The Eyce 2.0 Water Bong Review

The Eyce 2.0 Water Bong Review

Distinctive in design and unparalleled in performance, the Eyce 2.0 Water Bong revolutionizes the way you enjoy and consume your select dry herb materials and allows you to fully customize your smoking sessions. Thanks to its unique bong building capabilities, the fun of toking and the possibilities of using the Eyce 2.0 is simply endless.

The Eyce 2.0 Water Bong is made by none other than Eyce Molds, a family owned business based in Colorado Springs. Founded in 2013, Eyce has been known to produce top-tier units both for wax and botanical consumption. Most of their noteworthy products in their epic collection of bongs, beakers, rigs and spoons are made of high-grade FDA Certified Platinum-Cured Silicone, making Eyce units almost nearly indestructible.

In the same fashion, the Eyce 2.0 Water Bong makes a fitting addition to the Eyce line-up. One of its strongest suit apart from its many features is its reusable and rebuildable capabilities. You no longer need to worry about breaking your bong, the Eyce 2.0 Water Bong allows you to build one every time it breaks. In fact, since the material of the Eyce 2.0 is water turned into ice, you’re guaranteed to use a fresh, new unit almost every session.

All you need to do is fill up the mold with water, put it in the fridge, and assemble the Eyce 2.0 Water Bong. It’s almost like Lego and Play Dough for adults who like to get medicated quickly.  It’s a DIY water pipe kit that allows you unlimited use and makes for a creative tool for themed parties, smoking sessions or just for some casual toking.

Key Features
Now that’s just the tip of the “Eyce-berg,” let’s dig deeper and see what makes the Eyce 2.0 Water Bong one of the most sought after units in dry herb consumption.

● Unique and Innovative Design
● Breakable but Rebuildable
● 100% Safe and Reusable
● Easy to Use
● Ice Cold Hits
● Fun

So, as the spec sheet says, the Eyce 2.0 Water Bong is all about fun, value and
comfort. It eliminates the traditional issues that comes with conventional glass bongs.  Now, don’t get me wrong. I’ve been a fan of glass bongs since I started toking, but man, the Eyce 2.0 is just on a different level.

Unique and Innovative Design
Probably the first of its kind, the Eyce 2.0 Water Bong features a unique and innovative design like no other. I’ve seen friends put ice on their glass bongs. To those who want chilly hits that are easy on the lungs and on the throat, putting ice cubes on your glass bong is a good solution, it consummates the potent and robust flavor of your botanicals and gives a perfectly cool hit. Some glass bongs are designed to take ice into the equation, especially those made out of super strong borosilicate glass, but to achieve immaculately polar results, a bong made out of ice is the only way to go.

Apart from drawing smoke that’s easy to the lungs, cold smoke is better since it tends to travel smoother and does not decrease the potency of your materials. This allows you to smoke on a roll and allows you to take longer drags. Longer sessions mean higher highs.  The Eyce 2.0 Water Bong is designed by computer hardware engineers, it’s extremely innovative and is surprisingly functional. The Eyce 2.0 Water Bong is capable of cooling smoke to “an astonishing -3 degrees Celsius” and claims to be “scientifically proven” in generating the coldest smoke possible.

The advantages of using glass, silicone, and plastic are married together in the Eyce 2.0 design and in a YouTube video found on their website from their YouTube channel, Eyce says that it’s the “last water pipe you’ll ever need to own.”  Since the bong will be made entirely out of ice, you’ll get a comfortable mouthpiece with an ergonomically designed stand that’s got finger grips. The grommet seal is also airtight so you won't experience leaks when smoking. The molds are also made out of FDA Certified Platinum-Cured Silicone so it’s both strong and safe.

You’ll never want more once you’ve had the Eyce 2.0 Water Bong.
Breakable but Rebuildable Glass bongs can be a pain because they’re almost impossible to clean and they’re really easy to break. I’ve broken tens of bongs in my years especially during parties.  Don’t we all hate it when someone who can’t handle himself finally manages to mishandle our bongs with their flimsy hands when they’re totally stoned?  Yes, indeed.

Glass bongs aren’t cheap, especially the premium ones which cost around hundreds of dollars. Some, like me treat them as investments and breaking them isn’t just part of the plan. With the Eyce 2.0 Water Bong, you’ll never have to worry about breaking your bong. Building one is as easy as it is fun, Eyce gives a more detailed step-by-step guide and here’s how.

