Puffco Plus Vaporizer Review

Puffco Plus Vaporizer Review

The Puffco Plus wax pen vaporizer is easily one of the most recognizable units in today’s industry. It has gained a strong foothold in the wax pen vaporizer market because of its undeniable emphasis on performance and convenience. It’s one of the most functional portable wax vaporizers in the business. With a coilless ceramic chamber and a built-in dab tool, the Puffco Plus takes your on-the-go wax vaping experience to a whole new level.

Puffco has been around the vaping scene since late 2013 when a man named Roger Voladarsky decided that the vaping industry needed more than what it could exactly provide. The man brought together the “disciplines of design, technology, and engineering to create Puffco,” an award-winning company with the one goal of creating the “best platform for concentrate consumption.” The birth of Puffco gave way to the perfect marriage of tradition and innovation. Puffco vaporizers have upheld the virtues of high living and introduced a safer and better means of wax concentrate consumption without “glues, fibers, or chemicals” in any of their products. Their collection of premium wax pen vaporizers are one of the most sought-after devices in the business, both recommended for newcomers and advanced wax concentrate consumers.

puffco plus wax vape pen review

The Inception Of The Puffco Plus

Puffco seized the portable vaporizer market and introduced safer and cleaner vaporizers to the general concentrate consumer. Puffco eschewed the use of traditional wicks and other conventional methods of vape craft that use typical constituents like adhesives or plastic to hold the vaporizers’ pieces together. Studies have proved that these components have a strong likelihood of turning into toxic byproducts that could potentially mix with the vapor. By doing away with these components Puffco gave us vaporizers that offer better tasting vapors, free of any contaminants.

Vaporizers from Puffco, like the Puffco Plus, promises a natural high. Allowing you to inhale vaporized wax in its purest form. It’s a tall order for such a small and portable wax pen vaporizer and today we’re putting it to the test.

In this review, we’ll look into how well does the Puffco Plus really fit into the picture for the daily dabber and how its coilless ceramic chamber and innovative mouthpiece changes the game for most wax consumers.

puffco plus dart 3 pack buy

The Puffco Dart

The Puffco Plus is made out of three parts, the battery, the chamber and the mouthpiece. Pretty much like the average device, but what sets it apart from the regular wax pen vaporizer is its unique mouthpiece. Dubbed as the “dart,” this ceramic, dual-purpose instrument serves as both an integrated dab tool and a mouthguard that minimizes spit backs and keeps your materials in its proper place.

Having a built-in dab tool is pretty convenient, it lets you travel without a separate loading instrument and allows you to pack the ideal amount of wax concentrate by simply dipping the dart onto your wax jar and attaching it back to the chamber. This made reloading faster especially when you’re vaping outdoors. I was able to pick up a nice sizeable amount with both waxes of runny and thick consistency with the dart, though using the integrated dab tool took me a bit of getting used to. I felt that it worked best when I pre-packed several broken pieces of wax concentrates in a portable container like the Prism from Puffco. I learned that by poking the dart into the broken waxes were better than scraping it off from the canister. Snap-and-pull waxes that stretch like taffy are better prepared and divided into smaller parts before sticking the dart into it. Overall, as long as you find the right trick for you, the dart will make reloading waxes a breeze.

The dart also creates an environment where the vapors travel in a controlled, sealed and somewhat spirally path making for a more smooth and satisfying result. Drawing from the mouthpiece feels uber comfortable and the dart helps reduce the hot droplets of waxes that occasionally shoot up as the wax concentrates bubble up when they cook.

The dart was pretty useful especially when I got the hang of using it and the more I dab with it, the more I learn to appreciate it. The dart lets you reload quickly even in the most nonideal situations.

Ceramic Magic

The Puffco Plus uses coilless ceramic heating elements to efficiently vaporize your wax concentrates. By completely eliminating wicks, rods, and coils, the Puffco Plus created a unique condition where your material is vaporized to the last drop. This ceramic oven is also responsible for providing you with vapors that have fuller flavors and cooks up your concentrates without the possibilities of combustion.

Puffco remained true to their promise and the performance of the Puffco Plus delivered vapors that are pure and flavorful. If you’ve ever tried any other wax pen vaporizer, you’ll notice a significant difference in flavor. I tried using an average coiled vaporizer versus the Puffco Plus coilless ceramic vaporizer and the distinction between the two is exponential. A coiled atomizer tends to heat up the waxes faster occasionally causing the material to burn leaving a bad aftertaste especially when you’re not careful with the temperature levels. Puffco Plus’ coilless ceramic chambers provide an experience that’s way different from the other end of the spectrum, it yields vapors that have high flavor retention which allowed me to taste the unique flavor profile of my concentrate. The battery of the Puffco Plus also sports three heat levels which allow you to adjust it depending on the consistency of your wax material. I’d recommend keeping it at 650°F which gives the blue light in its color-coded LED. Lower heat levels show as green at around 580°F and the hottest being white at around 720°F. The medium heat level provides the perfect blend of flavorful vapors with slightly dense clouds. If you’re in for low and slow cooking, you’ll find the lowest heat setting truly satisfying.

Overall, the ceramic heating chambers and the dual-purpose mouthpiece is a game changer and has been an awesome upgrade to how we vape our waxes. For the daily wax consumer like me vaping with the Puffco Plus proved to be a truly rewarding experience. It’s both convenient and functional. Apart from the innovative mouthpiece and the all-ceramic coilless chamber here are some of Puffco Plus’ features that I believe is not at all necessary but is otherwise appreciated.

  • Coilless ceramic bowl
  • Built-in loading tool
  • Built-in carb cap
  • 3 heat settings
  • Sesh-mode functionality
  • Fast charging / long battery life
  • Precision machined alloy housing
  • Fingerprint-resistant coating

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