Storz & Bickel Plenty Vaporizer Review

Storz & Bickel Plenty Vaporizer Review

One expects nothing less than rich and flavorful clouds of vapors when vaping with desktop vaporizers. Tabletop vaporizers are simply the best vaporizers, bar none, and one could simply not accept mediocre experience when vaping with such a celebrated variety. That’s why vaping at home with desktop vapes are expected to be comfortable and stress-free with the highest vapor quality, exceeding what portable vaporizers can provide with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.  


Storz & Bickel, the same company that made the Volcano, is proud to offer the newest whip-style home vape in the market today, the Plenty Vaporizer. It features a large surface area and frame for heating your favorite herbs and extracts. It utilizes convection and conduction heating which delivers true vaporization with a touch of portability. It also boasts superior strength, unmatched potency, and easy natural draws. Let’s check what other benefits the Plenty Vaporizer has to offer on this detailed review. 


Expect 'Plenty' Vaping Experience

Plenty Vaporizer parts


Plenty Vaporizer, as the name suggests, is not your ordinary desktop vaporizer because it has a lot of vaping advantages to offer, making it one of the best desktop vapes today. It heats up quickly because of the advanced internal heating unit, creating amazing vapor production. The Plenty Vaporizer comes with an “oil pad” made of steel wool where you can place and heat your concentrates. We highly recommend setting the device's highest heat setting to get the most out of vape material. It is relatively simple to load the chamber, set the right temperature to get vapor and enjoy the natural draws.


Storz & Bickel just did it again because Plenty Vaporizer is a powerful, robust, and economically priced tabletop device. The Plenty Vaporizer is outfitted with a unique cooling coil which ensures efficient and effective delivery of vapors. The iconic double helix cooling coils act as both a filter and a cooler reducing and eliminating any irritants that remain on the vapors while cooling it giving you smoother airflow and virtually no draw resistance. This stainless-steel cooling coil that guarantees a pleasant and unforgettable aromatic experience.


The Plenty Vaporizer allows you to choose between 130°C to 202°C (266°F to 395°F) vaporization temperatures. An analog thermometer displays the temperature of the filling chamber. Safe operation is guaranteed with the impressive bi-metallic regulator with automatic switch-off and independent temperature control features.  The Plenty Vaporizer is a first-class desktop vaporizer that only uses medical-grade and food-safe materials, offering all the virtues of the famous Volcano Vaporizer.


When it comes to the design, Storz & Bickel crafted the Plenty with ease-of-use in mind. Many compare the appearance to a hardware equipment and others find it weird-looking. Well, each quirky feature has a purpose. Every component contributes to making the Plenty a convenient vaporizer which allows easy loading, silent operation, and promotes outstanding performance. It has been designed to stress safety in vaping, it’s engineered to yield cool vapors that won’t hurt your throat and won’t burn your lungs.


Plenty Vape Lifestyle



The Plenty Vaporizer immediately becomes a part of your daily vaping ritual not only because it makes vaping altogether simple and straightforward but it also makes even beginners and novices feel like a pro when using the Plenty Vaporizer.


You can access the orange-colored chamber by simply removing the coil section from the Plenty vaporizer itself. An impressive feature of the chamber is its large surface area which can hold up to 2 grams of packed material. Other tabletop vaporizers have restricted surface area with a deep and narrow chamber. The Plenty features a wide and shallow chamber, specifically designed for even heating and excellent vaporization made to accommodate large quantities of both herbs and extracts.


When vaping and loading materials in smaller quantities, we highly recommend using the included oil pad with the Plenty as a spacer so that the herbs or the extracts are held tightly against the chamber. Packing the material tightly ensures it won't fall on either side. This makes the Plenty Vaporizer a versatile unit perfect for when you want to go solo or when you’re on a group sesh. Plenty lets you experience optimum vaporization either when you’re sharing the love or when you feel like getting lifted on your own. Because your materials won’t move around, you’re sure they’re not going to waste and that every bit of dry herb and extract is vaporized, truly an efficient vaporizer.


To use it, simply turn on the unit as you're loading the material into the chamber. On the side, press the orange switch to turn it on then hit the auto-off release handle or trigger, and choose the desired temperature. The 6 ½ mark provides the best vapor roughly at 380 degrees Fahrenheit. The heat up time is around a minute or two. Just simply attach the coil, assemble once the desired temperature is reached, and you're ready to vape. With the 90-second shut-off feature, it allows saving your material while you're doing other things aside from vaping. You can easily get around with this by just turning off the auto-shut off when taking draws.


The experience of using the Plenty Vaporizer can be likened to that of using a portable device. It allows comfortable hold while taking a draw. Other tabletop vaporizers are really bulky without portability options. It is also compact and easy to store, it can easily fit your drawer or closet for easy upkeep.


Is It Worth It?

Yes, it is absolutely worth every penny! The vapor quality of Plenty is just remarkable, it is also very durable without any glass parts and only made from the highest quality materials. The chamber has a large surface area for even heating of your favorite material, thereby providing superb vapor quality and easy and uninterrupted vaping group sessions. It uses a precise temperature control system so you can vape at specific heat setting, allowing customization by following your desired level of intensity. You can enjoy all the benefits of your materials by choosing different temperature levels that can release different active ingredients held by your botanical blends or your select extracts, therefore, unlocking the full potential of your materials. If you are looking for a desktop vaporizer that’s worth your money, the Plenty Vaporizer is definitely the best choice. Grab your Plenty today for a unique and simply enjoyable desktop vaporizer experience!

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