Yocan Stix Vaporizer

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  • Leak-Proof
  • Independent Storage
  • Single-Button Control
  • All-In-One System
  • Ceramic Coils
  • Universal Micro-USB Charging
  • 320mAh Battery
  • Variable Voltage Battery

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The Yocan STIX Vaporizer

The Yocan STIX Vaporizer delivers the perfect blend of functionality and convenience. With an all-new revolutionary design that’s aimed to break the boundaries of pen-style vaporizers. A clear, independent storage container allows you to store oil concentrates and e-liquid materials in this leak-proof cartridge that easily links to the vape pen battery through threaded connections. Yocan has eschewed the magnetic connections since magnets tend to lose their hold on each other as they are exposed to higher levels of heat. To eliminate the problem of having demagnetized links, Yocan opted to use threaded connections that are reliable as well as durable. Simply twist the cartridge to loosen it before loading your material and similarly twist it to get a secure and tight fit.  

The Yocan STIX is both pocket and travel friendly, you can keep it in your pocket and never worry about leaks and spills. You can take several cartridges with you and easily change them depending on what kind and flavor of e-liquid and oic concentrate you feel like vaping. It’s the ultimate solution for the demanding task of dripping their e-juice to your atomizer. The Yocan STIX is made for the daily vape enthusiast who like to take quick hits on the fly.  


Powerful Battery

The Yocan STIX vaporizer is powered by a 320mAh battery that can easily be recharged through its universal micro USB charging slot. The battery is housed in a solid body that protects the STIX from daily use and carrying activity. The battery is capable of supplying variable voltage and lets the user toggle between three finely tuned preset temperature settings. Each temperature level is represented by the color coded LED light indicator. Red for low temperature, green for mid temp, and blue for the highest temperature setting.

Each voltage level yields different results, the highest heat setting is best for thick oils while the medium and the low temperature setting is best for thin and runny e-liquids. To Toggle in between temperature levels, simply press the button three times and check the LED light to see what the current setting is. It’s perfect for people who are vaping different concentrates and e-juices, it lets the users adjust the temperature level to hit the right setting depending on what material they’re vaping. It’s the ultimate portable vaporizer for every occasion.


An Individual Approach

Yocan knows that every vaper has a different preference and they have addressed this area by allowing further customization of the Yocan STIX.

Apart from having the option of selecting your own e-liquid and filling the cartridge with the oil concentrate and the e-juice of your preference, you can also adjust the heat level of the battery to customize your vaping sessions. The Yocan STIX also comes in various color options so you can mix and match your vaporizer with your mood, personality and even your outfit.

The STIX is available in subtle colors like black and metallic silver and in bold color options like yellow, red and blue. So whether you like to keep a low key when vaping or if you’re the kind who’s always the life of every party, the Yocan STIX has got you covered.


What’s in the box:

  • 1 x Yocan STIX Vaporizer

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Ask a Question
  • What is the battery charging type?

    The battery charging type for this vaporizer is Micro-USB.

  • Is this compatible with e-liquids?

    Hi, Jane. Yes, this portable vaporizer is for both oil concentrates and e-liquids.

  • What is its battery capacity?

    Hi Emma, the Yocan Stix Vaporizer has 320 mAh Battery Capacity

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