1. Lubricate the parts after taking them out of the box.
2. Insert the mouthpiece onto the mold.
3. Insert core pin onto the side of the mold.
4. Insert stand at the bottom of the mold.
5. Fill with water.
6. Insert plug located on the stand.
7. Freeze.
8. Run warm water on the mold to easily remove ice.
9. Join grommet and downstem.
10.Remove core pin from the ice.
11.Remove ice from the mold.
12.Join grommet to ice bong.

It’s not as painstaking as it looks like, it’s actually enjoyable and a fulfilling
experience which allows you to have fun while building your bong. I love that you’re downright involved in the process of assembling it, which makes customization perfectly possible.  I’ve once been into a “Casino Royale” themed party and have seen the hosts include dices and playing cards in the ice. You can get creative and put fruits to add flavor to the vapor or do the same and add stuff to the ice to fit whichever theme there is at the party.
The possibilities are endless, food coloring is another artsy option for the imaginative and the visionary. Eyce 2.0 Water Bong sessions makes for a truly memorable experience.

Safe and Reusable
The components of the Eyce 2.0 are made from Food Grade Silicone that’s perfectly safe even after prolonged and extensive use. The fact that it’s perfectly reusable provides this unit much value that’s way more than what you’ve already paid for. The Eyce 2.0 Water Bong ensures a lifetime high, it’ll save you tons of money in the long run since you won’t have to keep buying new bongs.

In my opinion, it’s even safer than glass bongs since glass bongs tend to acquire
material buildups overtime, soaking them in cleaners doesn’t really do the job for me. I’m the kind who likes to scrub down all the impurities away, and most glass bongs won’t fit my chunky hands. The Eyce 2.0 Water Bong in the other hand is dishwasher safe and since I build new bongs every session, I get clean and smooth smoke every time, which puts me at peace. And for all the lazy folks out there, the Eyce 2.0 Water Bongs mouthpiece and downstem are the only essential parts you have to really clean, especially when you pass it around at group sessions.

Another thing I like about the Eyce 2.0, like most Eyce products, is that its super travel-friendly. You don’t have to worry about breaking anything since you can virtually build bongs on location. For someone who rides motorcycles like me, this functional and practical feature is extremely appreciated. I just dump my kit in my satchel and ride on, drop at my friend’s house, and build on. The minimum time it takes to freeze a bong is 12 hours, so in some cases, we pre-build it to make sure it’s perfect when we use it. The trick is to re-freeze the bong after you take it out of the fridge, and when you put it back, make sure you place it upside-down which allows the freezing moisture to seal the mouthpiece.

eyce 2.0 ninja suit bong cover

Eyce 2.0 Water Bong Ninja Suit
The fund doesn’t end here for Eyce fanboys, the Eyce 2.0 can be upgraded through several attachments and accessories, some are not included in the kit but can be purchased easily and are generally available. The Eyce 2.0 is compatible with any 9mm to 10mm slides which increase the functionality and versatility of these icy hot bongs.

The Ninja Suit
Eyce 2.0 Water Bongs can be equipped with a lifespan extending accessory, the Ninja Suit makes for a good supplement for those who look to do more with their builds.  The Ninja Suit prolongs the life of your ice bongs for more than an hour out of the freezer without melting, it also creates an airtight seal when you firmly press the grommet against the ice. Even more beneficial, it keeps your hands from freezing and allows you to hold the Eyce 2.0 virtually almost any way you want.

Eyce 2.0 Expansion Kit
Because there’s no such thing as too much bongs, the Eyce 2.0 Expansion kit allows you to go for multiple towers to bring to your party. Get the whole collection by including the original Eyce 2.0 water pipe and the Eyce 2.0 Ninja Suit to your bong conglomeration. Never run out of reasons to smoke with the Eyce 2.0 Expansion Kit.

In Closing
How you choose a bong depends entirely on your toking preferences, some like it harsh and robust, and some like it cool and classy. The Eyce 2.0 Water Bong is perfect for those who are looking for a unique, satisfying, and rewarding high. The Eyce 2.0 is packed with cool features you’re sure to love. Getting elevated can’t be cooler than this.

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