Eyce Molds - Silicone Beaker

Brand: Eyce Molds

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  • Premium Grade Silicone
  • Made with Platinum Cured Silicone
  • 14mm Borosilicate Glass Bowl
  • Stainless Steel Poker
  • Silicone Beaker
  • Eyce Beaker
  • Beaker Bong
  • Borosilicate Diffused Downstem
  • Magnetic Ring Lighter Holder
  • Approximately 12" in Height
  • Ice Pinch
  • Durable and Easy to Carry
  • Assorted Colors
  • Hidden Dab Pad

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About The Eyce Molds - Silicone Beaker

Strong and long, the Eyce Molds - Silicone Beaker is the most durable beaker bong you’ll ever lay your hands on. These beaker bongs are as tough as they can get, they’re made out of only the highest quality materials. Eyce Molds use only food grade silicone and the Eyce Molds - Silicone Beaker bong features a Platinum Cured Silicone Body, it means this beaker bong won’t break no matter how many times you drop it. And let’s be honest, bongs are not cheap. With the Eyce Molds - Silicone Beaker Bong, you’ll never have to worry about breaking your hardware thanks to its break resistant construction.

Apart from being astonishingly strong, this premium silicone beaker bong from Eyce Molds is packed with a myriad of convenient features. It is equipped with a hidden stash container to hold your smoking accessories. This sturdy silicone beaker bong is also outfitted with a stainless steel poker and a hidden dabbing pad that is cleverly crafted to stay with this durable silicone beaker, a feature most appreciated by the smoking community, this ensures that you’ll never have to worry about leaving stuff behind after every session.

Moreover, this high-quality silicone beaker bong is constructed with high quality materials like its Diffused Downstem Percolator and Glass Bowl that are crafted from only the most superior components. You’ll never have to worry about breaking your bong and breaking the bank after grabbing the Eyce Molds - Silicone Beaker Bong, it’s the best example of perfectly blending durability and functionality.


Superior Quality

Eyce Molds have been one of the most prominent names in the industry since its conception in 2013. The quality they bring into the products they produce and feature in their high profile catalogue are top notch. They produce unique and practical merchandise engineered with the user in mind, they are known to perfectly mix durability and functionality.

The Eyce Molds - Silicone Beaker Bong is the perfect example of this renowned quality. It’s a hundred percent unbreakable and reusable, plus it cools down on its own. The materials are BPA free so you are free of the risks of being exposed to harmful materials when you smoke. This one of a kind silicone beaker bong is extraordinarily feature packed it provides you with everything you’ll ever need. It’s a sure secure investment most recommended for beginners and seasoned veterans alike.


A Sure Stand Out

The Eyce Molds - Silicone Beaker Bong stands supremely tall at 12 inches long. Its irresistible extensive body is perfect for generating the most flavorful and potent effects out of your select dry herb strains. This silicone bong comes in a multitude of colorful design.

The Silicone Beaker Bong from Eyce Molds comes in the iconic Rasta and Jamaica color combinations for that authentic dry herb smoking experience. It also comes in Smoke Black which brings a dark, mysterious vibe. Its Estonia color pattern takes on a more bold aura while the Unicorn Pink and Mermaid Purple color design brings out a fun and vibrant tone, perfect for cheerful sessions and high-spirited merry making.


Handy Features

Unlike most beaker bongs, the Eyce Molds - Silicone Beaker Bong is packed with a multitude of features aimed at empowering users and dry herb enthusiasts.

It features a hidden stash jar which also acts as a dab pad or a rolling tray. This nifty feature can be used to keep your lighters, hemp wicks and other accessories. This concealed compartment is perfect for stowing other items like extra dry herb strains, wax and other oil concentrates, it even comes with a stainless steel dabber tool for that seamless material application. You can never go wrong with Eyce Molds - Silicone Beaker Bong.


What’s in the box:

  • 1 x Eyce Molds - Silicone Beaker
  • 1 x Stainless Steel Poker
  • 1 x Platinum Cured Silicone Body
  • 1 x Diffused Borosilicate Downstem
  • 1 x 14mm Borosilicate Glass Bowl
  • 1 x Magnetic Ring Lighter Holder
  • 1 x Large Hidden Stash Container
  • 1 x Hidden Dap Pad/Rolling Tray

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