Cheech & Chong SGT Stedenko Water Pipe

Cheech & Chong SGT Stedenko Water Pipe

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About the Cheech & Chong Sgt. Stedenko Water Pipe

The Famous Brandz created another top of the line and high quality bong water pipe, the Cheech & Chong Sgt. Stedenko. An 8 inch beaker bong which is epically crafted and designed that extracts the best flavors and aromas undeniably perfect for cloud chasers. It’s not every day that you come across a bong priced well under the $60 mark that you’d actually like to use on a daily basis.


Stedenko Features

An eye-catching piece of glass bong that is very well crafted that stands 8 inch tall with a straight neck ribbed mouthpiece made from a two-tone clear and colored tubing. It has a 14mm male bowl and a built-in shower head downstem. You can choose from two different colors, white and black, to match your lifestyle. The glass water pipe Stedenko is easy to use with a 13 oz weight, the material used is a borosilicate glass, measurement of 7.5 inch in height, 4" in length and 4" in width, 7 inch glass thickness, tube diameter of 22mm, the joint is a fixed female type, with a 14mm size, the bowl joint size is 14mm. A clear cane glass finish, standard percolator and stemless inline percolator downstem type.


How the Sgt. Stedenko Works

The Stedenko glass water pipe has a simple, straightforward way to make it work. Just fill the beaker bong with the right amount of water for a smooth draw and then fill the bowl with enough ground material that fits for one session. Then apply heat to the bowl as you draw. Pull the bowl out at the end of every hit to full clear the tube and enjoy an outstanding vapor and flavor. The bong pipe Cheech & Chong Sgt. Stendenko is built by Famous Brandz to satisfy even the pickiest users. All these features comes together in one simple and durable device at a low price range which makes it the best in its class.


What’s in the box:

  • 1 x Cheech & Chong Sgt. Stedenko Water Pipe
  • 1 x 14mm Ground Glass Bowl

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