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What Are Dab Pen (Wax Pen) Vaporizers?

Dab Pens are handheld devices that are designed and engineered for on-the-go wax concentrate consumption. They’re fashioned to look like an inconspicuous office pen making them an extremely discreet and stealthy device for vaping wax concentrates. Because of their size and lightweight build, they’re one of the most favored vaporizer kinds of people who are always on-the-go and for those who prefer to vape on their feet. They could easily be stashed in your pocket unlike bulkier and even stationary devices like portable vaporizers and desktop vaporizers.

Wax pen vaporizers are generally easy to operate since they most of the time feature a single-button control making it the perfect vaporizer for most beginners and novice users. One would just have to tap the power button a particular number of times to turn it on and the similar action would likewise turn it off.

Dab pens or wax pens may target a specific segment of the market, however, most wax concentrate consumers almost always include wax pen vaporizers in their vaping arsenal. Wax pen vaporizers are ideally cheaper than its larger brethren making it one of the best vaping devices for people who want to get into vaping.

Why Wax Pen Vaporizers?

Apart from being affordable alternatives and being a portable option for wax concentrate consumption, wax pen vaporizers can be an efficient and effective way of vaping your favorite concentrates. Most dab pens on our collection are highly durable and are extremely reliable. We carry top-tier brands like Puffco and KandyPens, brands that are known for their durability and reliability. While these vaporizers are notable examples of high-quality devices, they also are perfect models of how stylish and sophisticated wax pen vaporizers can be.

They’re also a cost-effective means of wax concentrate consumption since dab pens use batteries that power atomizers which make for an efficient method of vaporizing concentrates. Compared to dabbing concentrates with a butane-based lighter -- which inefficiently burns your materials, dab pens are good for low and slow heating allowing you to savor your select concentrates and make the most out of your materials. This also means your concentrates are heated effectively without reaching the point of combustion which makes for a safer vaping experience.

How It Works

Most wax pen vaporizers are made up of three essential components. The battery, the atomizer, and the mouthpiece. Vape pen batteries are the primary power source of wax pen vaporizers and are normally rechargeable batteries which makes them a reusable and renewable power supply. They can be charged via USB chargers though some would come with wall adapters and even car chargers which allows you to charge your vape pen batteries virtually almost anywhere you are.

Atomizers are generally the heating elements of dab pens. Different wax pen vaporizers feature different types of technology that is designed to match the battery and the mouthpiece. While other vaporizers feature interchangeable parts we recommend that you use the suggested specifications set by the manufacturers to get optimum results.

Here’s a quick look at the different kinds of atomizers you’ll find on some of our top-shelf wax pen vaporizers.

Quartz Rod Atomizers -- Quartz rod atomizers are known for providing its users with the purest and cleanest vapors in the market. Quartz by nature is pure, so it does not affect the quality of the concentrates and allows one to experience wax in its natural form. Apart from being pure, wax is known for being an inert component. Probably one of its most important aspect and attribute, wax will not chemically react to heat making it the perfect conduit for vaporization. In addition to its remarkable set of qualities, quartz is better known for easily absorbing heat giving users instantaneous, almost on-demand heating.  

Ceramic Rod Atomizers -- Ceramic rods share the similar inert attributes with quartz rod atomizers though they are most known for their ability to resist and hold heat far longer than quartz components. Because of this unique characteristic, ceramic rod atomizers are preferred by most wax consumers because it can perfectly handle low-temperature dabs which greatly emphasizes and improves the flavor and smoothness of your wax concentrates. In addition, ceramic is porous in nature so it can easily absorb your liquefied wax concentrates while slowly vaporizing it.

Mouthpieces are an essential component to wax pen vaporizers. Surprisingly, dab pen mouthpieces offer a variety of functions from airflow adjustment to offering users with an integrated dab tool. They play an integral role in your experience more than you can imagine. Some of the most notable wax pen mouthpieces are the mouthpieces from Puffco’s Puffco Plus and #ThisThingRips’ OG Series Gen 3 wax pen vaporizers. Puffco Plus’ “Dart” mouthpiece offers an integrated dab tool and makes a vortex-like path for the air to travel for cooler draws while the “VaporBlast” mouthpiece from the OG Series Gen 3 allows you to enjoy discreet yet powerful vapors in a forged and durable mouthpiece.

These components make for a simple and straightforward design allowing even vape rookies and newbies to use wax pen vaporizers like a pro.

Types Of Concentrates

While dab pens eliminate the daunting task of vaping wax concentrates, knowing the materials themselves can be a little overwhelming. Wax concentrates are a product of blasting cannabis leaves or flowers with solvents like butane or ethanol. The process of extracting wax concentrates can be hazardous and is in no way recommended especially for beginners and while processing wax concentrates can be intimidating the overall experience of hitting on these concentrates are extremely rewarding.

Here are some of its popular varieties.

Shatter -- Shatters are concentrates that are produced using butane or CO2. It’s most notable physical characteristic is its honey-like consistency though it may sport various colors and transparency. Like most oily substances, shatters will harden when exposed to low temperatures. Once hardened they can be broken down to pieces hence the name, shatter.

Oil -- Oils, on the other hand, is extremely runny and will not be compatible with most wax pen vaporizers. The exact opposite of Shatter in terms of consistency. A word of caution, make sure you’re using a compatible device since some vaporizers will let runny substances leak and may damage the battery. In general, oils can be dabbed using the right vaporizer.

Budder -- To spot a budder look for the opaqueness of the wax concentrate as Budders are generally opaque because of its polycrystal components. They’re highly potent and will put you down for a good amount of time.

Earwax -- Legend has it that Earwax has a smoother and a much agreeable vapor believed to have been caused by the whisking and whipping hash oil. Generally, Earwaxes are favored by beginners because of their mild and mellow upshots.

Tips On How To Find The Right Wax Pen Vaporizer For You

We can all agree that at some point almost all wax pen vaporizers do look alike and may function similarly. If they’re pretty much the same how can you choose the best from a crowd of dab pens? Here’s what you have to look for.

  1. Portability and Reliability

Dab pens are made to be portable devices, the principle here is that the more compact and transportable the vaporizer is, the easier it is to carry around and manage. That’s what they’re made for in the first place. Check if a certain wax pen vaporizer can be easily concealed in the palm of your hands if it perfectly fits your pocket and if it won’t cause a mess once it’s in there. A leak-proof wax pen vaporizer is always a good wax pen vaporizer. Save yourself from cleaning up spilt concentrates and washing up stained clothes.

  1. Battery Life

Batteries are the main source of power amongst portable vaporizers, a wax pen vaporizer that can have longer battery life will ultimately outdo and outlast other vaporizers in its class. You don’t want to keep on recharging your vaporizers all day, you’d want a reliable and a dependable battery that will last you the whole day at the very least.

  1. Guarantee

Vaporizers that are backed up with an industry leading warranty are what you should be looking for. Knowing that you’re getting aftermarket service will ensure that you can enjoy your vaporizer for a longer duration of time and that you’re getting the most of what you’re paying for.

  1. Affordability

Finally, you want to make sure that your vaporizer will not only fit your lifestyle but will also fit your budget. With vaporizers, it’s good to bear in mind that you’re always going to get what you pay for and sometimes cheap can be expensive. Ideally, a more expensive vaporizer will prove to be the better than a cheaper vaporizer. Always remember to compare vaporizers before you decide to buy one and always ask the experts -- that’s us! -- for advice.

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