Pulsar Go Vaporizer

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  • Hand-Blown Glass Mouthpiece
  • Herb and Wax Compatibility
  • Ceramic Power Pad
  • Triple Quartz Coil
  • 5-Second Heating
  • 1100 mAh Battery
  • Quick Charging
  • Pocket-Friendly

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The Pulsar Go Vaporizer

The Pulsar Go Vaporizer is one of the newest addition to Pulsar‘s collection of highly portable vaporizers. It’s one of the most effective electric pipes in today’s market in terms of efficiency and portability. Not only does the Pulsar Go Vaporizer boast of unparalleled portability, it also has great power under the hood. Thanks to its 1100mAh battery, the Pulsar Go Vaporizer is capable of delivering huge and flavorful clouds of vapor that does not fall short on either category. Whether you’re into wax concentrates or dry herb materials, the Pulsar Go Vaporizer has got you covered. Some of its main features include two premium atomizers that are designed and engineered for superior wax and herb consumption. A ceramic power pad is used to vaporize your herbs effectively without getting to the point of combustion. Ceramic has been known to be highly resistant to heat, that’s why it can provide a slow and low heating process that won’t burn your materials that could lead to unwanted results. On the other hand, a triple quartz coil atomizer greatly increases vapor production, especially designed for wax concentrate use, it quickly vaporizes your materials for that quick vaping sessions even if you’re hitting while on-the-go. Flavor is improved regardless if you’re using any of the atomizers, thanks to its hand-blown glass mouthpiece, glass does not affect the quality of your materials even after prolonged use and exposure to heat.

The Pulsar Go Vaporizer also lets you maintain your vaporizer with ease since the kit includes everything you need for portable vaping like a silicone wax container which makes for a perfect reservoir for your wax materials, a cleaning brush to keep your Pulsar Go Vaporizer clean and a USB charging cable so you can charge up your Pulsar Go Vaporizer anytime you need.


Aesthetically Appealing

The Pulsar Go Vaporizer features an intuitive design that’s deeply rooted to Pulsar’s principles. Pulsar is a well-known vaporized manufacturer that believes in an individualized approach especially to portable vaporizers. Pulsar knows well that for some vaping is best done with careful caution while others believe that it’s a fun experience that should be shared with friends and peers. That’s why by design the Pulsar Go Vaporizer features both aspects of portable vaping. There are six color options available for every kind of user.  

Subtle color schemes like black, grey, and white will be perfect for discreet and cautious vaping while bold and loud colors like yellow, red, and blue will be best for those who are dun and high spirited consumers of wax and loose leaf materials. Depending on your taste, the Pulsar Go Vaporizer has the right vaporizer for you.  


Highly Portable

The Pulsar Go Vaporizer weighs only at around 0.66 lbs which makes it highly portable and extremely pocket friendly. It fits right in your pocket and can be stashed conveniently in your bag or in your pouch. A relatively portable wax reservoir is included in the Pulsar Go Vaporizer Kit which allows you to carry a substantial amount of wax material if you plan on vaping outdoors. This means you no longer need to lug around big wax jars or wax containers that will blow off your cover if you’re into discreet vaping. The Pulsar Go Vaporizer lets you keep it low key so you can enjoy your materials in peace.

It’s perfect for outdoor trips when you plan to do some R&R at the beach, or an easy trek to your favorite cabin. The Pulsar Go Vaporizer covers every aspect of portable vaping without compromising functionality and performance.


What’s in the box:

  • 1 x Pulsar Go Vaporizer
  • 1 x Hand-Blown Glass Mouthpiece
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x Cleaning Brush
  • 1 x Loading Tool
  • 1 x Silicone Wax Container
  • 1 x Rubber Grommet
  • 1 x Instructional Manual

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  • Can this be used for e-liquids?

    The Pulsar Go Vaporizer is compatible with dry herb and wax concentrates.

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