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HipVap Mouthpiece Pack
HipVap Mouthpiece Pack
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The HipVap Vaporizer Parts

HipVap is an up and coming vaporizer company responsible for the extremely successful portable vaporizer, the HipVap Vaporizer. The HipVap Vaporizer are one of those who excel in the areas of discreetness. Due to its size and portability, the distinctive design of the HipVape is reminiscent of a wine flask which allows you to use the HipVap with ease without drawing too much attention.

Now out of the box, the HipVap vaporizer comes with a lot of accessories which increases the vaporizers value. However, one would have to note that no matter how careful you are with your stuff, you’re bound to have several pieces replaced or upgraded. Like ths mouthpiece for example, an essential part of every vaporizer mainly because it’s the main conduit from where you draw the vapors from the unit. No one likes to use dirty and worn out mouthpieces, you stick it in your mouth, you simply can’t accept anything apart from the best, besides dirty mouthpieces poses several health issues especially when you’re sharing your vapes. Good thing HipVap produces replacement parts for the HipVap Vaporizer.

The HipVap Mouthpiece Pack is a bundle of 6 mouthpieces for the HipVap Vaporizer. So when you’re at a party or even at a casual session sharing and passing your vape to your friends, it’s always good to keep an extra mouthpiece with you. Also for those who travel a lot, this bundled package of 6 mouthpieces will prove useful since small mouthpieces tend to find their ways out of your pack and get lost every once in a while.

This bundled mouthpiece pack is proudly carried by VapeActive where you’ll find every vaporizer part and accessory at a reasonable and an affordable price.