CCELL Uno: Possibly the Best Pod Vaporizer to Date

The vaporizer industry is one of the fastest growing businesses where you’d see new products coming up almost every week. Being mostly linked and dependent to technology, the vaping industry continue to grow and flourish as the advancements in today’s technology improves. One particular platform benefit from today’s technological trends. The pod-based vaping segment has some of the most updated and advanced technologies given its small and compact size. CCELL,...

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Focus V Carta VS Puffco Peak: The Old and the New

The beginning of 2018 marked an important event in vaping history. It was then the first portable dab rig (or at least the first modern portable dab rig) was introduced into the market. Puffco paved the way for intelligent and advanced technology to take vaporization that actually merges desktop-like performance in a portable form factor. The first device in this category, even before it was a category, was the Puffco...

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Yocan Trio Vaporizer: A Review

Yocan’s latest offering is yet to hit the shelves and is yet to have a definitive date but by the looks of it it seems that it’s another device pegged to take away the market in another sweep. Yocan has been known as a manufacturer whose products are both affordable and of good quality.

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18 Insanely Actionable Vaping Tips (2020 Update)

Do you want quick and easy tips to improve your vaping experience today?   Well, you’re in luck.    Because I’m about to drop the best vaping tips you can use right now!   Admit it, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran, you sometimes still get the feeling that you can do better. These simple and straightforward steps will help you enjoy vaping even more.   But first, let me draw you a map of what you’re to expect in this blog.  Contents Use Vaporizers With Adjustable...

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PAX: Everything You Need to Know

Contents PAX 3 How To Spot A Fake PAX 3 PAX 3 PAX vaporizers are considered to be one of the best dry herb vaporizers in today’s cut-throat and extremely competitive vaporizer market. The PAX 3, the latest iteration of PAX’s flagship device, takes loose-leaf consumption to the next level. Not only can it vaporize dry herb strains but it can also function as a wax concentrate vaporizer. It has over 60 temperature profiles...

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