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The HorizonTech Vaporizer Parts

Horizon Technology is an enterprise wholly engaged in the production and development of electronic cigarettes and vaporizers. Horizon Technology invests a lot in researching and developing the technology of vaporizers, they say their engineers always say “No” to imperfection. Mainly due to this competitive standpoint in business Horizon Technology was able to come up with their first set of vaporizer parts.

The Horizon Arctic Bottom Turbine Dual Coil Atomizers features a BTDC (Bottom Turbine Dual Coil), the Bottom Turbine Dual Coils are said to revolutionize the way you vape. The Horizon Arctic Bottom Turbine Dual Coil Atomizers is an RDA (rebuildable dripping atomizer) which can be pushed to handle 100 watts of pure vapor power. It has dual Kanthal Wire coils which allows better vapor production which leans towards the generation of fat and highly visible vapor that closely mimics the density of real smoke. It’s got organic cotton wicks which absorbs juices  better and does not affect the flavor spectrum of your select materials.


The Horizon Looks Clear

The future looks clear for Horizon Technology as they spearhead the revolutionary innovation in atomizer technology. That’s why VapeActive is proud to carry products from Horizon Technologies, their Horizon Arctic Bottom Turbine Dual Coil Atomizers marks the beginning of a new breed of affordable vaporizer atomizers which delivers pure and intense power without having you pay the premium price. It allows smokers to transition from the harmful habit of smoking to a healthier electronic alternative.

Horizon Technologies envision their company “to be a respected industrial leader who provides customers with healthy and high quality products.” Because Horizon Technologies have many years of experience in the marketing industry they can purchase raw materials at a very low cost, hence, they produce cost effective merchandise which can match products twice its price.