7th Floor Life Saber Review

7th Floor Life Saber Review

7th Floor Life Saber Review

The Life Saber is a revolutionary desktop vaporizer that functions and operates almost as similar to a portable unit. Although it requires to be plugged into a wall socket in order to function, the Life Saber Vaporizer or LSV will not demand that you place it atop your table in order to use it. The Life Saber makes vaping nearly anywhere (as long as there’s an available power outlet) possible.  


Hallmark to 7th Floor vaporizers, the LSV boasts durable and hard-wearing body thanks to its aircraft-grade aluminum housing which not only safeguards it and its internal components from wear and tear but also gives it a lighter weight which complements its portable design. A ceramic coated heating element prevents metallic oxidation and safely delivers heat to your materials via convection heating. This means that your loose-leaf blends and other botanical plant matter will not come into direct contact with the heating element itself. This prevents combustion which may result to health-related concerns. The Life Saber Vaporizer produces clean and flavorful vapors that are safe for ingestion.  


Check out our review of the Life Saber Vaporizer and find out if it’s worth it and if it’s the right tabletop vaporizer for you.  


Not Your Average Desktop Vaporizer 

Life Saber


While the Life Saber performs and yields vapors that you’d expect from a top-tier tabletop unit, it looks and operates unlike one.  


Instead of standing upright, the LSV is outfitted with an aluminum gun barrel housing with a 10-foot power cord to make sure it provides you enough length even when it’s plugged into your mains power source. The LSV could well be designed and engineered to compete with other desktop vaporizers that offer portable means of vapor ingestion, like that of a balloon bag. With its lengthy power cord, the Life Saber can offer a good deal of reach and can easily be passed around making it perfect for large group sessions. Compared to using a stationary unit, the LSV can easily cater to a number of participants in group sessions since the unit itself can easily be passed around. The shape of the LSV allows users to comfortably hold it and easily pass it over. Compared to whip style vapes, the LSV proved to be more convenient in terms of sharing during the time we tested it.  


Like all products from 7th Floor Vaporizers, the LSV can easily be assembled and can have you vaping your favorite dry herb strains quickly. It does not require complicated procedures and lengthy prep time in order to start functioning. The LSV is perfect for group sessions since anyone can easily reload the LSV with botanicals allowing everyone to continue vaping without stalling the group.  


Apart from its portable build here are some of the features we loved about the LSV.  

  • Convection Oven 
  • Glass Vapor Path 
  • Hand-Blown Glass 
  • Durable Exterior 


Convection heating is always appreciated and 7th Floor Vapes know that there’s no better way to facilitate vaporization than convection. LSV’s convection heating element is housed in a durable exterior and feature a glass vapor path which helps preserve the purity and the potency of your select dry herb strains. They only use glass pieces that have high resistance to heat and will not chemically react to high-temperature levels. The glass components used in LSVs are made from durable borosilicate glass and are commonly used in laboratories because of their unique properties.  


All-Mechanical Design  

We all agreed that would be a little awkward to see the Light Saber Vaporizer sport a digital display. The knobs make temperature calibration challenging and sometimes a guess work but having an all-mechanical design gives the LSV the proper flavor it needs. Intended to look like a fictional weapon, the LSV has a cylindrical design and operates with a glass wand in lieu of a traditional whip.  


The glass components of the LSV connects snugly with one another and makes for an airtight seal. This means that no vapor will escape through the glass connections and that every cloud goes straight to your lungs. This helps you save materials since you get to consume every bit of it and extract its active ingredients which allows you to savor all the benefits of your materials. Like all analog vaporizers, the Life Saber uses knobs where you can dial in your desired temperature level. Though finding the right setting could prove to be a little demanding, the LSV is known to produce great tasting vapors so you’re sure that you’re getting premium vapors at a reasonable price. Although one would have to be careful with working with the dials since the LSV can heat up as high as 480 degrees Celsius and staying at this level may cause your materials to combust. We found that keeping the knob a little way below 3 o’clock eliminates charring and keeps your herbs baked to a golden brown. And while the knob may not offer great temperature control, playing with how you draw helps alter its overall vapor output. Drawing slow enough will increase the heat in the chamber and drawing fast enough will allow more air to enter the chamber and travel fast enough to cool down the vapors since it won’t have as much time to heat up the herbs.  


Is It Worth It?  

The LSV is an outstanding choice for consumers who are looking for a tabletop vaporizer that’s out of the ordinary. 7th Floor Vaporizers are known for their unique vaporizers like the Da Buddha Vaporizer (DBV) and the Silver Surfer Vaporizer (SSV), the Life Saber share the same top-tier feature as its brethren while sporting a unique build and form.  


The LSV also doubles as a lighter, simply remove the cover of the Life Saber which exposes the heating element. Once you have the heating component revealed you can use it to light up your bowl or your joint without getting the harmful oxidants from the casual pocket lighter.   


The LSV is for the adventurous individual who likes to explore different ways of getting lifted.

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