The Ice Man: A Quick Look at The Randy's Chill Vaporizer

The Ice Man: A Quick Look at The Randy's Chill Vaporizer

Released earlier this year, the Chill vaporizer from Randy's is dubbed as the world's first ever vaporizer which lets you freeze the tube/mouthpiece to help you cool down your vapors for smoother and milder hits. In this review, we'll look into this unique portable vaporizer and find out if this new vaporizer is just another vape fad. How long will we see Randy's Chill vaporizers for sale in our favorite vape shops? Let's find out. 


The Chill – An Introduction  

The Chill from Randy's is a portable vaporizer that's designed and engineered to vaporize wax concentrates and dry herb strains which allows users to enjoy the benefits of both materials without having to sacrifice performance and functionality. I personally like to take wax concentrates with me when I go out and about, there's just something about the consistency of wax concentrates which makes reloading with these materials easier compared to ground dry herbs, and besides dry herbs are a dead giveaway. People will easily identify dried weed than concentrates, though I wouldn't want to consume more than 5 grams of dabs when vaping outside since it brings me down really good. Wax concentrates have far more potent effects than dried herbs so a small dab can go a long way. The Chill gives you the freedom to change the kind of material you use depending on the situation and doing so does not require too much preparation.   

Randy's Chill is constructed differently compared to other vaporizers, the traditional portable vaporizer holds the actual rechargeable battery either at the bottom or at the side of the vaporizer unit and places the atomizer on top of the vaporizer which is then either sealed or fastened securely by a mouthpiece.   

The folks from Randy's have always seen this pattern and have found that because the atomizer of the heating element is closely set to the mouthpiece, the users are subjected to warm to an almost hot vapor output. Hot vapors are generally harsh and can cause coughing and irritation to the throat. While some may appreciate the robust sensation of inhaling warm vapors, many still prefer to experience the benefits of their materials without getting that itchy, hemming feeling. The people from Randy's approached this as a challenge and designed a vaporizer that will hold the atomizer as far as it could from the mouthpiece.   


How the Chill Works  

Because of this idea Randy's have created the Chill, a vaporizer that keeps its heating element at the bottom of the battery instead of keeping it at the top. This design allows the Chill to provide the vapors a longer vapor path to travel to let the vapors cool down before reaching your mouth, throat, and lungs. The distance between the atomizer to the tip of the mouthpiece is at around 2.5 inches giving the vapors enough space to break the heat and allow the vapors to lose any irritants giving you only the cleanest and purest vapors that are easy on the throat and on the lungs.   

The Chill uses two high-grade, hand-blown glass tubes. One can be used as a water bubbler which adds the element of water filtration to your daily sessions and the other tube holds a medical-grade, non-toxic gel that freezes when stored in the fridge, giving you that ice-cold sensation. The longer you freeze the tube, the better the results. I initially tested mine, leaving it for about 15 minutes till frozen and was enough for a few drags before it gets back to normal temperature. You can then put it back on the fridge or use the other tube and fill it with water which cools the vapors enough but doesn't exactly mimics the effects you'd achieve with the freezable tube. The vaporizer also has an open window where you'll see the glass bubbler tube and the freezable tube at work – a nice touch.   

ThChill vaporizer includes two atomizers (one for herbs and one for concentrates) and is located at the bottom of the vaporizer. It can easily be removed by pulling it out, a sturdy chamber or case holds the heating element in place and the actual atomizer can easily be taken out by pushing it downwards. A separate atomizer can be found at the other side of the bottom part of the vaporizer through a rubber cover that hides a compartment where the other atomizer is kept. You simply have to peel the rubber cover and pull out the alternative atomizer to switch from vaping one material to another. You put the atomizer the same way you took it out and wait till you hear the snapping sound of the magnetic connections.   

The Chill vaporizer from Randy's turns on the same way you turn on your regular portable vaporizer. Five clicks turn it on, three clicks let you toggle between heat settings and five clicks turns it off. Randy's made the right decision in designing the Chill to operate like the average vape. It cuts the learning curve. If you've ever played video games, you'd know that switching from one video game console to another requires a bit of getting used to before you can truly adjust to the new hardware, let alone the button mapping from the gamepads since they differ from console to console. Switching from one vaporizer to another – at least for me – which uses different controls and button combinations feel pretty much the same as jumping from one console to another.   

The Chill comes with a USB charger and accepts a Micro USB pin so recharging your vaporizer won't exactly be an issue. You can charge it on your computer or from your car and even on your mobile devices like your laptop or from an external power bank.   


Final Thoughts  

The Chill from Randy's is certainly a vaporizer to watch out for. There are a lot of vaporizers out there but none can offer the same versatility and functionality the Chill can offer. If you want ice-cold hits that lets you experience that cool, soothing effect then Randy's Chill is the perfect vaporizer for you. I honestly don't see the Chill going away, not anytime soon. There are a lot of consumers out there who are looking for this kind of vaporizer and I'm glad to say that Randy's Chill is here to stay.  Make sure to grab yourself one of Randy's Chill vaporizer for sale in your favorite retail stores and in your favorite online vape shops.  

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