KandyPens Galaxy Vaporizer - Tornado Edition Review And Sale

KandyPens Galaxy Vaporizer - Tornado Edition Review And Sale

The KandyPens Galaxy Vaporizer - Tornado Edition features a Quartz Crystal Lined Chamber along with an Elevated and Adjusted Airflow System for maximum performance and reliability.  One of the best things about this high-quality wax vape pen is that it is now available in multiple colors: Gold, Rose Gold, Gunmetal, and Chrome.  It also comes with a USB charger, alcohol wipes, and a small carrying case and packing tool.

It uses a very sleek, compact temperature controlled battery with a built-in 10 second Auto Shutoff feature to prevent it from powering on and wasting all of your juice while it's in storage.  The battery life is also pretty decent on this handy little wax pen, and it can be used for hours on end without having to recharge.  Simply charge it back up at night while it's not in use and you should be good to go on your wax vaping adventures throughout the entire day!

  • Quartz Crystal Lined Chamber
  • Elevated And Adjustable Air-Flow System
  • Advanced Tornado Coil Edition
  • Temperature Controlled Battery
  • 510 Threaded
  • Leak Proof Technology
  • 10 Second Auto Shutoff

  • KandyPens Galaxy Tornado - Rose Gold Edition

    KandyPens Galaxy Tornado Vaporizer - Rose Gold Edition For Sale

     I don't know about you, but I'm an absolute sucker for Rose Gold!  I just love the way it glistens in the sunshine, and the Rose Gold Edition of the Galaxy Tornado is no different.  Simply pack it up with your favorite concentrate materials, unlock the battery, press in the power button, then inhale!  This device could not be simpler to operate, so please consider that when you are shopping around to choose which wax vape pen to buy.  Most of the time guys will buy these for their girlfriends or wives because they love to flash that rose gold jewelry in the club when they're getting it in!

    KandyPens Galaxy Tornado - Chrome Edition

    Galaxy Tornado KandyPens - Chrome Edition

    The Chrome Edition of the Galaxy Tornado Vaporizer from KandyPens is a great example of what a flashy wax vape pen looks like.  I mean who doesn't love chrome?  Seriously.  If you have recently been looking for a stylish concentrate vape pen for use with your waxes and other similar materials then look no further because KandyPens delivers yet again.  These wax pens are made from superior materials and have heating coils that are designed with health and performance in mind.  The old adage "you get what you pay for" is so true, and it's even more relevant in the vape pen industry.

    KandyPens Galaxy Tornado - Gold Edition

    Galaxy Tornado Vaporizer - Gold Edition

    The Galaxy Tornado Vaporizer is also available in the regular Gold Color for all of you rappers, hustlers, and gold enthusiasts out there who want to get flashy heading out to the club on Saturday Night.  Perhaps the most interesting new feature about the Tornado Vaporizer is the ability to completely adjust the airflow.  They don't call it the "Tornado Vaporizer" for nothing.  You can twist the top to adjust the carb holes in the pen to allow in more or less air depending on your personal vaping style, allowing you to customize your experience to your liking.

    KandyPens Galaxy Tornado - Gunmetal Edition

    Galaxy Tornado KandyPens Gunmetal Edition For Sale

    Now, you don't necessarily need to be a huge gun enthusiast to benefit from the powerful vaping capacity of the Galaxy Tornado Gunmetal Edition.  You don't need a Tech 9 to benefit from this divine tech which uses convenient 510 threading combined with a reliable, leak-proof, titanium atomizer for ultimate performance.  When it comes to the top performing wax pens in the industry, KandyPens really outshines their competition which is probably why they are also outselling them as well.  This company has seriously created something special here with the Tornado Vaporizer, and it comes highly recommended by all of our staff and users.

    KandyPens Galaxy Tornado Replacement Coils / Atomizers For Sale

    If you are looking for KandyPens Galaxy Tornado Replacement Coils / Atomizers For Sale then please click on the above link to be taken directly to that specific product page where you can purchase a gold, rose gold, gunmetal, or chrome coil/atomizer right there.  Each new atomizer costs $49.95 and these are made with medical grade materials such as titanium which is used for the coil.  KandyPens Tornado Coils are made with a Quartz Crystal Chamber, Dual Quartz Rod Design, and are 510 Threaded as outlined below in this list of top features.

    • Leak/Clog Proof Technology
    • Titanium Coils
    • Adjustable Airflow
    • Quartz Crystal Chamber
    • Dual Quartz Rod Design
    • 510 Threaded

    KandyPens Tornado Vubbler Attachment On Sale

    The Tornado Vubbler by KandyPens only costs $24.95 but will add much more value than that to your wax vaping experience.  Just think how much fresher and cooler your wax vapor will be once you add the Tornado Vubbler Attachment to your list of KandyPens Accessories.

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