Terrific Thoroughbred: The True Blue ROIL Blue

Terrific Thoroughbred: The True Blue ROIL Blue

Terrific Thoroughbred: The True Blue ROIL Blue

Now, by definition, the word “roil” means to disturb a placid body of water resulting in interruption below and causing disorder among the sediments underneath.

Similarly, the Roil series from #ThisThingRips was designed and engineered to create an orchestrated disturbance in the vape industry by being one of the go-to solutions for wax and concentrate consumption. The original Roil featured a complete kit (vape pen, charger, a dab tool, cleaning wipes, and a platinum cured storage jar) and was equipped with all the most sophisticated features you can find for a wax pen vaporizer of its class. Dab enthusiasts knew then that the #ThisThingRips Roil series of portable pen vaporizers was something to watch out for.

From it’s small and seemingly inconsequential ripples now comes a tide and a force to be reckoned with, with its newest family member the all-new Roil Series Gen3 Vaporizer, #ThisThingRips looks to crush the wax pen vaporizer competition.


The Spec Sheet

  • Coil-less Ceramic Floating Atomizer
  • Smart Battery
  • New Vapor Blast Mouthpiece
  • Classic Chamber / Mouthpiece
  • Base Station Silicone Storage Tray


Now that we know what the #ThisThingRips Roil Series Gen3 Vaporizer looks like on paper, let's talk about how these features which #ThisThingRips claims to set the Roil Series Gen 3 Vaporizer apart from the average concentrate vaporizer.


Coil-less Ceramic Technology

Coil-less Atomizers have been in the concentrate consumption scene for a while now and is widely considered as a total breakthrough in the vaping industry. It removed the need for a cotton wick which had a bad and burnt taste after prolonged and heavy use. Coil-less attys also eliminated the unwanted concentrate build-ups you get when using quartz atomizers.

In general, the coil-less ceramic technology greatly improved the lives of concentrate consumers. It made vaping easier and safer. That’s why in 2016, coil-less atomizers became widely popular amongst vape aficionados and have seen innovative improvements.

#ThisThingRips looks to utilize this concept in their Roil Series Gen3 Vaporizer. Many believe and would agree that coil-less atomizers allow the delivery of cooler and smoother low-temperature hits which releases the full flavor spectrum of your select waxy oil materials.

For the flavor chasers who prefer the slow heating effects of coil-less ceramic atomizers, the #ThisThingRips Roil Series Gen3 Vaporizer would be an irresistible option. It’s coil-less ceramic floating atomizer evenly heats materials which give out a more subtle yet smoother vapor that faithfully preserves the flavor quality of wax concentrates.

Apart from its flavor extracting properties, coil-less ceramic atomizers have been known for being an efficient option in concentrate consumption. Coil-less atomizers eliminate wax build-ups, unlike coiled atomizers, coil-less attys are designed to allow your wax to stay at the bottom when the atomizer heats up. Coil-less atomizers perpetually heat up your materials till’ they’re gone. It also allows you to safely vaporize wax materials without ever re-heating and re-vaporizing wax that could otherwise be leftovers from your previous session.


Smart Battery

Because different wax concentrates needs to be heated in different ways the #ThisThingRips Roil Series Gen3 Vaporizer included a nifty feature in their vape battery. They made the battery smart enough to remember your last heat setting, no need to re-adjust the #ThisThingRips Roil Series Gen3 Vaporizer every time you power it up, it effectively does an efficient job at fine-tuning the settings itself.

The #ThisThingRips Roil Series Gen3 Vaporizer battery also features a 12-hour battery life, how crazy is that? Enjoy a day of vaping without ever worrying of recharging, well, that’s for the more heavy and frequent concentrate consumers. Imagine 12 hours of successive sessions, #ThisThingRips Roil Series Gen3 Vaporizer’s powerful 650mAh battery lets you vape till’ you drop!

It also allows you to charge the Roil Series Gen3 Vaporizer while in use, #ThisThingRips Roil Series Gen3 Vaporizer lets you wield the power of pass-through charging, just plug it in a wall socket and enjoy unlimited vaping sessions. This feature fully complements the #ThisThingRips Roil Series Gen3 Vaporizer’s durable coil-less ceramic floating atomizer and lets you enjoy lengthy and extensive vaping sessions.


New Vapor Blast Mouthpiece

Sleek and sophisticated from top to bottom, the Roil Series Gen3 Vaporizer from #ThisThingRips features a smooth matte black finish. Therefore, the mouthpiece should perfectly blend in with this stylistic design.

#ThisThingRips engineered the mouthpiece not only to match the Roil Series Gen3 Vaporizer’s sleek and discreet design but it’s also methodically crafted to be more powerful than ever before. The new forged Vapor Blast Mouthpiece efficiently funnels the vapors resulting to more powerful draws.

For #ThisThingRips Roil Series Vaporizer devotees, the hallmark classic mouthpiece is included.


Base Station Silicone Storage Tray

Finally, the Basestation Silicone Storage Tray solidifies and cements your #ThisThingRips Roil Series Gen3 Vaporizer experience. A place where you can keep all your vaping paraphernalia, the Basestation Silicone Storage Tray accommodates the accessories that come with Roil Series Gen3 Vaporizer: the battery, the atomizer, the mouthpieces, the USB cable and the dab tool. The Basestation Silicone Storage Tray also serves as a repository for other vaping and smoking essentials like papers, materials and lighters.

#ThisThingRips knows that most vaping aficionados like to keep or store their investments neat and clean. Well, the Basestation Silicone Storage Tray is the perfect pedestal for your Series Gen3 Vaporizer. It looks perfectly at home and feels perfectly right to keep it in this formidable foundation.

The base station is platinum cured which promises overall durability and it’s nearly indestructible.


The Wax Vaporizer For The General Consumer

The #ThisThingRips Roil Series Gen3 Vaporizer is a legitimate product of #TTR’s work with consumers and retailers. In our opinion what makes the #ThisThingRips Roil Series Gen3 Vaporizer close to our hearts is that it’s a combined input of the majority of concentrate consumers and salesperson who are actually using these products and who have a common goal of innovating and improving their experiences. These efforts combined allow #ThisThingRips to produce and design the best possible version of their existing products.

The #ThisThingRips Roil Series Gen3 Vaporizer is a complete package, this only proves that the Roil has established itself as a legit line of thoroughbred vaporizers, we’re excited to see what the future holds for the Roil series.

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