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  • 1.5 ml Pods
  • 3.7V Wattage
  • 5% Nic by Weight
  • Auto-Draw Vaporizer
  • Crafted by Brewell MFG
  • LED Firing and Battery Level Indicator
  • USB Charging Port and Charger Included
  • Magnetic Charging Cord (Supports 1A Charging)
  • Patented Ceramic Coil with 1.4 - 1.5 ohm Resistance

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The PHIX Vaporizer

Flavor chasers rejoice! The PHIX Vaporizer from MLV is the newest and arguably one of the best pod-based vaporizer in the industry. With a sleek design and compact build, the PHIX Vaporizer is one of the most portable devices for e-liquid consumption. The PHIX Vaporizer features threadless connections and an auto-draw battery. Its design and engineering is simply way ahead of its time, the pods are attached to the battery through gold plated magnetic links which ensures a tighter hold and better fit compared to threaded connections. This also means you no longer have to suffer the twisting task of screwing the connections of your vaporizer in order to remove and replace its parts. The PHIX Vaporizer from MLV is geared towards convenience and ease of use and that’s perfect for people who like to vape on their feet.

The pods that go along with the PHIX Vaporizers feature a leak-proof design which allows you to carry the PHIX without any difficulties. Don’t you just hate it when you get stains on your clothes when your e-liquid spills over and makes a mess? With the PHIX Vaporizer you’ll enjoy worry-free vaping. Stash it in your pocket, your bag, or in any pouch and never stress about dealing with the trouble of cleaning after spilt e-liquid. It’s perfect for when you stroll around town, visit your favorite coffee shop, and even for when you’re out on your camping trips outside of town. The PHIX Vaporizer is the perfect companion for the active flavor chaser.


The Flavor Factory

PHIX Vaporizer improves on the average pod-based system to maximize the flavor of your favorite PHIX juice blends. Every PHIX Flavor Pod is outfitted with a ceramic coil for better flavor retention. The ceramic component of the PHIX coils are designed to provide low and slow heating of your e-juice blends for that perfect, flavorful draw. Ceramic is an inert material that takes the longest to heat compared to other components like titanium and quartz and is porous in nature, allowing it to absorb your e-liquids and allowing the e-juice to permeate the ceramic component before it heats up. This results to clouds bearing fuller flavors that effectively emphasizes every flavor note found in your vape juice.

The pods of the PHIX Vaporizer also doubles as a mouthpiece and creates a tighter draw compared to other pod-based units. A tighter airflow draws more juice into the head resulting to better tasting clouds. Each pod can carry 1.5ml of e-juice and has a 1.5 ohm resistance.


Larger Pods

The PHIX Vaporizer uses 1.5ml pods that’s 3 to 4 times larger than the normal pod. Vaping with the PHIX Vaporizer lets users enjoy longer vaping sessions without compromising performance and functionality.

Each pod can deliver as much as 400 to 440 puffs and a fully charged battery gives off roughly 220 puffs on a single charge. Every pod has 5% nicotine by weight which is comparable to 1.5 to 2 packs of cigarettes.


What’s in the box:

Starter Kit

Basic Kit

PHIX E-Cigarette

PHIX Battery Charger


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Ask a Question
  • How long can the battery last?

    Hi, its around 220 puffs per one full charge.

  • How many puffs per pod?

    The Phix yields an estimate of 400-440 puffs per pod.

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