GRAV Jane West Bubbler

GRAV Jane West Bubbler

BRAND: Jane West

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About the Jane West Bubbler

Fairly convenient and easy to smoke, the Bubbler bong ensures to deliver perfectly the same smooth water filtration that is delivered by a beaker or rig, the only difference is the Bubbler glass water pipe is sleekly designed, lightweight and can be handled easily due to its size, portability is a guarantee. Made from high quality borosilicate glass, Jane West believes that a perfectly designed product can enhance your smoking experience. With a beautiful sexy aesthetic, this unit feels perfect on your hand while you make a draw from its mouthpiece that is carved to perfection to fit your lips. Angled at 45-Degrees, the Bubbler's mouthpiece gives direct satisfying draws. Jane West is a hard-working mom with a vision in mind, smart business insight and a keen eye for detail, she created The Bubbler bong. No need to worry, this modern take on a classic glass bong comes at an affordable price.


Functionality of the Bubbler

Jane Wests creation - the Bubbler bong is very easy to use, place a little bit of water in the bubbler through the carb hole, the water filters the smoke and significantly cools it down to ensure a smoother hit as compared to a dry pipe, fill the bowl with your favorite material, place your finger over the carb hole and then apply heat as you draw. Uncover the carb hole towards the end of every hit to clear its chamber. With the Jane West Bubbler glass water pipe you will definitely enjoy flavor-rich hits from your favorite material.


Cleaning the Unit

The Bubbler bong will absolutely look like a brand new device and you can go right ahead with another quick hit after cleaning this device. The Jane West Bubbler glass water pipe can be cleaned easily using isopropyl alcohol and a clean and smooth cloth. After cleaning, satisfaction is definitely a guarantee. This small glass bong is incredibly easy to maintain.


What’s in the box:

  • 1 x Jane West Bubbler

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