Dr. Dabber Switch vs Puffco Peak - Which Is The Better Vaporizer?

Dr. Dabber Switch vs Puffco Peak - Which Is The Better Vaporizer?

Technology has taken mankind a long way. From the early discovery and means of controlling fire to the invention of handheld igniters and portable lighters, technology has made a significant impact even to marijuana consumers. From the actual application of fire in smoking and consumption of the cannabis plant to the modern-day battery-operated vaporizers that can vaporize any type of material with just a push of a button. These technological innovations paved the way for cutting-edge gadgetry that would all the more improve the overall quality of one’s vaping experience in general.  

Dabbing, or the consumption of cannabis concentrates is probably one of the major categories in cannabis consumption that benefited from these technological breakthroughs. Dabbing, in its early stage, was considered to be more of a daunting feat. One would have to use haphazard tools like a butane-based torch lighter to burn off the nails, letting it cool a bit, and then applying the wax concentrate onto the ceramic cups. I’m going to admit it and please don’t get me wrong, using traditional dab rigs has an aesthetic feel to it. More of like when a blacksmith is working on a masterpiece, though the high you’d get in using conventional dab rigs when consuming wax concentrates is pretty much a labor of love. The upshots are extremely satisfying. However, the process of getting there could be really challenging. I’m not against traditional dab rigs at all, we wouldn’t know what to use as a basis for all these high-tech innovations at all if it weren’t for dab rigs. While they’re all good for advanced users and season veterans who for years have been using and consuming wax concentrate, beginners and dabbing novices may find this task arduous and precarious. An inexperienced user that’s halfway stoned using subpar torches and dab rig components is definitely a recipe for disaster. I wouldn’t call this a misconception, it’s just mere misuse of hazardous apparatus and uncautious practice of dabbing. Luckily, we have modern-day technology to help us, these advanced and dynamic inventions have allowed even the ‘noobest’ practitioners to dab concentrates like a skillful expert. Here’s a look at today’s top two smartest vaporizers and the latest technology these e-rigs could offer.  


Taking You to Greater Heights 

One of the most prominent names in the vaping industry especially in wax concentrate consumption, Puffco, has been manufacturing wax vaporizers of the highest quality and thus became the go-to brand for people who look for more than just the average wax concentrate experience. Known for bringing together the “disciplines of design, technology, and engineering” to create the perfect platform for concentrated cannabis consumption, Puffco eschewed the traditional wax vaporizers that used glues and wicks in their products and devices and reinvented the way you consume waxes through devices that do not use synthetic adhesives or use hazardous chemicals that may contaminate the airways of your vaporizers. They’ve been making award-winning devices and their latest smart e-rig surpasses all that Puffco has accomplished.  

Earlier this year, Puffco announced and revealed their newest product, the Peak. The Peak is somewhat a cross between an e-nail and a dab rig. It exploits and perfectly marries the benefits of both devices and presents it in a portable and wireless device that’s geared towards performance and convenience. Here’s a quick look at its features.  

  • 4 Unique User Profiles 
  • 20-Second Average Heat Up Time 
  • ITC -- Intelligent Temperature Calibration 
  • LED Light Band / Haptic Feedback  
  • Fast Charging / Long Lasting  


Well, at the very least that’s what Puffco says about the Peak and in terms of smart cannabis technology, I can attest to how far the Peak has taken my dabbing sessions as compared to using traditional desktop and even portable dab rigs.  

For one, having four temperature settings allow you to take total control over your vaping sessions. Compared to using a torch and a nail, knowing how hot or how cold the nail is is pretty much of a guesswork. You’d have to be experienced to tell if your nail is ready, at what point is it best to start loading up your wax concentrates (to get the best results in extracting THC and CBD), and how to tell if you’ve been torching the nails long enough so your wax concentrates won’t go to waste since nails that are extremely hot will cause wax to splatter all over the place leaving you with lost material and we all know that wax isn’t cheap.  

Apart from having four preset temperature settings, I believe that what sets the Puffco Peak apart from other e-rigs is its smart tech -- ITC or Intelligent Temperature Calibration. The ITC will automatically adjust the heat should your bowl get too hot. Not only does the Puffco Peak makes dabbing easy for you but it also does the job of calculating the current temperature of your bowl and applying the right temperature to give you that ideal hit. It gives you that consistent dabbing experience where all you’ve got to is just press and puff. I found that ITC is best for when you feel like you’re almost hitting the ceiling of your cannabis tolerance and still you’d want to push it further. The ITC allows you to just sit back and kick it without the much needed “presence of mind” since it’ll do all the calculating for you and all you’re left to do is just to savor the moment till you take your high to higher levels and that’s something I haven’t been able to achieve with a conventional dab rig, at least not without someone helping me out.  


Giving You The Itch to Switch 

Our second smart rig comes from Dr. Dabber, known for making “premium” wax vaporizers, this Las Vegas-based manufacturer recently released the world’s first induction powered e-rig. The Dr. Dabber Switch is powered by induction heating, a stable, repeatable, precise, and non-contact means of heating your wax concentrates. Compared to traditional heating methods like conduction and convection heating, induction heats up your materials faster. While the Puffco Peak boasts of a 20-second average heat up time, the Dr. Dabber Switch does a far better job in heating your materials in just 4 seconds. Here are some of its other features.  

  • Dual-Purpose Modes for Leaf or Oil 
  • 25 Heat Settings on Advanced Mode 
  • 150+ Cycles From a Full Charge 
  • 33.3 Watt-Hour LiFePO4 Non-Volatile Battery Pack 
  • Reverse Polarity, Over and Under-Voltage Protection, Short Circuit Protection 
  • 120 Watts Total Output Power 
  • Self-Cleaning Mode 
  • Automatic Cool Down After Every Heat Cycle 
  • 25 LED Light Options (Plus Stealth Mode) 


Yes, you’ve read that right and no, you’re not mistaken. That’s 25 temperature profiles that are carefully fine-tuned to let you get the most of whatever material you put in the Dr. Dabber Switch. Similar to how the Puffco Peak makes use of high-tech heating innovations to let you personalize your vaping sessions. Whether you like dense and visible clouds of vapor or flavorful wisps of clouds, you’ll find these 25 temperature settings extremely helpful when vaping different kinds of extracts.  

Dr. Dabber Switch also has its own version of SmartWare that allows it to remember and use your favorite heat profile which lets you go back to your preferred heat setting conveniently. The Switch’s memory feature isn’t exactly as good as Puffco Peak’s ITC in terms of how useful it comes as for how its technology can be applied in certain situations when you’re vaping. Switch’s memory feature is basically something that will remember your last setting and will save you the trouble of browsing through 24 more profiles. Though in my opinion, what it lacked in this category it certainly made up for showcasing so much more.  


If you’re the tech savvy person who wants a vaporizer that does more than what the average joe can, the Puffco Peak will prove to be a more appealing choice and honestly, I’m taken away by the ITC’s capability to keep you vaping by automatically calibrating the heat settings instead of just giving you a preselected temperature profile. However, if you’re the person who looks for value and would want to get more out your money then the Dr. Dabber Switch will definitely be your best choice.  

Although deciding which e-rig is the smarter depends entirely on your preference, both these e-rigs are today’s best in terms of quality and technology.  


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