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  • Made in the USA
  • CoolGrips Insulated Chamber
  • SqueezeValve Balloon System
  • Magnetic Bowl
  • LCD Display
  • Created by Former NASA Engineers
  • Whip & Balloon System (Dual-Function)
  • Custom Halogen Bulb Heating Element
  • Precise Temperature Control
  • Forced-Air Assisted Delivery System

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About the Herbalizer Vaporizer

What you know of the Herbalizer vaporizer is back and made sure that it is better than ever! In addition to giving us a balloon bag and their whip-draw inhalation methods, this amazing desktop vaporizer now gives you the option to direct draw through the Herbalizer Glass Steamroller attachment for smoother and tastier vapor (this is sold separately).

The Herbalizer Vaporizer is a desktop vaporizer that would definitely be incomparable to dry herb vaporizer, e – juice vaporizer and wax vaporizer in the market. The reason is because it actually can compete to all of these vaporizers in one as the Herbalizer Vaporizer actually can cater ALL dry herbs, juices and waxes that you prefer.

Some call it a dual personality, but we call it versatility. The Herbalizer vaporizer gets you into an awesome experience with the benefits of essential oils and herbal remedies in a classic aromatherapy or vaportherapy settings. Another, you can vape at a temperature of your choice which you can select of up to 445 degrees with absolutely no combustion.


Whip-Draw Inhalation and Balloon Bag

The Herbalizer Vaporizer’s easy-squeeze valve balloon system emphasizes into simplicity. All you have to do is Squeeze next is attach and then fill with pure, flavorful vapor using the fan built inside. This desktop vaporizer recommends that you replace your balloon bag after every 2 months of continual use. There are three additional bags included in every Herbalizer Vaporizer starter kit.

Convenient and is very easy to use, the Herbalizer’s unified, medical-grade silicon whip gets a fantastic boost from a powerful but a whisper quiet fan. The Herbalizer’s housing unit uses an ergonomic trench that surrounds the deep heating chamber and houses the whip, keeping it safe and out of the way when the vaporizer is not in use.

Why Freestyle is best

Freestyle mode means that you are extracting pure vapor from the Herbalizer vaporizer’s bowl directly into your environment. This ensures no muss and no fuss. This option is ideal for practitioners of yoga, massage, or meditation as it adds a sensational effect, but freestyle vaportherapy and aromatherapy provide more than just a pleasant aroma; essential oils or botanicals diffused through the Herbalizer provide noticeable whole benefits.


Digital LCD Touch Screen

The hallmark of the Herbalizer Vaporizer is its ease of operation as it is being aided with a touch screen temperature control. There is no more amazing one glance feature than with the bright and digital LCD touch screen that lets you toggle through your option selection easily on each session. Using this colorful display, users can quickly and easily encode in their preferred temperature for either aroma or vaportherapy option. Normally, this feature is most important and usable to the vaportherapy, but it is essential to know exactly what temperature your herbs are heating at no matter what means of ingestion you choose. The Temperature Control can be customized to read in Fahrenheit or Celsius and features with an intuitive temperature dial. This is regulated by a microprocessor, which also monitors the temperature of the 300W halogen lamp.



  • 1 x Herbalizer Vaporizer
  • 4 x SqueezeValve™ Balloons
  • 1 x Vaportherapy™ herbal blend
  • 1 x 3ft Silicone Tubing
  • 1 x Magnetic Bowl
  • 1 x Stash Box
  • 1 x Mouthpiece
  • 2 x Aromapads
  • 2 x Spare Bowl Screens
  • 1 x Quick Start Guide
  • 1 x Cleaning brush
  • 1 x Power cord

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Ask a Question
  • How long does the vapor last in the balloon?

    Alfred, the Herbalizer Vaporizer balloon bag can keep the vapor fresh for 10 minutes before it gets stale. Hope this helps.

  • Will this come with a USB charger?

    Wilmer, the Herbalizer is a desktop unit that should be plug directly to a power outlet. Hope this helps.

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