Pulsar APX Volt: Up Close and Personal 

Pulsar APX Volt: Up Close and Personal 

Pulsar APX Volt: Up Close and Personal   


Pulsar, a vaporizer manufacturer known for their world-class devices have recently released a new portable wax vaporizer. The Pulsar Volt hails from the APX line – a family of compact, portable, and powerful vaporizers. The Volt, like its other brethren, is an interesting unit since it promises the perfect balance of power and portability, density and functionality, efficacy and practicality. So, I decided to pick one for myself to see if the Pulsar APX Volt is truly what it claims to be.   


Join me as I get up close and personal with this new portable wax vaporizer.  


Pulsar – Redefining the Industry Standards  

Pulsar finds itself in an industry flooded with products made to fit everyone's needs. Believing that "every person is a unique creature," Pulsar began conceptualizing a product that can cater to the different needs of each individual. Born from the idea that no two people are the same and that personal preference plays a critical role in achieving a unique vaping experience, the APX line of vaporizers were designed and engineered to provide users with a distinct encounter, entirely based on one's particular penchant.   


Pulsar understands that while some people like to keep a low-key whilst taking quick and discreet hits on their feet, others prefer to blow huge, visible, and dense clouds of vapor whenever they get the chance to do it. That's why Pulsar's vaporizers like the Volt, is outfitted with features that are focused on providing an individual with complete control over their sessions. A simple but obvious component found on Pulsar vapes are their various voltage settings. With the simple push of a button, one can change or alter the arrangement of their vaporizers to either provide them with stealthy, thin wisps of vapor or with pronounced and conspicuous clouds that would be the envy of cloud connoisseurs.   


Will the Volt live up to the quality the APX family is known for? Or will it be a failed attempt to continue and keep the legacy of an established brand? Let's find out.  


The Volt – At First Glance  

To be honest, the Volt looks pretty much the same as other APX vaporizers. I feel that it's good that Pulsar did not deviate from the iconic APX design but I also feel that they could have done better in terms of the Volt's ergonomics. I'm not mad about it, nor am I disappointed, I just think it could still be improved. They've done better aesthetics in the Pulsar Flow, I don't see why it can't be done with the Volt.   


It features a wide selection of color options, from the subtle ones like black, silver, and blue to the fun and iconic patterns like tie-dye, THC molecule, and wood grain. You're sure to find the right color to match your style, mood, and personality.   


The Volt stands at 3.5 inches, smaller than most portable vaporizers and even smaller than most wax pen vaporizers on the market. Its micro-sized body allows you to keep it in your pocket or at the very least anywhere you could keep a smartphone. It can easily be concealed in the palm of your hands, comes in handy especially if you're into low-key vaping or if you're outside and if you're around nosy folks whose prying eyes act as both conduit of judgment and disapproval.   


Overall, even with its boxy build, the Volt can still be used with comfort and with ease.   


Key Features  

The Pulsar APX Volt portable wax vaporizer is outfitted with a 1100mAh battery. The Volt features variable voltage settings ranging from 2.5 volts, 2.8 volts, 3.2 volts, and 3.7 volts respectively. I've found that the first two settings are perfect for low-temp sessions which yields extremely flavorful wisps of vapor. I was able to taste all the flavor notes of my favorite concentrates as well as indulge in its distinct aroma. Though the visibility and density of the vapors can be seen as less than decent, the flavor payoff is definitely worth it. The higher voltage settings, on the other hand, increased the potency and the viscosity of the clouds. While it lacked the taste of low-temp dabs, it intensified the upshots especially in high THC concentrates. I'm surprised to find that it only took the Pulsar APX Volt vaporizer an average of 5 to 6 seconds to heat up and vaporize my concentrates. Though I haven't exactly tried concentrates with various consistencies (runny concentrates and thick concentrates) I'm pretty sure it won't have any difficulty in doing so.   


To complement the different heat profiles, Pulsar used a quartz coil-less cup atomizer. Quartz, by nature, is pure. Regardless of the temperature level, you're sure that it won't react chemically to heat nor will it affect the purity of your concentrates. That's why even in high-temp sessions, the Volt can still produce vapors that don't taste like burnt wax. I love how the coil-less cup atomizer helps you save wax by vaporizing every bit of it. I know you'll get material and resin buildup in the long run but the probability of having to clean and see your concentrates go to waste in between sessions is slim to none. I don't like seeing wax accumulate on my atomizers, while they're a pain to clean, I don't like seeing my materials end up as waste – wax isn't at all cheap.   


Finally, the Pulsar APX Volt portable wax vaporizer comes as a full kit. One thing you'd want to know when purchasing vaporizers are what's included in the box. Some vaporizers, especially those that lean towards the more expensive price point would include only the charger and the vaporizer. The Pulsar APX Volt includes a dab tool and a silicone container giving you almost all the essential tools to get you going. You won't find yourself spending any more money on vape accessories just to get the full experience. The Pulsar APX Volt vaporizer sets you at the right path.   


Final Thoughts  

Sure, the Volt isn't exactly jam-packed with features like automatic temperature calibration, special memory function, nor does it feature a downloadable app like what a fancy vape would do but it offers the essential components required to provide you with a tailor-fit experience.   


The benefits you'd get from vaping cannabis with the Volt sure is right for the price. Variable voltage setting, compact and sturdy build and the right blend of flavor and power. I'd recommend it to any vape newcomer and even advanced users.   

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