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Grenco Science

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  • Portable & Discreet
  • Great for Beginners
  • 0.6ml Tank Capacity
  • Quick Heat Up Time
  • Easy to Use

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About the G Slim Hookah Vaporizer

Looking for an easy and affordable way to enjoy your favorite juice flavors? Meet the new and improved e-juice vaporizer from the G Slim Series from Grenco Science. The G Slim Hookah Vaporizer is very easy to use as it is equipped with a one button technology that is used to operate this amazing pen vaporizer. This works well with Beginners or newbies that is all new to the electronic cigarette idea or at least just wanted to try how vaping works. This is also best for people who wants to switch from smoking cigarettes to a less harsh way to eliminate their stress. With the playful smoke, enjoyable flavors and attractive aromas that most of the e-juice vaporizer in the market has to offer, you will surely love how G Slim Hookah Vaporizer engage you into this experience. With the stature of its name, the G Slim collection is very portable and can be used discreetly with ease. May it be used while you do your daily walk in the park, standing by the seaside, strolling through the mall or even when you are all alone at home, this pen vape is the best of the best of all choices you may see within its class because you can bring it anywhere and anytime.


Amazingly Portable

Not only is the G Slim Hookah Stylish and is built with a beautiful design, it also comes with a very compact and stealth way of usage. It is just hand held and is very convenient when carrying it around wherever you go. It is lightweight and it gives you the assurance that it does not consume much space in your pocket. As you use it even in a crowded place, you can conceal it in your palm as you enjoy this astonishing and powerful portable vaporizer without drawing much attention. This the best pen vape that is best for people on – the – fly.


User Friendly

The G Slim Hookah Vaporizer is very easy to use and operate with its one button technology that you can seamlessly toggle through an on and off option and the same button when heating up your chamber extracting the most out of your favorite e – juice filling. Using this awesome portable vaporizer is as easy as 1, 2, and 3! To start off, all you have to do is unscrew the tank from its battery. Next, you have to separate the tank from its atomizer to fill it in with your chosen juice. You can use strawberry, apple, bubblegum, or any e – juice you have your mood into for a more intensified experience with a fun flavor in it. Remember to dab a small drop on top of your atomizer before filling up your tank. Once the tank is filled, assemble everything together from the battery, atomizer and to its tank. When you are all set, all you have to do is click, inhale and enjoy! Make sure to tag along your friends for a more fun and enjoyable casual dab session.



  • 1 x G Slim Hookah Vaporizer
  • 1 x G Slim Battery
  • 1 x G Slim Hookah Tank
  • 1 x G Slim Atomizer
  • 1 x Wireless USB Charger

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Ask a Question
  • Will a vape juice work?

    Hey Peter, the G Slim Hookah Vaporizer is compatible with most of the vape-able juice. Thanks for asking.

  • Can I use a pre-filled tank on this?

    Hi Jonathan, yes, this vaporizer is 510 threaded and should fit most 510 threaded pre-filled cartridge.

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