The Atmos Astra 2: An Out-Of-Body Experience

The Atmos Astra 2: An Out-Of-Body Experience

The Atmos Astra 2: An Out-Of-Body Experience

Astral Projection is a widely known philosophical belief that presents the path to enlightenment and elevation. A condition where the mind and the body are autonomous and where a sublime sense of freedom is achieved. Almost comparable to the separation of the spirit and the body, an experience that surpasses all satisfaction, pleasure and gratification.

No longer would you have to ponder hard and long to reach this euphoric conclusion, a promise of an identical out-of-body experience is at the touch of your fingertips thanks to Atmos’ newest dry herb vaporizer: the Atmos Astra 2. Small and extremely portable, you can enjoy the perfect uplifted experience from your select dry herb strains almost anywhere you go.

Never before has a portable dry herb vaporizer opened a path to ultimate ecstacy, we’ll look at why this portable dry herb vaporizer is a must have.


The Spec Sheet

  • Portable And Sleek Design
  • Crisp OLED Screen
  • Vibration Notifications
  • Scratch Resistant Body
  • Versatility
  • Plenty Of Room For Materials

Today on our good ol’ spec sheet we check the boxes and talk about what makes the Atmos Astra 2 portable dry herb vaporizer your key to the gates of Nirvana.


The Atmos Astra 2 Design

The Atmos Astra 2’s body is ergonomically engineered to comfortably fit the palm of your hands, in fact, it’s body’s shape allows the Atmos Astra 2 portable dry herb vaporizer to fit almost anywhere. Be it your hand or your pocket, one can say that the Atmos Astra 2 was designed with the on-the-go bud aficionado in mind.

The Atmos Astra 2 measures 4.05 inches tall, 1.8 inches wide, and 0.95 inches thick, which makes this portable dry herb vaporizer one of the lightest, most compact and most powerful units on the market today. Apart from being conveniently portable, the Atmos Astra 2 also transcends the boundaries of versatility and comes with two mouthpieces which allows you to choose and adjust your vaping style depending on your taste.

The way we see it, the flat mouthpiece makes for a more compact embouchure and is more suited for when you like to take quick hits on the fly, while the longer glass mouthpiece allows for better vapor output and is more suited for a more organized indoor session. Simply swap between mouthpieces to get the most out of your materials. Whether going for ninja or just chillin’ at home, you’ll never find yourself worrying about changing the way you vape, let your vape change the way it works for you with the Atmos Astra 2.

Moreover, what I loved about the Atmos Astra 2 the most is its rubber shoulder grips. More than  just a personal preference, portable vaporizers that are lined if not covered with rubber or silicone proves to be a cut above the rest. Not only does it prevent the vaporizer from slipping from your hands (damaging your precious unit), it also increases the device’s overall performance. The heat coming from the palm of your hands contributes to the overall temperature of your handheld vaporizer, the less contact it makes, the more chance it gives your vape to cool off. It adds both function and aesthetic beauty of the Atmos Astra 2. A big check, these components make the Astra 2 a pleasure to use and to carry.


Crisp OLED Screen

Apart from its stunning and well thought of design, the Atmos Astra 2 is equipped with amazing and advanced features you’re sure to love. I personally have found it hard to switch between vapes after getting used to the Astra 2’s smooth OLED Screen.

The OLED Screen keeps you well informed with what’s happening, your battery level, your temperature setting and all, plus the OLED screen is such a delight to look at. Unlike other screens with confusing layouts, the Atmos Astra 2’s intuitively designed display won’t flood you with information at all. It features haptic vibration notifications which allows the Atmos Astra 2 to communicate with you even when it’s stashed inside your pocket.

The buttons and the controls allow you to effortlessly adjust the Atmos Astra 2’s wide temperature range. Precision heating can be achieved through the push of a button, which lets you alter the heat from 300F to 435F. Atmos knows that different dry herb strains require different levels of heating to achieve the best results, extracting the best results and yielding the most palpable sensations out of your choice dry herb materials.

The freedom to select your prefered heat setting allows the Atmos Astra 2 to fully unlock your select dry herb strains’ full potential, giving you the most potent outputs and the most satisfying hits. This versatile feature is best complemented with the interchangeable mouthpieces, the flat mouthpiece works well with bud aficionados who prefer the strong and harsh vapors drawing close enough from the heated material while the long glass chambers would be more of the prefered option for dry herb devotees who opt for cooler and smoother vapor outputs. Whichever way you go, the Atmos Astra 2 ensures the best vaping experience draw after draw.


Gift From The Gods

The Atmos Astra 2 is like a gift from the Gods, a vaping experience with divine intervention. The vapor output is superbly good, thanks to the large ceramic embedded chamber which allows you to pack more herbs. Like an e-juice tank on a powerful box mod, the ceramic embedded chambers hold more material for a stronger and a more compelling result.

Adding more value to your money is it’s anodized scratch free body, like a rock that fell from heaven the Atmos Astra 2 will stay shiny even after long and strenuous use. The body of the Astra 2 is coated with a protective oxide layer which not only preserves the Astra 2’s glossy metal components but also helps improve the Astra 2’s longevity and superb overall quality. Its high-quality material construct even makes the Astra 2 feel durable enough to withstand a fair amount of carrying and use activity.

Prepare for an out of this world experience with the Atmos Astra 2.

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