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  • Hands Free System
  • Digital Temp Control System
  • Digital LCD Display
  • Top-Quality Ceramic Heating Element
  • 5 Year Service Warranty

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About the Easy Vape Digital Vaporizer

This wonderful dry-herb vaporizer is a hands free desktop vaporizer that is very popular in the market since the technology that powers it continues to advance. The Easy Vape Digital Vaporizer is an original product for personal home vaping at a low cost amount that can not be matched by any desktop vaporizers. Simplicity is the most appealing factor alongside reliability and both of those are possessed by this unit. It is built in a basic box like design with an intuitive operating style and a high-quality internal mechanism that makes a fantastic setup as it provides more than enough power for its size. The flavor, smoothness and potency of the vapor it produces is extremely impressive that you would never regret purchasing the item. If you're in search of  a discrete, durable and affordable desktop dry herb vaporizer, or you're thinking about switching, the Easy Vape dry herb vaporizer is a perfect choice. It will easily transition and introduce you to the vaporizing world, in addition to that, it will do so in the most efficient and simplest way.


LCD Screen

The Digital desktop Vaporizer features an LCD display and tuner that allows the users to choose or set their desired temperature within 2 degree Celsius. The users will then be aware of the current status and what the vaporizer does by means of this digital LCD screen. All Easy Vape Vaporizers comes with a 5 year warranty that covers the ceramic heating element and extended warranty can be availed for the digital display of the desktop vaporizer. The whip can be cleaned with the use of warm water and soap. The heating box is so easy to maintain, you just have to wipe it clean with a cloth or tissue.


Durable and Efficient Box Type Design

The housing unit of the Digital desktop Vaporizer is made with a durable polycarbonate material and is very lightweight. It is small and discreet that is perfect and can be suitable at any place. A complete package of versatility, durability, and low price that guarantees a crystal clean essence of your dry herb. The polycarbonate housing used as by the Easy Vape creators sufficiently gives a durable, made to last aesthetic to this desktop vaporizer. Easy to carry and portable since this dry herb vaporizer weights not more than 2 pounds. Quite small in size and extremely discreet, it can be easily concealed or hidden when it is not in use. The Easy Vape is available in an array of colors for you to choose from, namely, black, maroon, and stainless steel.


Ceramic Heating System

The makers of this dry herb vaporizer made sure that the quality is a top level. They built it with a single 18mm whip that is attached to the glass stem adjacent to the heating element which is made from ceramic material to maintain a smooth and flavorful vapor. You no longer need to wait for your next draw since it has a quick 60 second heat-up time. Be sure to switch the power off of the dry herb desktop vaporizer after every usage due to the heating elements that may be damaged by extensive usage. By proper maintenance and some TLC, the Easy Vape dry herb desktop vaporizer will definitely prove true to its built to last design, lasting you a long long time.


What’s in the box:

  • 1 x Easy Vape Digital Vaporizer
  • 1 x Glass Wand
  • 1 x Vaporizer Tube
  • 1 x Mouthpiece
  • 1 x Power Cord

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Ask a Question
  • How long is the heat up time on the easy vape digital?

    Kitz, the Easy Vape Digital vaporizer has a quick heat up time of around 60 seconds.

  • Will it include a glass wand?

    Diego, yes, the Easy Vape Digital vaporizer will include 1 x glass wand. Thanks for asking.

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