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The HoneyStick Vaporizer Parts

HoneyStick is one of those companies that market their products as a lifestyle brand rather than a mere merchandise. That’s why the HoneyStick vaporizers are one of the most renowned name in the vaping industry. The HoneyStick brand is now closely synonymous to serious dabbing. Dab enthusiasts appreciate how HoneyStick products are dependable yet affordable, how they’re high tech and at the same time can easily be operated. It’s simply better than any other wax pen you’ve ever had.

Apart from their top shelf vaporizer units, HoneyStick have been known for their powerful atomizers that can easily be used and attached to any electronic box mod. The HoneyStick Ceramic Sub-Ohm Tank is one of the best examples of this innovative product.  The HoneyStick Ceramic Sub-Ohm Tank is 510 threaded so it easily attaches to any battery or box mod and turns it into a powerful and portable dab engine.

The HoneyStick Ceramic Sub-Ohm Tank features a 100% ceramic heating element which ensures no harmful elements can affect and can migrate to your precious wax concentrates. Moreover, it ensures the faithful preservation of the flavor spectrum of your select wax materials.


Performance Upgrade Parts

HoneyStick Boasts a line of powerful atomizers which cements HoneyStick as one of the best brands for wax consumption. Another addition to the HoneyStick league is the HoneyStick Oz Ohm Ground Material Tank. HoneyStick proved they’ve got game in both dry herb material consumption and the wax concentrate use. It’s similarly 510 threaded so it’ll fit your favorite box mods and batteries. It’s also compatible with sub-ohm resistance mods.

Durability and performance have been HoneyStick’s strongest suit, their atomizers feature strong Pyrex glass tanks that are made from premium borosilicate glass known to have high resistance to heat which ensures the glass piece will not break due to successive use.