular that it reached a substantial number of tweets it blew the internet and became mainstream. More so, JUUL proved to be more than just a fad since it continued to make waves not only in social media but especially to the market it was geared at – adult smokers.

Many saw JUUL e-cigarette as it was in its real and raw form. An escape for smokers, a sort of a recourse from the negative effects of smoking. A way to continue to enjoy nicotine without the nasty smell, without the pesky ashes, without the environmentally harmful filter, without the health risks. JUUL opened a door for adult smokers to find a viable alternative to conventional smoking.

The Makings of The Smoking Alternative

The problem with smoking cigarette lies at the core of the habit itself. The combustion of plant matter that transform dried tobacco leaves into smoke. Cigarette smoke contains an average of more than 7000 harmful chemicals. Over 400 of them are toxic and a few more are known carcinogens. The main addictive proponent of cigarette, nicotine, is not a cancer-causing compound. While it’s not as harmful as other chemicals found in a cigarette smoke, its ability to cause addiction is one of the reasons many have been hooked and find it hard to drop the habit altogether.

Both Adam Bowen and James Monsees, co-founders of the JUUL brand, were former smokers who had a hard time looking for an alternative to smoking. They continued to search for a solution that would let them, and many other smokers, continue to enjoy and experience the sensations of smoking without having to face its negative effects. With their strong background in industrial design, they, and a couple of other individuals came up with JUUL.

Today, JUUL is used by many individuals in the adult smoking community as a way to rid themselves of the bad and hazardous effects of traditional smoke and chose a safer and a healthier alternative that is JUUL. 

JUUL and the FDA 

While JUUL has had success the majority of the time after its release, it also had gone though some rough patches but manage to pull through and continue to succeed – just like all successful businesses are.

Since the release of JUUL products, and its wide array of flavored e-liquid pods, it has then attracted and piqued the curiosity of adolescents who we drawn to the allure of JUUL. In 2018, reports of youth passing out on school grounds and campus restrooms have surfaced and concerned parents and authorities alike. This led to having the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) stepping in and conducting their own investigation on the matter. JUUL devices and pods use nicotine salt preparations instead of free-base nicotine. Nicotine salts or nic-salts (protonated nicotine), is not as harsh as conventional free-base nicotine which is why consumers (especially teenage JUUL users) consume more nicotine that they’re aware of. Furthermore, the device itself aims to deliver peak nicotine doses in five minutes.

In April of the same year, the FDA requested documents from JUUL Labs to understand the matter at hand. JUUL Labs as well as other e-juice vape manufacturers have had discussions with the FDA which resulted to the eventual withdrawal of JUUL products in several marketplaces and the withdrawal of several flavored e-liquid pods. The FDA ordered that they don’t want flavored e-liquid pods to be sold on convenience stores and gas station types of stores, the likes where adolescents can easily access and purchase e-juice vapes and e-liquid products. However, JUUL took it a step further by entirely pulling out flavored e-liquids and e-juices in stores even though the FDA did not completely rule it out and made that part somewhat of a grey area. To show JUUL Lab’s dedication, the also changed the way they marketed their products and avoided adolescent-centered marketing strategies, let alone those that appealed to the youth.

Combating Counterfeit

Because of their success, it was inevitable for JUULs to start shipping internationally. International demands increased the brand’s popularity making it easy target for counterfeiting. Fake JUUL vaporizers and fake JUUL pods started proliferating the market and had been the problem for JUUL Labs for a time. You can literally find dirt cheap JUUL for sale on shady online marketplaces and websites. Fake JUUL for sale online are often shown with blurry pictures or ones that were just grabbed from online picture repositories – making them harder to spot.

Counterfeit e-juice vape products are often made using cheap and substandard materials with production that’s least likely to be supervised, let alone to be subjected to a certain industry standard. The poor quality of fake JUUL products can befoul the name the brand has established. This is why JUUL started to take measures to how they can combat and prevent the production, moreover, the use of fake JUUL pods and batteries.

JUUL is committed to putting a stop to counterfeit goods although they know that it’s a long and arduous ordeal. Hence, JUUL Labs do not recommend purchasing any JUUL product from unauthorized retailers and sellers and warn customers not to get excited when they see cheap JUUL for sale. Moreover, each JUUL device has a serial number engraved onto it that consumers can check or register on JUUL’s website. The serial numbers on an authentic device is positioned on the opposite side of the LED light while the fake ones are usually positioned on the opposite side of the battery.

The Premium Difference

There are a lot of things separating fake JUUL batteries and fake JUUL pods from the original ones but the most noticeable distinction is the significant disparity in performance. This is all owed to the technology and engineering used in all original and authentic JUUL devices.

JUUL devices are made using only the best raw materials the industry has to offer. This includes high-quality lithium-ion batteries as well as high-grade circuit boards and pressure sensors for the firing mechanisms. For the pods, JUUL Labs uses only the best silica wicks and nichrome coil heaters and plastic components that are certified food-grade. All for the safety and security of the consumers and customers that depend on JUUL devices for nicotine delivery and for those trying to quit using JUUL e-cigs for nicotine therapy. The e-liquids, on the other hand, are made from safe raw materials and are brewed using proprietary means.

All these make the original JUUL devices truly a unique piece of e-cigarette technology. Each JUUL pod is rated to yield, at the very least, 200 puffs on a single charge. The flavored e-liquids now have varying nicotine strength; 3% and 5% per weight allowing consumers to choose not only from a variety of premium flavors but also from a selection of nicotine strengths to customize and personalize their sessions. JUUL pays close attention to user experience and thus delivered using a device that was entirely capable of doing so.

Why Choose JUUL

JUULApart from the fact that JUUL e-cig vaporizers are made from the best raw materials and have the best components altogether, it has been clear that in JUUL’s history that they are a brand with a plan, a company that shows resiliency amidst challenges and this says a lot about them and what the future holds for them. When searching for a product to buy, it’s pretty much like looking for a company to invest in. When you buy an e-cig or a vaporizer, you’re somewhat investing on the company itself. Imagine, you don’t want to buy a product whose company might go bankrupt in a matter of months, just where and to whom will you turn to when you need product support.

JUUL is a brand that promises stability, he likes that will be there for you for a long time with not intent of leaving the industry anytime soon. This is why a lot of online vape stores and online businesses attempt to strike a deal with JUUL. Whatever discounts they get out of their exclusive deals with the manufacturer, they pass on to customers in the form of coupon codes. Which is why you’ll see authorized resellers or legitimate businesses often have JUUL coupon codes to offer. IT’s also a way for many consumers to be drawn into buying original devices instead of counterfeits since a JUUL coupon code can cut off a portion of the price allowing consumers not only to save money which they can use to buy other stuff like JUUL pods. A JUUL coupon code often times come in the form of discounts, here at VapeActive, our JUUL coupon code entitles you to 10% off the price of batteries and kits while you can also get 5% off the price of parts.

Some of the best known apart from the actual JUUL parts is the JUUL Gem. The Gem is a set of accessories which can come as a rechargeable battery pack, or a magnetic USB charger. They all provide additional power to your JUUL device, especially when you’re using them on-the-go. It's easy to say that these accessories enhance JUUL’s already exceptional performance, allowing you to extend the overall lifespan of your device when you need it the most. This is another reason why many JUUL fans are excited to see what the future holds for JUUL. They always come up with new and exciting ideas to improve their customer’s encounter with JUUL e-cigs and enhance the overall experience of using one. Like the industry itself, JUUL Labs shows its patrons that they are an ever-evolving institution, ready to take on whatever challenges life throws at them and a way this ideology emanates from the company and resonates through their products and to their customers.