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Vaping is a discipline, furthermore the process and the act itself is an art. Those who are truly devoted to vaping botanicals invest a lot of their money, time and effort to find the best vaping device, whether it be a desktop vaporizer or a portable handheld vape. Some take their time to grow their own buds, others follow rituals that have been practiced by vaping veterans which have stood the test of time. All these they do to achieve the best possible result in their craft. Whether you’re vaping casually or if you’re legally medicating, you’ll always want to get the perfect, most ideal results from vaporizing your select dry herb strains.

If you’re all of the above, if want more and if you’re looking to achieve a higher sense of high, you might want to invest on a premium grinder. Grinders are used to grind your materials, it breaks up the leaves of your botanical herbs into finer, smaller pieces. Grinding herbs are beneficial as they are efficient. Having ground materials allow you to pack more into the heating chamber compared to having bulky crumps of leaves. Apart from increasing your loading capacity, ground herbs tend to heat up better and often results to evenly heated and vaporized materials.

A good grinder can save you more money in the long run, more than what you’d ever expect. Efficient vaping means you get the best possible output for the least amount of material, grinding your dry herb strains allow you to maximize the amount of material you use. Remember, whatever you put in gets cooked and the materials nearest to the heating element gets cooked first. In this respect, you need to make sure that your materials are evenly packed to eliminate inconsistent vapor production. Avoid throwing wasted materials in the dump, grind them. Moreover, different type of herbs require different heat levels to achieve its full potency and best results, ground herbs makes for a good starting point when you’re using a single temperature setting vaporizer. Apart from these factors, here are some things to consider why you badly need a good grinder.


Segregation Of Materials

Leaves on your select herbs are comprised of different parts that needs to be separated due to its reaction to heat, so it's important to know how and why these have to be separated. Well, you can cut them up using a scissor which can be laborious, and if you’ve got sweaty hands, some of the materials can go to waste, like kiefs for example. A kief refers to the resin glands that contain the terpenes (components that produce fragrant oils which gives the cannabis herb its addictive aroma) and the cannabinoids (an inducing compound which can reduce discomfort like pain, nausea and anxiety, it gives medicinal value to the herb). Kiefs have a multitude of applications but the most popular is through infusion of kief in oily substances and even in edible cannabutter an excellent way to make medicated food. In general, you’d want to separate the resin glands that develop on the flower bud since they deliver the highest high. You can make a mess out of it by using scissors or you can just use a grinder. You’ll be surprised that grinders have their own sections at your local shop and in websites, they’ve garnered widespread popularity for the benefits they bring to dry herb strain consumers. There are grinders that are specifically designed for the separation of dry herb materials, like the 4-Piece Phoenician Grinder - Elite Series and the Space Case 4-Piece Grinder that features a screen to catch pollens and kief. After grinding you materials, they can be separated later for whichever application you deem necessary. Using a grinder opens more opportunities on how you can enjoy your materials, your botanicals aren't just made for smoking and vaping.


Efficiency And Efficacy

Not only does grinding allow a more efficient way of vaping but also it increases the efficacy of your select dry herb materials. Like what is said earlier, the idea of efficient vaping is to achieve the best possible results and draw the best performance out of your herb without wasting any material. Grinders can help improve vaping efficiency not only by increasing your packing capacity but by also improving the vaporization of your material. Whether you’re using conduction or convection heating materials are still cooked better when they have been shredded to pieces, that’s why ground herb yields better outcome whatever vaporizer you use. Ground materials also play a very small factor in preserving the lifespan of your devices, since ground materials vaporizer faster, the amount of stress on your heating chamber and on your battery is slightly reduced.


Types Of Grinders

Grinders, like most vaping accessories come in various designs and specifications. Here at VapeActive we carry top of the line grinders to help you improve your vaping experience.

For starters, you’ll have your 2-piece grinders. They’re cheap and they provide the very rudimentary benefits of grinding herbs, these grinders are perfect for entry level vapers who look to uplift their casual sessions. As an example, we have the Clear Top 2-Piece Grinder from Sharpstone, it features aircraft grade aluminum steel and diamond cutting blades for that superb grinding. Next is the 3-piece grinders which offer more versatility and can separate the larger from the smaller pieces of herbs like the 3-piece Santa Cruz Shredder which scratch resistant finish and an anodized aluminum construct. And lastly, the cream of the crop, the 4-piece grinders capable of separating and holding pollen or kief after you shred. Our top of the line 4-Piece Cali Crusher Homegrown Grinders showcase patented dual action radial cut teeth, a bead blasted interior, aerospace grade aluminum and Neodymium Rare Earth magnets. All these attributes work to improve the shredding and cutting of your herbs allowing you to obtain the optimum results. So the next time you vape, make sure you grind them first and experience the difference and improve your vaping experience, show your herb some love, buy a grinder.