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Dr. Dabber Parts

Dr. Dabber has established itself as a premium brand in the concentrate consumption scene having manufactured some of the best and most awarded dab pens on the market. These well-decorated vaporizers are backed by a wide range of replacement parts and other accessories that are made available to Dr. Dabber vape users helping them with either upgrading their units and elevate their experience or even to just simply replace worked and used parts and maintain the quality and performance of their favorite Dr. Dabber vaporizer. 


Dr. Dabber Parts for Maintenance 

The key to keeping your vaporizer in its best shape is to replace worn out parts that can affect the performance of your e-rig or your dab pen in ways both big and small. 


The quality of your vapors can be dependent on the quality of the parts you use on your vape setup – like your atomizers and your batteries for example. An atomizer nearing the end of its life often times lead to a busted heating element, this burns your materials leading to combustion and vapors that have that burnt and bad taste. Regularly checking on your atomizers and replacing them from time to time will help keep your sessions healthy and enjoyable. Their lineup includes replacement atomizers that feature different heating components like ceramic, quartz, and titanium coils. The Dr. Dabber Aurora Quartz Atomizer boasts two quartz rods wrapped in high-grade titanium coils housed in a pure quartz dish. The Dr. Dabber Aurora Quartz Atomizer is designed with its heating element sitting close to the base of the chamber to allow better vaporization of extracts and concentrates and prevent buildup of residue from leftover material. It's also outfitted with holes on the side for better airflow and a balanced draw.   


The same goes especially with batteries. Rechargeable batteries are the main source of power for portable handheld units like dab pens and other vape pens. Improper use of battery will not only shorten its lifespan but will also affect its overall integrity which may lead to performance reduction. Keeping spare batteries not only means you’ll have extra juice when you’ve run out of power but it also means that you’d have a spare battery just in case your primary vape pen battery gets busted. Dr. Dabber batteries feature 510-threaded designs and magnetic connections which makes them compatible with a wide range of attachments and heating elements. Although you can use atomizers and tanks from other manufacturers, using the specifically designed Dr. Dabber atomizers for each battery for best results. Nevertheless, you can use a different heating element on a battery should you desire. Take the Dr. Dabber Ghost Battery as an example. The Ghost vape pen battery offers great versatility as it works well with the Budder Cutter thanks to its 510 threaded design.  


Investing in replacement parts will ensure that you’ll always enjoy your vaporizer and that it’ll always function and do the job it was designed to do. Avoid being stuck with a vaporizer that performs only nearly as half as it should because of bad parts. 


Dr. Dabber Parts for Upgrade 

Not only does Dr. D manufacture products used for the replacement of old and used parts but they also have a collection of attachments and accessories one can use to elevate their vaping sessions.  


Dr. Dabber offers glass pieces that provide additional functionality and even improve the performance of their select vape devices. The Dr. Dabber Ghost, for instance, can be equipped with a glass attachment. The Dr. Dabber Ghost Glass Globe allows the Ghost vaporizer to be used with thinner and runnier extracts and adds to the Ghost’s aesthetic appeal by allowing the user to experience vaporization virtually and see the Dr. Dabber Ghost vaporizer in full action. Watch your concentrates bubble up and get vaporized through this intuitive attachment from Dr. D.  


Another upgrade piece from Dr. Dabber is the Dr. Dabber Budder Cutter. The Budder Cutter is an essential tool for every concentrate consumer. Forget about spending time scraping those hardened and stubborn wax concentrates. Heat them up and easily load them onto your dab pen by using the Budder Cutter. The Budder Cutter utilizes the Ghost’s battery and connects it to a heating tip that allows you to easily take your desired extract from your container without resistance. This is ideal when you’re vaping out in the cold or when you’ve stored your materials somewhere chilly.  


Dr. Dabber Parts for Every Vaper 

Dr. Dabber’s comprehensive collection of replacement parts and upgrade pieces caters to any type of vaper. Whatever Dr. Dabber vape you’re using, you’re sure to find the right component for your favorite device.  


Avoid getting stuck with a vape device that won’t function properly just because of having parts in poor condition. Invest on a Dr. Dabber vape and Dr. Dabber parts and keep yourself lifted longer.  


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