Touching The Tip Of The Iceberg: Arizer Argo

Touching The Tip Of The Iceberg: Arizer Argo

Touching The Tip Of The Iceberg: Arizer Argo

According to legendary myths, the “Argo” was a finely built ship from which Jason and the Argonauts sailed for the quest of the golden fleece. Absolute in design, exemplary in its construction, the quintessential example, and the perfect specimen. A befitting name for the newest addition to the line of top-tier vaporizers from Arizer, a company based in Canada which is widely known for their products like the Air and the Solo vaporizers. The newest member of the Arizer crew takes the name ArGo, which is a shortened version of “Arizer Go.”

Like the mythical ship, the Arizer Go or ArGo was designed only to achieve perfection. This portable dry herb vaporizer is outfitted with only the best materials to ensure the device’s longevity and superb overall quality. Continue reading below to find out what makes the Arizer Argo one of the best dry herb vaporizer on the market today. Truly a legendary piece.

The Spec Sheet

  • A conveniently swappable 18650 battery
  • Passthrough USB charging
  • 90 satisfying minutes of  uninterrupted vape time
  • Full digital temperature control
  • Portable, sleek and stylish design
  • High-grade borosilicate glass tubes

The ArGo Design

The ArGo is designed to carry all the most indispensable features of a portable dry herb vaporizer and more, all in the palm of your hands. Pretty much like how the Argo ship carried the heroes that brought back the golden fleece, the ArGo from Arizer is geared towards providing vape enthusiasts with victorious vaping sessions.

This portable dry herb vaporizer gives you all you'll ever need and more. Currently only available in black, the ArGo sports a combination of a smooth and matte finish making it the perfect exterior for those who like to enjoy their buds discreetly. It also is outfitted with a snuggly fitting top cover which ensures the mouthpiece and the borosilicate glass tubes are securely tucked in the ArGo’s body.

It features the iconic Arizer interface where it displays a countdown before it turns on. The crisp OLED display reminds you of all the important information all at once, like your temperature control, your battery life, and notification settings.

Everything can be operated through its three-button control and is super easy to use, you'll never find a more user-friendly and uncomplicated layout than what you'll get with the ArGo Arizer. A wise man once said: "design is not just how it looks, it's how it works."

This portable dry herb vaporizer perfectly blends simple, straightforward operation and innovative advanced feature. A true testament to Arizer's core catchphrase "better by design."

An All-Powerful Power Source

To begin with, like me, most dry herb enthusiasts look for the amount of power a portable vaporizer can deliver. A vaporizer's power can determine how long you can enjoy satisfying hits or how strong and intense the clouds of vapor your unit can generate. Trust me, you just can't afford to fall short on power when you start vaping on a roll.

The ArGo from Arizer is outfitted with a standard 18650 li-on battery fully capable of providing you 90 minutes of vaping satisfaction in a single charge. That’s for the more frequent users who ceaselessly vape and are more satisfied with continuous draws, the less frequent dry herb consumers will experience longer vaping sessions throughout the life of the battery.  

The folks from Arizer recognizes the one trouble with portable devices, considering you're not plugged in on a wall socket you know you're bound to lose power. The capability to change batteries in case you run out of punch is a nifty feature on-the-go vapers like me will surely appreciate. It also features passthrough charging which lets you continue your vaping sessions just right after 15-20 minutes of charge.

To complement this incredible and interchangeable power source, the ArGo is equipped with a flexible temperature setting which ranges from 122 - 428° F / 50 - 220° C, allowing you to perfectly customize your vaping sessions to suit your ever delicate taste. Arizer knows that different strains of dry herbs require different temperature settings to efficiently vaporize and extract the best flavors and potency out of these materials. This wide temperature range empowers enthusiasts to vape their precious buds just how they want it.  

The ArGo is surprisingly capable of generating denser, more visible clouds of vapor while faithfully preserving the potent flavors of your select dry herb strains thanks to its variable temperature setting.

High-Grade Borosilicate Glass Mouthpieces

Small and stealthy, the ArGo continues to wow vape newcomers and seasoned veterans alike. This portable dry herb vaporizer sports recessed slot to accommodate its high-grade borosilicate glass stem, a hallmark feature from Arizer.

The glass stems are constructed only from the finest borosilicate glass materials, making these ArGo components extremely resistant to thermal shock. This only means you'll get to enjoy longer vaping sessions without the risk of breaking the glass constituents of the ArGo. It's only appropriate that a dry herb vaporizer capable of lengthy sessions be equipped with parts that can withstand repeated use and prolonged heat exposure without the risk of breaking, the glass materials are also durable enough for you fair amount of carrying and use activity.

These borosilicate glass chambers are the foremost choice in high-end dry herb vaporizers because it will never affect the flavor of your choice dry herbs unlike other materials do when exposed to heat. These borosilicate glass components are commonly found in modern-day laboratories because of their low thermal expansion attributes making it the ideal material for top shelf dry herb vaporizers, they allow your devices to efficiently vaporize your herbs while keeping the vapors cool and smooth for the duration of the whole session.

Easy to Maintain

The ArGo portable dry herb vaporizer is amazingly easy to maintain, for the dry herb enthusiasts who are always busy and couldn’t find the time to clean their devices the ArGo is the perfect choice.

Simply remove the leftover buds from the glass tubes after every use and you’re good to go, you can conveniently pack more buds for continuous use if you’d like to. Don’t forget to soak the borosilicate glass tubes occasionally for thorough cleansing.

We can’t stress it any further, the ArGo is super easy to clean and features easy parts replacement, it has a discreet design and has way effective vapor for its size. This simple operation packed with lots of function makes the ArGo from Arizer a vaporizer that requires minimum maintenance, something that most newcomers and novices are looking for.

Vapor Quality

Finally, it all boils down to the vapor output. The ArGo produces exceptional vapor quality for a portable dry herb vaporizer this small, backed up by technology and high grade materials unlike most portable dry herb vaporizers that are full of promises and claim to be the go to solution for dry herb enthusiasts.

On paper, the specs are designed to deliver the best clouds of vapor you’ve ever tasted. We can talk about it all day and babble about how good the ArGo from Arizer is. Just remember, this article is just the tip of the iceberg and there’s a lot to experience with the ArGo, but we’ll leave the verdict to you.

If you're interested in finding out what it exactly feels like to draw from a top tier vaporizer from a legendary label, grab yourself one now.

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