More Is Better: What’s New With The Puffco Plus V2

More Is Better: What’s New With The Puffco Plus V2

More Is Better: What’s New With The Puffco Plus V2 


Puffco is a company whose name has been the epitome of improvement and betterment. It's pretty evident in their roots, their beginnings which started from a man’s desire to improve and refine the industry’s standards.  

Their journey began when Roger Voladarsky, the man behind Puffco, saw a great need for vaping devices the industry then could offer. He was most notable for bringing together “the principles of design, technology, and engineering” to create what is now an institution known for manufacturing some of the best vaporizers known in the concentrate consumption platform. They transformed what was then a shabby alternative to dabbing into a premium vaping platform. The man himself – Roger – wanted to try out dabbing but found the task too daunting. The idea of using a butane powered blowtorch to heat the nails on a dab rig isn’t at all too inviting for Roger as well as for many beginners who seek to try cannabis’ holy grail.  

Concentrates are the most potent product derived from cannabis, a small dab can go a long way and had most loose-leaf consumers knocked out of their socks. The sudden rush of concentrated THC in one’s bloodstreams may be too much for novices to take. That’s why dabbing with a seemingly complicated rig and a similarly complex torch may scare off those who want to try dabbing with a rig. In search of a safer alternative, many consumers like Roger sought a better way to consume their concentrates. Roger recollects that wax concentrate vaporizers were just repurposed e-cigarette vaporizers. They often break because of their poor construction and substandard raw material choice. The very first wax vapes were held together by glues and had fibrous wicks. Such components are known to react chemically to heat and sometimes cause toxicity. Roger sought to improve this newfound platform and founded Puffco 

Puffco began creating products that are composed of high-quality materials, the likes you’d see in the medical and in the food industry. Their flagship device, the Original Puffco Plus features high-grade components like premium ceramic and a precision machined alloy housing. The Puffco Plus became an icon and is still one of the best wax pen vaporizers to date.  


Meet The New Puffco Plus  

If you’ve been a devoted follower of the Puffco brand. You, at some point, might have heard of the Plus. The plus was known for its innovative design and exceptionally premium engineering. They say if Apple would have made a wax pen vaporizer, the Puffco Plus would be it.  

Through the years, the Puffco Plus has been seen as the epitome of wax pen vaporizers – but even icons need a facelift.  

Just recently, Puffco unveiled the newest version of the Puffco Plus, it’s still the same vaporizer we love but better. One of its most notable improvements is what lies under the hood. The new Puffco Plus now sports 15% more battery life. That means more fun, longer vaping sessions, and fewer recharges. The New Puffco Plus V2 also sports a new mouthpiece with sauce extension for easy scooping. Puffco took what made the Puffco Plus a staple and turned it into something even better.  


The Dart 

The original dart was an engineering marvel. A mouthpiece and a dab tool in one, the original design included a two-part component. First, the actual mouthpiece where you’ll draw vapors from and second, the dart, an instrument that serves both the loading tool and a mouthguard that works to minimize spit backs and keeps your concentrates in place when you vape. The new and improved Puffco Plus took the dart and updated it to answer the needs of the everyday connoisseur 

The old dart sported a pointed ceramic tip that you can use to stick into your concentrates to reload without the need of an actual dab tool. While it worked great with concentrates that have waxy and rubbery consistency, it wasn’t fairly good at scooping concentrates that are grainy like live resins and those that have a crusty consistency like shatter and taffy. These concentrates need to be scooped or else they would be hard to transfer and you might end up wasting your material. To address this issue, Puffco made the new dart with a sauce extension. A curved tip that resembles a sickle to aid reloading from jar to chamber. The dart also facilitates a proper environment for your concentrates giving them enough room to vaporize as well as giving the vapors a vortex-like condition giving the vaporized concentrate enough space to cool down.  


Something Old Something New 

The new Puffco Plus not only is new from the inside but also sports a fresh new look on the outside. While it still is housed in a precision machined alloy body, the push button on the new Puffco Plus is now replaced with the new Puffco logo. Rebranded from the old green cloud, the outside of the new Puffco Plus vaporizer shows the sleek dark metallic hexagon split into two. It still has the premium finish for those who don’t like their fingerprints lying around their vaporizers.  

Although the new Puffco Plus got several upgrades, the purists will be delighted to know that it still retained some of its original features. The new Plus still has the pressure sealed ceramic bowls. Designed to keep all your concentrates on the bottom of the bowl, you’d still enjoy its efficient vaporization as well as its even heating capabilities. The ceramic bowls do not have coils which means that you’ll have no materials building up on the heating element.  

Another feature that stays is the temperature profiles. The Puffco Plus still boasts unique heat profiles to let you experience the best of your concentrates. The Puffco Plus was meant to be used like a dab rig and not like your average wax pen vaporizer. The pressure sealed chambers, as well as the variable heat settings, are perfect for consuming an entire dose at once. And while the Puffco Plus was designed not to be overfilled, it still carries Puffco’s hallmark sesh mode for larger doses of concentrates. The sesh mode can also be seen in other Puffco vaporizers like the Puffco Peak.  


The Most Awarded Vape Pen  

Puffco has all the right to brag about the Plus, they’ve got all the awards to back it up.  

They’ve won back to back 1st place from the prestigious High Times Magazine Awards and here are just a few of them.  

  • High Times Cannabis Cup Midwest 2017: 1st Place Best Vaporizer 
  • High Times Medical Cannabis Cup SoCal 2016: 1st Place Best Vaporizer  
  • High Times Cannabis Cup and Carnival San Bernardino 20161st Place Best Vaporizer  
  • High Times Medical Cannabis Cup Michigan 20161st Place Best Vaporizer 
  • High Times Medical Cannabis Cup NorCal 20161st Place Best Vaporizer 
  • High Times Medical Concentrates Cup and Art Show SoCal 2016: 1st Place Best Vaporizer 


With such collection of awards, the Puffco Plus can well be the most awarded vaporizer ever beating both local and international competition. If you’re looking to check out and shop for some concentrate pens. Give the all-new Puffco Plus vaporizer a go and we’re sure you won’t be disappointed. Experience the best of what today’s industry has to offer with the new and improved Puffco Plus vaporizer. This premium vape pen is a sure recommendation both for vape beginners and seasoned veterans who are looking for a premium experience without the premium price tag. It’s an advanced device that does not require one to learn new vaping skills and will allow you to vape on your favorite concentrates without any difficulties.  

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