Honey Stick MiniMax Pro Vaporizer

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  • Stealthy Design  
  • Pocket and Travel-Friendly 
  • Lightweight 
  • 510 Threaded 
  • Quick Heating 
  • Variable Voltage Mod 
  • Micro-USB Charging 
  • 0.8 Ohm Resistance 
  • Short Circuit Protected 

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About The Honey Stick MiniMax Pro Vaporizer  


The Honey Stick MiniMax Pro Vaporizer is a uniquely designed and engineered vaporizer that brings vaping aesthetics to a whole new level. This small yet powerful portable vaporizer allows you to discreetly consume your favorite e-juice and liquid concentrates giving you unparalleled control over your vaping sessions. Master and conquer new heights and defy the norms with the all-new Honey Stick MiniMax Pro Vaporizer. 

The Honey Stick MiniMax Pro Vaporizer, for its small size, packs a lot of features – the likes of what you’d see on bigger portable vaporizers. With versatile heating profiles, the Honey Stick MiniMax Pro Vaporizer’s variable voltage battery gives you the freedom to choose whether to go low and slow or fly and high. The Honey Stick MiniMax Pro Vaporizer is equipped with rapid heating functionalities making it one of the fastest heating vaporizers on the market. Thanks to its 0.8 Ohm resistance coils, the Honey Stick MiniMax Pro Vaporizer can easily heat up even when compared with some of the best vaporizers in its class. It also has a 510 threaded design giving it universal compatibility with some of the most popular vape cartridge brands allowing you to easily choose the way you load your Honey Stick MiniMax Pro Vaporizer. It’s also short circuit protected giving you ease of mind when charging your Honey Stick MiniMax Pro Vaporizer 

There’s no other portable vaporizer like the Honey Stick MiniMax Pro Vaporizer. 


The FOB Design 

A rarity in the vaporizer industry, portable devices like the Honey Stick MiniMax Pro Vaporizer is designed not only with portability in mind but also with an emphasis on subtlety and ease of use. FOB vaporizers are designed to look like the average FOB (frequency operated button) keychains you see hanging on the belt loops of car drivers and automobile owners. Having a vaporizer designed like a FOB keychain gives you the most discreet vaping experience. An easily concealable vaporizer, a unit that perfectly hides under the guise of a regular daily object, an inconspicuous item that you can carry almost anywhere you are without ever raising the alarm or without having anyone question you about your motives in carrying such a tiny trinket.  

FOB designed vaporizers aren't exactly easy to find, only few vaporizer manufacturers have dared enter this small segment. While others prefer the loud and expressive clouds brought by larger portable vapes, others find comfort and solace in using a discreet, low-key vaporizer that yields decent and visible vapors that can compete with devices designed for such displays. Vaporizers like the Honey Stick MiniMax Pro Vaporizer allows you to vaporize your select e-liquids almost anywhere you are. Enjoy exceptional versatility and premium functionality in the Honey Stick MiniMax Pro Vaporizer. 


Voltage Versatility 

The Honey Stick MiniMax Pro Vaporizer is designed to function and perform like (if not better) than devices twice its size and twice its price. The Honey Stick MiniMax Pro Vaporizer boasts three preset temperature settings. You can easily toggle through the three voltage settings by tapping on the single button control. The varying voltage levels are 3.6 volts, 3.8 volts, and a whopping 4.0 volts, respectively. The color-coded LED display will inform you and will keep you in the know of the status of the Honey Stick MiniMax Pro Vaporizer 

Having a variable voltage mod is crucial especially when vaping on e-liquids, the various voltage levels will allow you to personalize your sessions and let you determine not only the vapor output as well as the overall performance of the Honey Stick MiniMax Pro Vaporizer. Playing with the voltage levels will also allow you to control the battery life of your Honey Stick MiniMax Pro Vaporizer depending on your needs. Generally, the lowest voltage setting will give off the most subtle vapors with great flavor retention. The medium voltage setting gives off a balanced mix of flavor and visible vapors while the highest setting intensifies the potency of the e-liquids while giving off larger clouds of vapor. Likewise, if you’re looking for a stealthy vaping experience, the lowest voltage setting will produce thin wisps of clouds and will work to more viscous and dense vapors as the voltage level goes higher. 


Using The Honey Stick MiniMax Pro  

While the Honey Stick MiniMax Pro Vaporizer looks and feels like a different vaporizer altogether, it operates like the average vaporizer unit which means you don’t need to practice and adjust to performing different actions just to be able to vape with the Honey Stick MiniMax Pro Vaporizer. If you’ve used a portable vaporizer before, chances are, you’ll be able to pick up and use the Honey Stick MiniMax Pro Vaporizer without difficulty. Here’s how you can use the Honey Stick MiniMax Pro Vaporizer. 


  1. Make sure that you charge the Honey Stick MiniMax Pro Vaporizer battery for optimum results.  
  2. Once you’ve secured a fully charged battery, you can press the silver button located on the top of the vaporizer to release and expose the cartridge attachment where you can connect and screw your select cartridge. 
  3. Secure your e-liquid cartridge on the 510 threaded connections, make sure you don’t screw it too tight as it may damage the threads from both the cartridge and the vaporizer creating a loose connection which may affect the performance of the unit.  
  4. Once connected, you can activate the pre-heating mode of the Honey Stick MiniMax Pro Vaporizer by tapping on the power button five times.  
  5. Tapping the same button thrice will let you toggle between voltage settings.  
  6. After you've selected your desired voltage setting, simply inhale and enjoy vaping.  


Improved Features 

The all-new Honey Stick MiniMax Pro Vaporizer from Honey Stick features improved components like a 650mAh capacity battery. Because of its upgraded battery, the Honey Stick MiniMax Pro Vaporizer now has three times the battery life compared to the average pen-style e-liquid vaporizers. It also has the improved button which prevents the button from sticking down the vaporizer in case you’ve pressed it too hard. The Honey Stick MiniMax Pro Vaporizer also has larger chambers so you can use some of the markets wider tank cartridges.  


What’s in the box: 

  • 1 x MiniMax Pro Vape Battery 
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable 
  • 1 x User Manual  

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